Volume I of the Wheel of Time

998 NE

Winternight: Rand and Tam al'Thor travel to Emond's Field from their farm in the Westwood. During the trip Rand briefly sees a strange man (a Myrddraal) on horseback. [TEOTW-H-1]

Winternight: Rand and Mat meet Moiraine for the first time. [TEOTW-H-22]

Winternight: A peddler, Padan Fain, arrives in Emond's Field as he has each Spring for many years. He tells the villagers of Logain, the man who has declared himself the Dragon Reborn, and of the efforts to stop him. [TEOTW-H-26]

Winternight: Rand, Mat, Perrin and Egwene meet Thom Merrilin for the first time. [TEOTW-H-40]

Winternight: Rand and Tam return to their farm in the Westwood. Later that night they are attacked by Trollocs and forced to flee their home. His father injured by the Trolloc attack, Rand makes his way through the woods to Emond's Field with Tam in a litter. [TEOTW-H-52]

Bel Tine (morning): Rand arrives in Emond's Field and discovers the village recovering from a Trolloc attack from the previous night. He is forced to seek help from Moiraine, now revealed as an Aes Sedai, to tend to his father's injury. [TEOTW-H-76]

Bel Tine: Rand learns that the only locations attacked by the Trollocs were his father's farm, the Aybara farm, the village forge, blacksmith Haral Luhhan`s home, and the Cauthon home. He is told that either Perrin, Mat or himself, or all three, are somehow a threat to the Dark One, and that all three of them must leave Emond's Field for Tar Valon as soon as possible. [TEOTW-H-93]

Bel Tine (evening): Rand, Perrin, Mat, Moiraine and Lan leave Emond's Field under the cover of darkness. Accompanying them are Thom and Egwene. [TEOTW-H-123]

Bel Tine (evening): Moiraine's party arrives at Watch Hill, and is quickly attacked by a Draghkar. They immediately resume their ride to the north. [TEOTW-H-127]

Bel Tine (evening): Moiraine and the others, shrouded by a fog produced by Moiraine, arrive at Taren Ferry. They cross the Taren without incident, but the ferry itself sinks into a whirlpool, thus preventing any pursuit by the Dark One's minions. [TEOTW-H-130]

Bel Tine (late evening): Egwene learns that she has the ability to channel the One Power. [TEOTW-H-142]

Lan begins leading the party to Baerlon, during which time he detects no sign of pursuit or ambush along the way. The Warder makes every attempt to avoid any form of civilization. Rand, Mat and Perrin are given basic lessons in how to use their weapons, while Moiraine begins to teach Egwene about the One Power. [TEOTW-H-146]

Late Afternoon: Six days into their journey the party arrives at Baerlon. They learn of the presence of the Children of Light within the city, and that Logain and his supporters, known as the People of the Dragon, are rumored to be moving towards Tear. The party takes rooms at the Stag and Lion inn. [TEOTW-H-154]

Night: Rand dreams of a man calling himself Ba'alzamon, and believes him to be the Dark One himself. The man is, in fact, Ishamael, one of the Forsaken. Ba'alzamon brags about his influence over Lews Therin Kinslayer, his participation in the Trolloc Wars, and his influence over King Artur Hawkwing. [TEOTW-H-168]

Morning: Rand learns that Perrin and Mat have had the same dream that he had. [TEOTW-H-178]

Rand meets Min outside the Stag and Lion. He learns that she has the ability to see visions concerning people—a skill that Moiraine believes is her ability to see pieces of the Pattern. [TEOTW-H-179]

Rand discovers a bedraggled Padan Fain in the streets of Baerlon. Fain pleads for him not to tell Moiraine of his presence. [TEOTW-H-183]

Rand and Mat learn from Perrin that Nynaeve has recently arrived in Baerlon in an attempt to retrieve them and return to Emond's Field. [TEOTW-H-192]

Late Night (last quarter moon): Rand encounters a Myrddraal in the Stag and Lion. The Myrddraal flees at the approach of Lan, and the party, including Nynaeve and Thom, immediately leave the Stag and Lion as quickly as possible. [TEOTW-H-209]

Following an encounter with the Children of the Light (led by Dain Bornhald) at the Caemlyn Gate, the party leaves Baerlon and heads east on the Caemlyn Road. [TEOTW-H-213]

Three days later, after Lan confirms that they are being pursued by three to five fists of Trollocs from the west, and a force of unknown size from the east, Moiraine directs the party off the Caemlyn Road and to the north. [TEOTW-H-222]

