Artist: Robert Berry
Label: Magna Carta Records
Release Date: 2001
ISBN: B-000-05LAR-Z
Track Listing:
  1. A Theme for the Wheel of Time [MP3 952k]
  2. Return to Emond's Field [MP3 935k]
  3. Song for Moiraine [MP3 946k]
  4. Traveling the Ways [MP3 936k]
  5. Spears and Bucklers [MP3 921k]
  6. Dreamwalker [MP3 941k]
  7. The Knowledge of the Wise Ones [MP3 938k]
  8. The Winespring Reel [MP3 923k]
  9. The Halls of Tar Valon [MP3 595k]
  10. Search for the Black Ajah [MP3 967k]
  11. Ladies of the Tower [MP3 963k]
  12. The Game of Houses [MP3 947k]
  13. Voyage of the Sea Folk [MP3 917k]
  14. Heart of the Wolf [MP3 590k]
  15. Journey through the Waste [MP3 478k]
  16. Lan the Warder [MP3 803k]
  17. March of the Trollocs [MP3 1,020k]
  18. Rand's Theme (Fanfare for the Dragon Reborn) [MP3 938k]
  19. The Aiel Approach (Dahl of a Chant) [MP3 940k]
Artwork: Cover by Darrell K. Sweet
Resources: Magna Carta web site

"Magna Carta has created A Soundtrack For the Wheel of Time, which is designed not only to be the perfect musical accompaniment for the books but also to stand alone as a great listening experience. Recording artist, songwriter and producer Robert Berry has created a musical environment which reflects the drama and action found in the words of Robert Jordan. Berry has taken a musical path that suits the style of books so well that it becomes hard to imagine any other approach but this one.Making the musical comparison of Robert Berry's A Soundtrack For the Wheel of Time to a type of "Celtic Pink Floyd," early listeners and fans of the books were thrilled with the manner in which the music delivered the cinematic images described in the books of Robert Jordan. Berry has been recognized as a quality artist ever since his early years with the band "3" (along with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer). Contributing to the continuity of The Wheel of Time series of books is the CD's cover art, which was painted by renowned fantasy artist Darrell K. Sweet. Sweet's paintings have graced the covers of all nine of The Wheel of Time books and it was only fitting that he created a new cover for the CD. A Soundtrack For the Wheel of Time is officially authorized by Robert Jordan. "Music has always been an integral part of my writing," says Jordan. "Not only do I write to music, but I think of my writing in terms of music. The words must flow in certain rhythms, and the story has its own rhythms. In a way, it's like orchestrating the characters." — Magna Carta Records

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