An Age Long Past

Possible time period during which Portal Stones were constructed. [TGH-TP-188]

Possible time period during which the Horn of Valere was created. [QOTW]

NOTE: In the first Question of the Week at Tor's Robert Jordan site, Mr. Jordan indicates that the Horn is from an earlier Age then the Age of Legends. This could mean that it was made in the First Age, or perhaps at an even earlier date.

Among the stories told of this Age include those of the giants Mosk and Merk, who fought with spears of fire, and Elsbet, the Queen of the World and her sister Anla, known as the Wise Counselor. [TSR-H-231]

Other stories from the Age of of Legends include Lenn, who travelled to the moon in the belly of a fiery eagle, and his daughter Salya, said to have walked among the stars.

NOTE: In case it isn't obvious, "Mosk" would be Moscow, "Merk" would be America, "spears of fire" would be nuclear missiles, "Elsbet" would be [Queen] Elizabeth, "Anla" would be advice columnist Ann Landers, "Lenn" would be astronaut John Glenn, and "Salya" would be astronaut/teacher Sally Ride. A strong case that the First Age is our own time. Robert Jordan has confirmed these identities in interviews, and notes that the stories told of these characters and their actions have obviously been changed and altered over time.

Possible time period during which channeling is first discovered, and the beginning of the end of the First Age. [QOTW]

NOTE: In one of the Questions of the Week at the Tor web site Jordan suggests that channeling was first discovered at the end of the First Age, but he also states that channeling did not exist in our Age. This would seem to conflict with the placement of ancient tales involving our time being in the First Age, unless these tales were already ancient by the time of the First Age. The passage from The Shadow Rising (chapter 20) says that these tales are from the Age before the Age of Legends, which is the Second Age, and not simply any Age from before the Age of Legends.

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