The party encounters a Trolloc patrol lead by a Myrddraal. During the fight Mat uses a battlecry from the Old Tongue, a language he does not understand. Lan beheads the Myrddraal, thus incapacitating its Trollocs troops, and the party continues northward. Moiraine uses the One Power to weaken and delay the pursuing Trolloc forces. [TEOTW-H-223]

Late Afternoon: Lan leads the party inside the long-abandoned ruins of Shadar Logoth, formerly the city of Aridhol. [TEOTW-H-232]

Before Dusk: Exploring the city on their own, Rand, Mat and Perrin encounter a man named Mordeth. He leads them below a tower to a treasure, but is then revealed to be some form of evil creature. Rand and the others escape without harm, but Mat secretly takes a dagger from Mordeth's treasure. [TEOTW-H-237]

Twilight: Rand and the others return to camp, and promise that they took nothing from Mordeth or assisted him in any way. Moiraine explains the history of Aridhol during the Trolloc Wars. She tells them of Mashadar, a creature born of the physical manifestation of the hate and suspicion that Mordeth had taught Aridhol's citizens. [TEOTW-H-243]

Ishamael, capable of appearing physically for brief periods of time, drives the Myrddraal and Trollocs into Shadar Logoth. [TEOTW-H-601]

Night: Lan returns to the campsite to tell of the presence of a fist of Trollocs and four Myrddraal within Shadar Logoth. The party leaves immediately, intent on reaching the River Arinelle, but becomes separated because of the presence of Mashadar—a slow moving deadly mist spreading throughout the city. [TEOTW-H-246]

Night: Perrin, travelling with Egwene, inadvertently rides his horse off a bluff and into the Arinelle. [TEOTW-H-254]

Night: Rand, Mat and Thom reach the Arinelle, and begin to travel downriver. They spot and board Spray, a trader's boat captained by Bayle Domon, just as Trollocs attack. After escaping from the Trollocas, Domon agrees to take them downriver as far as Whitebridge. [TEOTW-H-257]

Morning: Nynaeve, separated from the others, begins to travel downriver. She soon finds Moiraine and Lan, and is later shocked to learn that she has the ability to channel the One Power. Moiraine reveals that Nynaeve and Egwene have the potential to be amongst the most powerful Aes Sedai in recent times. [TEOTW-H-265]

Morning: Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve head south towards Whitebridge. Moiraine is aware of the location of Rand, Mat and Perrin based on coins she had given each of them earlier in Emond's Field. [TEOTW-H-274]

Morning: Perrin, traveling south on the east bank of the Arinelle, finds Egwene. In an attempt to avoid detection at Whitebridge, Perrin decides to travel southwest to Caemlyn. [TEOTW-H-277]

Less than a week into their journey Perrin and Egwene encounter Elyas Machera. Elyas, whose eyes resemble those of a wolf, is found to have wolves as companions. Among these wolves are Dapple, Hopper, Burn and Wind. Elyas reveals that he can communicate with the wolves, and tells Perrin that he has the same ability. Accompanied by Elyas, Perrin and Egwene continue on towards Caemlyn. [TEOTW-H-284]

Four days into their journey down the Arinelle, Rand discovers the dagger that Mat had taken from Shadar Logoth. Rand promises not to tell anyone about the dagger. [TEOTW-H-302]

(A week before Spray arrives at Whitebridge): Padan Fain arrives in Whitebridge, and makes inquires regarding the whereabouts of people matching the description of Moiraine, Lan, Rand, Mat and Perrin. The mentally unstable Fain continues on towards Caemlyn. [TEOTW-H-328]

(The day after Fain leaves Whitebridge): A disguised Myrddraal arrives in Whitebridge and asks questions similar to the ones made by Fain. He makes numerous appearances in the city over the next week. [TEOTW-H-328]

Less than ten days from Whitebridge, Rand again dreams of Ba'alzamon. As in the previous dream, Ba'alzamon makes reference to the Eye of the World, and tells Rand that it will not serve him. [TEOTW-H-293]

Circa: Cadsuane Melaidhrin participates in the capture of Logain Ablar near Lugard. [ACOS-H-338]

Late Afternoon: After three days of traveling with Elyas and his wolves, Perrin and Egwene encounter a group of Tinkers. Elyas is familiar with the group, who are lead by Mahdi Raen. [TEOTW-H-309]

(Two days before Spray arrives at Whitebridge): An Illianer proclaims that a new Great Hunt for the Horn of Valere is being declared, and urges anyone interested in the hunt to assemble in Illian. [TEOTW-H-326]

