The Lands of the Wheel of Time

For lack of a proper name, the main continent featured in the Wheel of Time is often referred to simply as "Randland." While continents such as Seanchan and the Land of the Madmen, and regions such as Shara and The Aiel Waste have proper names, the location of most of the novels' action takes place in a region that has no apparent name.

One might speculate that the inhabitants of this area have been subjected to so much turmoil and unrest—The Breaking, The Trolloc Wars, The War of the Hundred Years—that there has been no concerted effort to name their part of the continent shared with the Aiel Waste and Shara. Boxed in by ocean to the west and south, and mountains to the north and east, it is also possible that the residents of Randland are unconcerned with naming the region, since they deal with little beyond their own village, city or country.

The maps at Seven Spokes are based on original drawings by Ellisa Mitchell, John M. Ford and Thomas Canty.

(The Wheel of Time role-playing game refers to the main region that the books are set in as the Westlands. This is apparently an "unofficial" name as the RPG required that this region have some kind of name. Only time will tell if Jordan ever gives this area a real name.)

209 AB: The Ten Nations

This map depicts "Randland" after the forming of The Compact of the Ten Nations early in the Third Age.

FY 100: After the Trolloc Wars

Following the devastation of the Trolloc Wars and the destruction of the Ten Nations, many new countries have formed in "Randland."

1000 NE: Return of the Dragon

The current state of "Randland" during the novels.


Five sizes of wallpaper are available for Windows users in bitmap format, in both 8- and 24-bit depths. The wallpapers depict "Randland" as it was circa 1000 NE.

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