Part 1 of The Eye of the World
Author: Robert Jordan
Publisher: Starscape Books
First Edition: January 2002
Pages: 361
Artwork: Cover art by Charles Keegan. Cover design by Carol Russo Design. Maps by Elissa Mitchell. Interior illustrations used with permission of Wizards of the Coast. Additional interior illustrations by Sally Wern Comport. Interior ornament art by Matthew C. Nielson.

Released by Starscape Books (an imprint of Tor Books), From the Two Rivers is the first half of The Eye of the World in oversized paperback format (the second book is To the Blight).

The book is intended for younger readers, and features illustrations licensed from Wizards of the Coast, the makers of the Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game. The text is unchanged from the original, but the print quality is rather poor. The books are printed on a cheaper newspaper-like stock, which tends to ruin some of the illustrations.

The real value is the extra chapter, a 24-page "pre-prologue" entitled Ravens, which focuses on Egwene in her youth. The glossary is new for this work, and is most certainly written for younger readers (check out the entry for tabac). The type quality of the new chapter and the glossary is much better than the rest of the text.

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