Tabi to Tzigan


A Seanchan damane in 1000 NE.
Someone in Salidar.
A Novice in the exiled White Tower.
Taborwin, Breane
A Cairhien lady turned refugee. Serves as a maid to Perrin and Faile in 1000 NE. Romantic interest of Lamgwin Dorn.
Taborwin, Dobraine
A Cairhien high lord. High Seat of House Taborwin in 1000 NE.
Stableboy at the Winespring Inn in Emond's Field.
One of the Brothers Chavana, performers in Valan Luca's traveling menagerie.
Tagora, Amaline Paendrag
Wife to Artur Paendrag Tanreall. Mother of Amira, Modair and two other children.
Taim, Mazrim
Proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn in 998 NE. Captured by Aes Sedai in 999 NE, but later escaped. Made leader of the Black Tower in 999 NE. Known as the M'Hael to the Asha'man.
A Seanchan sul'dam.
Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah.
A Seanchan damane in 1000 NE.
Talkend, Eram
An Andoran noble in 1000 NE. Uses the sigil of a golden Winged Hand.
Tall Bear
Wolf in 1000 NE.
Tamagowa, Samitsu
An Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. Known as one of the best Healers of her time.
A member of the Kin in Ebou Dar in 1000 NE. A Wise Woman.
Talaan din Gelyn
Born in 981 NE. An Atha'an Miere Windfinder apprentice. Very strong with the Power. Daughter of Caire din Gelyn South Wind.
A character in a story. Romantic interest of the Sun King.
Tallanvor, Martyn
Guardsman-Lieutenant in the Queen's Guard of Caemlyn. Romantically attracted to Morgase Trakand.
Talvaen, Aleshin
Ghealdan lord who participated in the Battle of the Shining Walls in 978 NE.
Tamarath (Sarna), Egeanin
Seanchan captain and sul'dam. Known as Mistress Elidar in Tanchico. Raised to the Blood by High Lady Suroth. Captain of the Green in Ebou Dar in 1000 NE. Given the name "Leilwin Shipless" by High Lady Tuon in 1000 NE. Married Bayle Domon in the village of Runnien Crossing in Altara in 1000 NE.
Second wife of Artur Hawkwing. Mother to Luthair Paendrag Mondwin, Laiwynde and possibly three or four other children. Died FY 987.
An Aiel Wise One in 1000 NE.
An Illuminator from the Cairhien chapter house.
A Taraboner soldier.
A Seanchan damane. Killed in 1000 NE.
A member of the Younglings in 1000 NE.
Tanreall, Artur Paendrag
SEE Artur Hawkwing.
Tarasind, Saine
Aes Sedai teacher in the Age of Legends. Later known as the Forsaken Mesaana.
Taravin, Dyelin
An Andoran lady. High Seat of House Taravin (since the age of 15) in 1000 NE. Father and two younger brothers deceased.
An Aiel. Youngest greatson of Amaryn.
Taron, Elwinn
The Wisdom of Deven Ride.
Tarsi, Larelle
An Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. Possibly killed by Merean Redhill in 979 NE.
Tarsin, Idrien
Headmistress of the Academy of Cairhien in 1000 NE.
An Aiel of the Shaido Aiel. A Wise One.
Tasil, Quillin
Innkeeper of The Wind's Favor in Bandar Eban in 1000 NE. Originally from Andor. Married to a Domani silk merchant. Father of Namine. Informant for Cadsuane Melaidhrin.
A Seanchan morat'raken in 1000 NE.
Tavolin, Elricain
An officer of the Cairhien military.
Taval din Chanai Nine Gulls
An Atha'an Miere. Windfinder of White Spray in 1000 NE.
Tazanovni, Pevara
An Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. A Sitter in the Hall of the Tower in 1000 NE. Her family was killed by Darkfriends. Sister of Georg.
A Domani lord in 1000 NE.
A Hero of the Horn who died in the Age of Legends fighting against the Shadow. Also known as Birgitte.
Tebreille din Gelyn South Wind
An Atha'an Miere Windfinder. Sister of Caire din Gelyn Running Wave.
Tairen High Lord. Husband to Lady Alteima.
Tedronai, Elan Moran
Aes Sedai philosopher in the Age of Legends. Later known as the Forsaken Ishamael.
King of Khodomar circa FY 943.
A Seanchan. Captain of The Victory of Kidron in 1000 NE.
