Book Six of the Wheel of Time

999 NE

(The day after Rahvin's death): Demandred visits Shayol Ghul, and is met by an unusual Myrddraal named Shaidar Haran. The Forsaken is taken to the Pit of Doom and speaks with the Dark One. [LOC-H-13]

Nynaeve, using an a'dam linked to Moghedien, continues to examine Siuan and Leane in her desire to learn more of the effects of stilling on women. [LOC-H-16]

Elayne learns that the Tower in exile in Salidar is planning to send an embassy of nine Aes Sedai to Rand in Caemlyn. Although the Daughter-Heir herself is not allowed to join the embassy, she discovers that Siuan has arranged for Min to make the journey in order to spy on Rand. [LOC-H-19]

In Emond's Field work continues on the manor of Perrin t'Bashere Aybara and Faile ni Bashere t'Aybara, the acknowledged Lord and Lady of the Two Rivers. The village itself expands as work progresses to repair the damage from the Trolloc raids, and the population increases from refugees from the west. [LOC-H-30]

Early Winter: Despite the season, the land continues to suffer from the effects of the Dark One. Areas normally touched by the first snows of winter wilt under unusually high temperatures and a lack of rain. [LOC-H-35]

Gawyn Trakand and five-hundred and eighty-five of his Younglings, on a journey to escort six Aes Sedai to Cairhien, stand guard over a meeting between Aes Sedai and three Wise Ones from the Shaido Aiel. From a peddler Gawyn hears of the reports of Morgase's death, and of Rand al'Thor's possible involvement. [LOC-H-41]

The Aes Sedai traveling to Cairhien to escort Rand back to Tar Valon agree to ally themselves with the Shaido Aiel in an effort to assure Rand's capture. [LOC-H-44]

Afternoon: Morgase meets with King Ailron in Seranda Palace outside of Amador, but does not succeed in securing immediate aid from him. [LOC-H-46]

Pedron Niall, Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light, promises to provide Morgase with five-thousand soldiers to help her retake Andor. He tells her of Gaebril's death at the hands of the Dragon Reborn, and of al'Thor's rule over Andor, and then posts Whitecloak guards to assure Morgase's safety. [LOC-H-49]

Morgase is approached by a young servant named Paitr Conel, who promises her that he and his uncle, Jen, both loyal Andormen, are planning to help her escape. [LOC-H-53]

Jaichim Carridin responds to a summons from Pedron Niall in the Fortress of Light, and is given new orders that will take him to Altara. [LOC-H-55]

(17 days after Demandred's visit to Shayol Ghul): Mesaana, Semirhage and Graendal meet with Demandred to discuss his visit to Shayol Ghul. He tells them of the Dark One's orders to "Let the Lord of Chaos rule," and of other information revealed to him at the Pit of Doom. [LOC-H-56]

Two deceased male Forsaken, Aginor and Balthamel, are reborn respectively as Osan'gar and Aran'gar, each placed in new bodies taken from the Borderlands. Aran'gar is displeased to find himself with the body of a female, and both are unsettled by the presence of Shaidar Haran, who shows no respect for the Chosen. [LOC-H-59]

Morning: Rand travels to Maerone to speak briefly with Mat, whose Band of the Red Hand are slowly moving southward to Tear in order to convince Sammael that a massive attack on Illian is imminent. [LOC-H-119]

Mazrim Taim arrives in Caemlyn in order to accept Rand's pardon and amnesty. Although it is clear that he desires glory and power, Taim pledges himself to serve and teach Rand. Taim presents Rand with a cuendillar seal, fragile but still intact, that he claims to have found in Saldea. [LOC-H-74]

Rand takes Taim to a farmyard outside of Caemlyn on which young men with the possible ability to channel are being gathered. Rand orders Taim to immediately begin testing the men, who number only twenty-seven, and to teach those with the ability in the ways of Power-based warfare. Taim is surprised when Rand tells him that he intends to cleanse saidin of the taint. [LOC-H-84]

Rand is increasingly bothered by the ever-growing voice in his head, presumably that of Lews Therin Telamon. [LOC-H-90]

Accompanied by a group of Maidens, Rand uses a gateway to travel to the border of Tear, where a large diversionary army of Tairen, Cairhien and Aiel (Nakai, Shaarad, Reyn, Tomanelle and Chareen) is being assembled under the command of High Lord Weiramon for an apparent attack on Illian. [LOC-H-95]

Rand learns that High Lords Hearne, Simaan, Darlin and Tedosian, as well as High Lady Estanda and other minor nobles, have rebelled against him and gone into hiding in the forests of Haddon Mirk. Both Tedosian and Estanda had been convinced to join Darlin due to the efforts of agents of the Children of Light. [LOC-H-100-185]

After Dusk: Rand and the Maidens return to Caemlyn. [LOC-H-107]

The forces of the Band of the Red Hand continue their layover in Maerone, Mat being aware that his forces' movements must be detected. [LOC-H-108]

Mat helps to defend a young orphan boy, Olver, in the streets of Maerone. [LOC-H-121]

