Book Two of the Wheel of Time
Author: Robert Jordan
Publisher: Tor Books
First Edition: November 1990
Pages: 598 (Trade Paperback)
Artwork: Maps by Thomas Canty, interior illustrations by Matthew C. Nielson, and cover painting by Darrell Sweet.
Notes: Starscape Books has released The Great Hunt as two children's books titled The Hunt Begins and New Threads in the Pattern.

The Wheel of Time turns and ages come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth returns again.

For centuries, gleemen have told the tales of The Great Hunt of the Horn. So many tales about each of the Hunters, and so many Hunters to tell of...

Now the Horn itself is found: the Horn of Valere long thought only legend, the Horn which will raise the dead heroes of the ages.

And it is stolen.

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