A Ghealdan lord from Bethal.
Queen of Andor from FY 1085 to FY 1103.
Telamon, Lews Therin
Husband to Ilyena Therin Moerelle. First Among the Servants. Wearer of the Ring of Tamyrlin. Holder of the High Seat. Summoner of the Nine Rods of Dominion. Lord of the Morning. The Dragon. Kinslayer. Committed suicide after killing all of his living relatives.
Domoni lord in 1000 NE. An acquaintance of Davram Bashere.
Groom at Fal Dara.
King of Eharon circa 209 AB.
Tenjile, Alise
A Kinswoman from Ebou Dar in 1000 NE.
Sister of Hadnan Kadere. Killed by Hadnan when she discovered he was a Darkfriend.
An Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah in 1000 NE.
Resident of Mardecin, Amadacia. A Widow.
Terakuni, Berisha
An Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah in 1000 NE.
Terasian, Ishigari
An advsior/councillor to King Paitar of Arafel in 1000 NE.
Former Queen of Ghealdan. Forced to abdicate the throne in 999 NE after a reign of ten days. Wife of Beron Goraed.
Queen of Andor from FY 1046 to FY 1056.
Romantic interest of Vilnar.
An Aes Sedai of the White Ajah in 1000 NE.
Tesen, Mil
A peddler.
Seanchan name for a captured Illianer, Aes Sedai Teslyn Baradon, made damane.
Amyrlin Seat of the Aes Sedai. Stilled during the Trolloc Wars. Originally of the Red Ajah.
Resident of Fal Dara?
Thane, Berin
Resident of Emond's Field. Brother of Jon Thane.
Thane, Jaim
A resident of Emond's Field.
Thane, Jon
Resident of Emond's Field. Miller. Father to Lem Thane. Brother of Berin Thane.
Thane, Lem
Resident of Emond's Field. Oldest son of Jon Thane.
Thane, Nela
A resident of Emond's Field.
Tharne, Duranda
The proprietor of The Good Night's Ride in Lugard. A member of the eyes-and-ears network of the Blue Ajah.
A name used by the Panarch Amathera following her rescue in 999 NE. Romantically involved with Juilin Sandar in 1000 NE.
An Aiel Wise One of clan Shaido.
Born in 986 NE. A gai'shain of the Shaido Aiel in 1000 NE. Son of Alvon.
Thorin al Toren al Ban
A king of Manetheren.
Thornhill, Marris
An Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah in 1000 NE. From Andor. Discovered to be a member of the Black Ajah in 1000 NE.
Three Toes
A wolf in 1000 NE.
A Shienaran ironsmith. Married Gallanha in 975 NE. Father of Mirala.
Thunder Mist
A wolf in 1000 NE.
A member of the Arad Doman merchant council. A captive of Graendal in 1000 NE.
An Aiel. A Wise One.
Creator of the first calendar system, the Gazaran Calendar, following the end of the Trolloc Wars.
Innkeeper of The Great Tree in Cairhien.
Tihera, Rodrivar
An Illianer soldier. Captain of the Stone. In command of Rand al'Thor's bodyguard in 1000 NE.
A soldier in Gareth Bryne's army in 1000 NE.
An Amayar in 1000 NE.
An Aiel. Clan chief of the Miagoma Aiel.
Attendant of Lady Amalisa.
An Aiel of the Shaido Aiel. A Wise One.
A Seanchan first lieutenant serving under Captain Assid Bakuun in 1000 NE. Presumed dead in 1000 NE.
Tishar, Elisane
One of the Aes Sedai who met to discuss the construction of Tar Valon in 47 AB. Later to become the first Amyrlin Seat by 98 AB.
Tobanyi, Isebaille
An Aes Sedai.
An innkeeper in Hinderstap in 1000 NE.
Togita, Easar
House Togita. King of Shienar.
Tokama, Niko
An inventor in Cairhien in 1000 NE.
Tol, Ander
A Cairhien farmer in 1000 NE.
Tol, Ceran
An artist from the Age of Legends.
Tolen, Eldaya
Amyrlin Seat of the Aes Sedai from 533 NE to 549 NE. Originally of the Blue Ajah.
A Tairen lord.
A male channeler.
Tolvina, Ailene
Innkeeper of The Evening Star in Chachin, Kandor in 979 NE.
Townsperson during the War of Power.
Toma dur Ahmid
Creator of the first calendar system, the Toman Calendar, following the Breaking of the world.