Before Dawn: The Band of the Red Hand leaves Maerone and heads south along the banks of the River Erinin at a rapid pace. Mat estimates that his forces will take one month to make the journey to Tear. [LOC-H-126]

Sammael meets with Graendal in her palace in Arad Doman, where she poses as Basene, an invalid Domani. They discuss their own plans and schemes, including those involving the Dragon, as well as the activities of the other surviving Forsaken. [LOC-H-129]

On the orders of Shaidar Haran, Semirhage tortures and interrogates Aes Sedai Cabriana Mecandes and her Warder. [LOC-H-140]

Night: Elayne and Nynaeve meet in Tel'aran'rhiod with Siuan, Leane and six Aes Sedai. The ten journey to the White Tower in search of information, and learn of the reduction in hostilities between Shienar and Arafel, the loss of contact with Tower eyes-and-ears in Tarabon, Elaida's urgent desire to find Elayne and return her to the Tower, and of emissaries sent to Rand pledging the Tower's support. [LOC-H-148]

Morning: Three Altaran nobles listen to Logain's story of his discovery by the Red Ajah, and of their use of him as a false Dragon. Through the telling of this tale the rebel Aes Sedai hope to gain support for their cause. [LOC-H-168]

Tarna Feir, an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah and an emissary from the White Tower, arrives in Salidar. [LOC-H-179]

Pedron Niall receives a report from Varadin, a trusted agent from Tanchico who belatedly reports on the rumored Seanchan. Niall's secretary, Balwer, reports on meetings between Ogier, of increased Sea Folk activity in the south, and of the reports of the Red Ajah's involvement in setting up Logain as a false Dragon. Niall orders Elayne and Gawyn Trakand found and brought to Amador. [LOC-H-185]

Evening: A month since her first encounter with Niall, Morgase is finally told of Galad's position in the Children of the Light. [LOC-H-189]

Late Morning: Investigating the presence of two Aes Sedai in Caemlyn, Verin and Alanna, Rand finds that they have brought numerous young women from The Two Rivers with them in order to have them trained as Aes Sedai. Rand learns of the Trolloc attacks on Emond's Field and of Perrin's role in saving the village. [LOC-H-200]

While speaking with Verin and Alanna in Coulain's Hound, Rand is bonded against his will and made one of Alanna's Warders. Rand angrily orders the two to remain in Caemlyn, but forbids them to enter the Inner City. [LOC-H-204]

Distancing himself from Alanna, Rand Travels to the farm where Taim is teaching male channelers. Rand, seeing how few men had been assembled in the seven days since Taim's arrival, agrees to allow Taim to journey forth and find more men for training. [LOC-H-212]

Morning: Three days after the arrival of the emissary from Tar Valon, the Salidar Hall of the Tower continues to meet in private with Tarna Feir. [LOC-H-217]

While Theodrin continues in her unsuccessful attempt to break Nynaeve's channeling block, Elayne resumes both teaching Aes Sedai to construct ter'angreal and conducting classes for Novices. [LOC-H-232]

Early Evening: Entering Tel'aran'rhiod in order to find a reason for the Salidar Hall to reject the notion of returning to Tar Valon, Elayne and Nynaeve find a crystal bowl, a ter'angreal, at an unidentified location somewhere in Ebou Dar. Elayne theorizes that the bowl may be able to change the strange weather afflicting the land. [LOC-H-242]

Night (Full Moon): In defiance of the Wise Ones, Egwene explores a region between Tel'aran'rhiod and the waking world, and briefly finds herself trapped in one of Gawyn's dreams due to the intensity of his love for her. [LOC-H-249]

Night: A miasma forms in Salidar, and Anaiya leads a number of linked Aes Sedai and Accepted through the village to combat the miasma's dangerous effects. Seven are killed in the village proper, along with almost one-hundred soldiers in the outlying camps. [LOC-H-252]

Early Morning: Tarna leaves Salidar and begins her return journey to Tar Valon. [LOC-H-266]

Morning: Nynaeve and Elayne tell the Aes Sedai of the ter'angreal in Ebou Dar, but are not given permission to recover it. [LOC-H-268]

Following a meeting with four Andoran lords and ladies, Rand is told that he resembles Tigraine, the Daughter-Heir of Andor who had disappeared in 972 NE. [LOC-H-277]

Rand receives a message from Sammael, who proposes a truce between them until the Day of Return. Rand refuses the offer, and Sammael's messenger, Andris, dies on the spot. [LOC-H-279-347]

Accompanied by Aviendha, Rand uses a gateway to travel to the Royal Palace in Cairhien. He hears news of a possible rebellion led by the allied houses of Damodred and Riatin, of the Shaido building holds among the wetlanders, and of reports of fighting in Shara. [LOC-H-282]

Rand leaves Cairhien on horseback to visit the school/library established in the former palace of Lord Barthanes. He witnesses numerous inventions, including an improved printing press, a telescope and a primitive steam engine. [LOC-H-295]

Night: Rand dreams of the Age of Legends, the first time that Lews Therin Telamon's dreams had invaded his own. [LOC-H-307]

Morning: Rand, along with Aviendha and Melaine, returns to Caemlyn via a Gateway. [LOC-H-311]