Spray arrives at the White Bridge, an impressive structure spanning the Arinelle believed to date back to the Age of Legends. Captain Domon orders Floran Gelb, a crewman who had been asleep during his watch when the Trollocs had attacked, off of Spray. [TEOTW-H-319]

Stopping at the Wayfarer's Rest, Rand, Mat and Thom learn that Logain has been captured following a battle near Lugard, and is being taken to Tar Valon by Aes Sedai. They are also told that others, including one matching the description of a Myrddraal, have been asking about the whereabouts of Lan and Moiraine, as well as of Rand, Mat and Perrin. [TEOTW-H-325]

While attempting to leave Whitebridge, Rand, Mat and Thom encounter the Myrddraal. Thom instructs Rand and Mat to make their way to The Queen's Blessing in Caemlyn, and then confronts the Myrddraal in order to give them time to escape. [TEOTW-H-334]

Perrin's ability to detect the presence of wolves and to feel their thoughts increases. He dreams of Ba'alzamon, who tells him that the Eye of the World will consume him. The next morning he and the others part company with the Tinkers. [TEOTW-H-342]

Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve arrive at Whitebridge. They see the remains of burnt buildings near the foot of White Bridge, and learn of some form of trouble from the day before involving a boat from the north. [TEOTW-H-348]

Pursued by ravens serving as spies for the Dark One, Perrin, Egwene and Elyas reach the safety of an abandoned Ogier stedding. Within the boundaries of the stedding lies the ruined statue of King Artur Hawkwing on what would have been the location of a planned capital city that was never built. [TEOTW-H-363]

Perrin and Egwene are captured by the Children of the Light, whose numbers include Lord Captain Geofram Bornhold and Jaret Byar. Hopper, one of Perrin and Elyas' wolf companions, is killed trying to defend Perrin. Bornhold later informs them that they are to be taken to Amador for questioning. Perrin is told that he will be executed for killing two of the Children. [TEOTW-H-373]

Rand and Mat continue their journey to Caemlyn on foot, with occasional assistance from local farmers along the way. Mat becomes increasingly defensive about the dagger stolen from Shadar Logoth. [TEOTW-H-385]

Dusk: Rand and Mat arrive at Four Kings. They perform at the Dancing Cartman until late into the night. They are forced to flee the inn to avoid capture by Darkfriend Howal Gode, a merchant who had followed them from Whitebridge. [TEOTW-H-392]

Dusk: Rand and Mat arrive in the village of Market Sheran. The next morning they are confronted by a young Darkfriend known as Paitr Conel, and quickly leave the village. [TEOTW-H-416]

Loial, an Ogier sfrom Stedding Shangtai, arrives in Caemlyn to visit its Ogier grove, but is forced to spend most of his time at The Queen's Blessing in order to avoid scaring the citizens of Caemlyn. [TEOTW-H 461]

Late Afternoon: Rand and Mat arrive in a small village. Rand becomes ill and is unable to perform, and Mat cares for him in the stable of an inn. Early the next morning they are found by a female Darkfriend assassin, Mili Skane, who attempts to kill Mat. The two escape and continue their journey along the Caemlyn Road. [TEOTW-H-422 / ACOS-H-277-283]

After Dark: Rand and Mat arrive in Carysford, but avoid staying in an inn or making contact with anyone. They continue on the next morning and join the increasing stream of travellers journeying to Caemlyn to see Logain. [TEOTW-H-431]

Night: Rand and Mat arrive in an unidentified small town. They arrange for a ride in the cart of Almen Bunt, a farmer intent on making the journey to Caemlyn at night to avoid traffic on the road. [TEOTW-H-436]

Almen Bunt arrives in Caemlyn with Rand and Mat. Rand and Mat part company with Bunt and make their way to the Queen's Blessing as instructed by Thom. They are befriended by Basel Gill, an old friend of Thom's. They learn that Thom was once a Court-Bard in Caemlyn, and that he had been romantically involved with Queen Morgase. [TEOTW-H-444]

Rand meets Loial in the library of The Queen's Blessing. Loial explains that he left his stedding against the wishes of his Elders so that he could travel and explore human-occupied lands, and in particular to visit Ogier-grown groves. Loial tells Rand that he, and possibly Mat and Perrin, are ta'veren, those whose lives influence the world through the weaving of the Wheel of Time and the creation of a Web of Destiny. [TEOTW-H-460]

Night: Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve discover that Perrin is being held captive by the Children of the Light in a camp to the north of the Caemlyn Road. Aided by wolves and Moiraine's use of the One Power, Lan and the others rescue Perrin and Egwene from the Whitecloak camp. [TEOTW-H-470]