Innkeeper of the Plowman's Blade in Manala, Kandor in 979 NE.
An Ogier during the War of Power. A seed singer.
Tomanes, Mara
Name used by Siuan Sanche while traveling through Andor in 999 NE.
Tomanes, Sareitha
A Tairen Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Raised to the shawl in 997 NE. Killed by Chesmal Emery in Caemlyn's New City in 1000 NE.
Warder to Verin Mathwin. A Darkfriend. Committed suicide in 1000 NE.
A member of the Younglings in 1000 NE.
An Atha'an Miere. Husband of Coine din Jubai Wild Winds. Cargomaster of Wavedancer.
Toranes, Salita
An Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah in 1000 NE. Raised to the shawl in 965 NE. A Sitter in the Hall of the Tower in exile.
A High Lord of Tear. Father of Lord Estean. Known to plot against Rand al'Thor.
Torfinn, Jaim
A resident of The Two Rivers.
Torfinn, Jancy
A resident of Emond's Field.
Torfinn, Leof
A resident of The Two Rivers.
Torfinn, Nat
A resident of The Two Rivers. Blind.
Torfinn, Thad
A resident of The Two Rivers.
Torghin, Doreille
Queen of Aridhol circa 209 AB.
Torvald, Noy
Resident of Mardecin, Amadacia.
Torval, Peral
A member of the Asha'man. Deserted the Black Tower in 1000 NE. A Darkfriend.
Tovere, Kin
A lensmaker from Cairhien in 999 NE.
Traehand, Laerid
An Andoran lord supporting Elayne Trakand's bid for the Lion Throne in 1000 NE.
Traemane, Ellorien
An Andoran lady exiled in 999 NE. High Seat of House Traemane. Returned to Andor by 1000 NE.
Trahelion, Birgitte
Name used by Birgitte Silverbow after she was removed from Tel'aran'rhiod in 999 NE.
Traighan, Seonid
An Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah.
Trakand, Elayne
Born in 981 NE. Daughter-heir of Andor. Daughter of Queen Morgase and Prince Taringail Damodred. Sister of Gawyn Trakand. Raised to Aes Sedai in 999 NE. A member of the Green Ajah. Bonded Birgitte as her Warder in ??? NE. Made first-sister of Aviendha in 1000 NE. Bonded Rand al'Thor as her Warder in 1000 NE.
Trakand, Gawyn
Son of Queen Morgase and Prince Taringail Damodred. Brother of Elayne Trakand. Half-brother of Galad Damodred. Sides with the White Tower after Siaun Sanche is deposed in 999 NE. Leader of the Younglings.
Trakand, Maighdin
Mother of Morgase. Died of a fever.
Trakand, Morgase
Queen of Andor. Daughter of Maighdin. Mother of Elayne and Gawyn by Prince Taringail Damodred. Abdicated her throne on Taisham 16th, 1000 NE. Captured by Shaido Aiel in 1000 NE.
Ogier from Stedding Tsofu. Lost his mind and soul in the Ways.
Treehill, Nicola
A weaver from Samara. Romantically involved with Hyran. Later an Aes Sedai Novice in Salidar. Has the Talent of Foretelling, as well as being able to detect ta'veren.
A soldier in the employ of House Chadmar in Bandar Eban in 1000 NE.
A member of the Children of the Light in 999 NE. Promoted to captain in 1000 NE.
Tsao, Chowin
Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Advisor to Artur Hawkwing in FY 954.
An Aiel. A Maiden of the Spear. Lost her right eye. Traveling with Perrin Aybara in 1000 NE.
Seanchan name for Egwene.
A Seanchan lieutenant-general. Killed by Rodel Ituralde at Darluna in 1000 NE.
An Atha'an Miere in 1000 NE.
A Seanchan High Lord. Killed by Rand al'Thor in 998 NE.
An Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah in 1000 NE.
An Aiel. A member of the Stone Dogs.
A courier from King Alsalam killed by a Gray Man in 1000 NE.
A teacher in the Aesdaishar Palace in Chachin, Kandor in 979 NE.
A wolf in 1000 NE.
Two Deer
A wolf.
Two Moons
A wolf.
Tyrim, Zeranda
Amyrlin Seat of the Aes Sedai from 797 NE to 817 NE. Originally of the Brown Ajah.
A member of the Andoran Queen's Guards in 1000 NE.
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