Robert Jordan
Real Name: James Oliver Rigney, Jr.
Mother: ?
Father: James Oliver Rigney, Sr. (1920–1988)
Pseudonyms: Robert Jordan, Reagan O'Neal, Jackson O'Reilly and Chang Lung. Mr. Rigney's theory is that he does not want readers of one type of genre writing to automatically buy other works of his just because of his name, so he uses different names for his different types of writing.
Wife: Harriet McDougal
Date of Birth: October 17, 1948 (Charleston, South Carolina)
Date of Death: September 16, 2007
  • The Citadel (the Military College of South Carolina).
  • Holds bachelors degrees in math and physics.
Military Career:
  • United States Army.
  • Two tours in Vietnam from 1968 to 1970.
  • Decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star with V, and two Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry.
  • United States Navy (nuclear engineer).
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, sailing, poker, chess, military history and pool.
Other Works:
  • Began writing in 1977.
  • Has written dance and theater criticism.
  • (as Chang Lung) contributed to Library Journal, Fantasy Review and Science Fiction Review.
  • (as Reagan O'Neal) The Fallon Blood (1980)
  • (as Reagan O'Neal) The Fallon Pride (1981)
  • (as Reagan O'Neal) The Fallon Legacy (1982)
  • (as Jackson O'Reilly) Cheyenne Raiders (1982)
  • (as Robert Jordan) The Conan Chronicles (1995)
    • includes the following paperback releases:
    • Conan the Triumphant (1985)
    • Conan the Invincible (1990)
    • Conan the Defender (1991)
    • Conan the Victorious (1991)
    • Conan the Unconquered (1991)
    • Conan the Magnificent (1991)
    • Conan the Destroyer (1993)
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