Night: While tending to Perrin's injuries Nynaeve discovers that the irises of his eyes have turned yellow. Lan reveals that he was once a friend of Elyas', a mentor of his who was once a Warder himself. [TEOTW-H-470]

Morning: Rand learns that a beggar (Padan Fain) has been asking about young men who match the description of Perrin, Mat and himself. He later sees the beggar while trying to view the arrival of Logain in Caemlyn. [TEOTW-H-489]

Rand, sitting atop a wall in the Inner City, witnesses the procession leading Logain towards the Royal Palace of Caemlyn. Eight Aes Sedai surround Logain's cage to prevent him from touching the True Source and channeling the One Power. Accidentally falling backwards, Rand lands on the Palace grounds and is met by Prince Gawyn and the Daughter-heir Elayne. Shortly after Rand's presence is discovered by Lord Galad, guards arrive to take him, along with Gawyn and Elayne, to an audience with Queen Morgase. [TEOTW-H-496]

Rand is brought before Queen Morgase. Elaida, Morgase's Aes Sedai advisor, Foretells that the world is "marching towards pain and division." To Rand alone she Foretells that he is at the center of this change. Morgase allows Rand to go free and he is escorted off the Palace grounds. [TEOTW-H-509]

Moiraine, Lan, Nynaeve, Perrin and Egwene arrive at The Queen's Blessing. Mat, deeply under the influence of the dagger from Shadar Logoth, attempts to stab Moiraine. Lan reveals that large numbers of Trollocs are being massed around Caemlyn. Moiraine is able to contain the evil that had taken control of Mat, but she requires the help of other Aes Sedai in Tar Valon to permanently cure Mat and sever his connection to the dagger. [TEOTW-H- 525]

Late Afternoon: After Loial relates a story concerning a threat to the Eye of the World, Rand, Mat and Perrin reveal to Moiraine their dreams of Ba'alzamon and his mention of the Eye. Moiraine, believing that the Dark One is beginning to exert some form of control from his prison, tells them that they must reach the Eye, via Fal Dara in Shienar, as soon as possible and warn the Green Man. [TEOTW-H-539]

Night: Rand dreams of Ba'alzamon, who makes one final offer for Rand to join him. He reveals the existence of the Black Ajah—Aes Sedai who serve the Dark One. Mat and Perrin have similar dreams. [TEOTW-H-551]

Early Morning: Rand and the others leave secretly leave The Queen's Blessing. Led by Loial, the party makes its way to the location of Caemlyn's abandoned Waygate. They enter the darkened Ways, inside of which time itself passes more quickly than the outside world, and Loial begins to guide them toward the Waygate in Fal Dara. [TEOTW-H-556]

Lord Captain Geofram Bornhald is recalled from Caemlyn by Lord Captain Commander Pedron Niall. Left in charge of the Children in Caemlyn is Eamon Valda. Bornhald is ordered to take a full legion into Tarabon, where he is to meet with an unidentified person in the village of Alcruna near Almoth Plain. [TGH-TP-60]

The Aes Sedai, including Morgase's advisor Elaida, leave Caemlyn with Logain and proceed to Tar Valon. Accompanying them are the Daughter-Heir Elayne and Lord Gawyn, who are to be trained by the White Tower. They are followed to Tar Valon by the Children of the Light. [TGH-H-43]

Following their first "night" in the Ways, Lan reveals that they party is being followed by a lone individual (Padan Fain). A short time later they find evidence that Trollocs and Myrddraal have been using the Ways as a means of travel. When the presence of Machin Shin is detected the party hurriedly makes its way to the Waygate leading to Fal Dara. Moiraine is forced to destroy the doors of the Waygate in order to allow them passage, but Machin Shin is not able to leave the Ways. [TEOTW-H-570]

Padan Fain encounters Machin Shin, but survives when the Black Wind flees from his presence. [TEOTW-H-602]

Lan leads the party into the town of Fal Dara. They meet with Lord Agelmar and tell him of their need to travel into the Blight and to the Eye of the World. [TEOTW-H-582]

Evening: While dining with Agelmar word is received of a madman who had been caught while attempting to scale the walls of the town. He is brought before Agelmar, and Mat and the others identify him as Padan Fain. Clearly insane, Fain makes references to being made the hound of a man with burning eyes (Ishamael). Moiraine talks with Fain privately, and learns that he has served the Dark One for forty years. Fain reveals how he was changed at Shayol Ghul three years ago, and how he has relentlessly pursued Rand, Mat and Perrin since Winternight. [TEOTW-H-590]

