Featuring the Art of Darrel K. Sweet
Artwork: Artwork by Darrell K. Sweet. Calendar design by Michael Mendelsohn of MM Design 2000, Inc. Ornaments by Ellisa Mitchell and John M. Ford.
Publisher: Tor Books
First Edition: August 2000
ISBN: 0-312-87494-4
Months: 12
Includes a 25" x 30" map of the lands of the Wheel of Time. The artwork and months are:
  1. January (inside covers of The Eye of the World)
  2. February (map, but oddly without any text at all)
  3. March (The Eye of the World cover)
  4. April (The Great Hunt cover)
  5. May (The Dragon Reborn cover)
  6. June (The Shadow Rising cover)
  7. July (The Fires of Heaven cover)
  8. August (Lord of Chaos cover)
  9. September (A Crown of Swords cover)
  10. October (The Path of Daggers cover)
  11. November (inside covers of Legends)
  12. December (Winter's Heart cover).

If you are looking for a copy of this out-of-print calendar, try searching on eBay.

Seven Spokes: A Wheel of Time Chronology

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