Morning: Moiraine's party leaves Fal Dara and rides north to the Blight while Lord Agelmar leads his men to Tarwin's Gap to face a large force of Trollocs. [TEOTW-H-605]

Evening: Lan leads the party through northern Shienar and into Malkier before stopping for the night. They camp near the ruins of the Seven Towers. [TEOTW-H-611]

Morning: The party sets out for the Mountains of Dhoom through the blight-infested lands of Malkier. They are attacked by numerous creatures during their journey. Mat again finds himself shouting battlecrys in the Old Tongue. Pursued by a pack of Worms, Lan leads the party towards the Mountains of Dhoom as quickly as possible. [TEOTW-H-616]

The party suddenly finds itself in an area not affected by the Blight, and they are greeted there by the Green Man, the last of the race of Nym. He marks Perrin as a Wolfbrother, and refers to Rand as the Child of the Dragon. The Green Man is surprised to see Moiraine, whom he had met once before, but she explains that her need to reach the Eye of the World has allowed her to find him more than once. [TEOTW-H-621]

The Green Man leads Moiraine and the others to the Eye of the World, a pool of pure saidin located within a cavern set into a hill. Moiraine tells them of her belief that the Dark One will strike at the Eye, and that Rand, Mat and Perrin are needed because they are ta'veren. [TEOTW-H-625]

The party encounters two men, both severely aged and ravaged by time. One of them identifies himself as Aginor, one of the Forsaken, and his companion as Balthamel, another of the Forsaken. They reveal that the Seals on the Dark One's prison are weakening, and that Ishamael walks the world as well. [TEOTW-H-628]

Balthamel attacks the Green Man, but is consumed by spores and plant life under the Green Man's control. Mortally wounded by Balthamel's attack, the Green Man falls to the ground and dies. A massive oak tree quickly grows on the spot where the Green Man's body had fallen. [TEOTW-H-630 / TWORJTWOT-54]

Aginor pursues Rand, who is eventually cornered and unable to escape. Desperately searching for a means of escape, Rand channels from the pool of saidin in the Eye of the World and suddenly finds himself at Tarwin's Gap, directly between the armies of Trollocs and the soldiers of Shienar. Draghkar are killed in the skies by lightning, and the Trolloc force is weakened by geological upheavals caused by Rand's channeling. As the Shienar forces begin another charge on the Trollocs, Rand leaves the battle and encounters Ba'alzamon. [TEOTW-H-634]

As in their previous encounters, Ba'alzamon tells Rand that he cannot resist him, that he has been beaten and broken by Ba'alzamon many times before, and that he has controlled events in order to bring Rand before him. Rand attacks Ba'alzamon with the One Power, and after witnessing Ba'alzamon consumed by fire and flame, finds himself on a hilltop lying in the charred remains of Aginor, who had been destroyed by drawing too much of the One Power. [TEOTW-H-638 / TWORJTWOT-53]

Rand relates his experiences to Moiraine, and his belief that he has killed the Dark One himself. She reveals that the Eye of the World is gone, its pool replaced by a crystal column. Rand is told that only Lan, Nynaeve and Egwene are aware of his ability to channel the One Power. [TEOTW-H-644]

Late Afternoon: The remains of one of the seven seals, found on the crystal column in the Eye, is brought before Moiraine. Although the individual cuendillar pieces are still indestructible, the broken seal is evidence that the remaining seals are also failing. Also brought before Moiraine is a chest containing the Horn of Valere, which she says must be taken to Illian. The last item to be found within the Eye is a large banner—the banner of the Dragon as used by Lews Therin Telamon. [TEOTW-H-648]

Morning: As the Blight rapidly consumes the Green Man's forested area, Loial sings to the great oak to ensure that the Green Man's resting place will not be consumed by the Blight. Lan leads the party through the Blight, now quiet, and on to abandoned Malkier before stopping for the night. [TEOTW-H-650]

Morning: Leaving the Blight and continuing on to Shienar, the party sees evidence of a true spring. They are greeted at the border by news of a victory at Tarwin's Gap. [TEOTW-H-652]

Late Afternoon: The party arrives at Fal Dara. Moiraine and the others are taken to see Lord Agelmar, and she tells him of their victory at the Eye while also hearing Agelmar tell of the strange events at Tarwin's Gap. Moiraine shows Agelmar the Horn of Valere, and asks for an escort to see it safely to Illian. [TEOTW-H-653]

(Seven days later): Rand continues to train with Lan in order to use the heron-marked blade given to him by his father. Although the others plan to journey to Tar Valon, Rand indicates his desire to travel elsewhere, although not back to Emond's Field. [TEOTW-H-655]

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