Morning: Mangin, an Aiel, is executed in Tear on the charge of murder. [LOC-H-309]

Three Ogier, Haman, Covril and Erith, arrive in Caemlyn and meet with Rand in the Royal Palace. Covril makes known her intent on finding Loial, her son, and marrying him to Erith. [LOC-H-317]

Haman and Covril help Rand in locating all known Ogier stedding and their associated Waygates. [LOC-H-322]

Late Morning: Accompanied by the Ogier and a large number of Aiel, Rand opens a Gateway and travels to Shadar Logoth in order to ward the city's Waygate against Shadowspan. [LOC-H-327]

Midafternoon: Abandoning a search for a missing Aiel, Liah, Rand opens a Gateway and travels to The Two Rivers. The Ogier part ways and journey on to Emond's Field, and Rand and the Aiel return to Caemlyn. [LOC-H-333]

Twilight: Eleven days out of Maerone, Mat and the Band of the Red Hand continue their march toward Tear. [LOC-H-335]

Night: Aiel, transported by a Gateway, attack the Band's camps in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Mat. [LOC-H-341]

Night: Mat learns that Olver, serving Lord Burdin, is traveling with the Band of the Red Hand. [LOC-H-344]

Graendal meets with Sammael in Illian. Sammael claims to have made a truce with Rand, and dismisses reports of an army massed to attack Illian. Graendal, fearing that Sammael is in a position to be named Nae'blis, agrees to discover the locations of the surviving Forsaken, knowing only that Mesaana has located herself in the White Tower. [LOC-H-346]

(Six days after Mangin's execution): Egwene witnesses the arrival of an embassy of six Aes Sedai in Caemlyn. Outside the city camps five-hundred soldiers from Tar Valon. [LOC-H-354]

Egwene makes her way to the palace of Lady Arilyn, host to the White Tower embassy, but is unsuccessful in using the One Power to eavesdrop. [LOC-H-363]

Egwene encounters Gawyn, who leads the guard of honor that intends to escort Rand back to Tar Valon. In a nearby inn Egwene confesses her love for him, and learns that Gawyn feels the same for her. Gawyn agrees to keep Egwene's presence in Cairhien a secret, and to not harm Rand. [LOC-H-365]

(Eight days since Shadar Logoth): Outside of Caemlyn, Rand watches a review of Lord Bashere's Saldaean horsemen. [LOC-H-372]

An attempt is made on Rand's life shortly after he returns to Caemlyn. Four men involved in the failed assassination wear the cloaks of the Children of the Light, and one is allowed to go free to deliver a message to Pedron Niall. [LOC-H-374]

Speaking with Lady Elenia of the history of Andor and its royal line, Rand is relieved to learn that Morgase and Tigraine were not closely related to each other, thus eliminating any relation between himself and Elayne. [LOC-H-379]

Rand returns to Cairhien. [LOC-H-384]

Afternoon: Three members of the White Tower's embassy, Coiren Saeldain, Galina Casban and Nesune Bihara, meet briefly with Rand in the Sun Palace. The Aes Sedai offer him an escort to Tar Valon, but Rand rejects their proposal. [LOC-H-390]

Nobles who had opposed the regime of Lord Gaebril, including Lady Aemlyn, Lord Culhan, Lady Arathelle, Lord Barel, Lord Macharan, Lady Sergase and Lady Negara, return to Caemlyn. [LOC-H-400]

Morning: Rand returns to the Royal Palace in Caemlyn. For the first time the voice of Lews Therin Telamon directly addresses Rand. [LOC-H-398]

Rand receives a message from Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan. Alliandre's message acknowledges Rand as the Dragon Reborn, and offers her support to him in confidence. [LOC-H-404]

A Gray Man makes an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Rand, who is aided by the arrival of Taim. After informing Rand of a promising student, Jahar Narishma, Taim returns to Caemlyn to continue training Rand's students. [LOC-H-404]

Morning: Padan Fain, going by the name Mordeth, is informed of the recent attempt on Rand's life by Darkfriends working in his service, one of whom is employed as a servant in the Sun Palace. [LOC-H-408]

Thom and Juilin return to Salidar, and report that the Children of the Light have assembled most of their forces in Amadacia. Thom relays to Elayne the rumors of Morgase's presence in the Fortress of Light in Amador. [LOC-H-412]

Nynaeve manages to heal Logain and restore his ability to channel the One Power. Shortly afterwards she heals Siuan and Leane. Both women are granted Aes Sedai status, but find their channeling abilities weaker then before their stilling. [LOC-H-415]

Morning: A woman named Halima Saranov arrives in Salidar. She meets with Delana Mosalaine, a member of the Black Ajah, and reveals herself to be Aran'gar, the reincarnation of the Forsaken Balthamel. [LOC-H-433]

Lord Captain Eamon Valda arrives at the Fortress of Light after a journey from Tar Valon. [LOC-H-435]

On her way to a meeting with Pedron Niall, Morgase witnesses the execution of a group of Darkfriends that includes Torwyn Branshaw and Paitr, both of whom had been working on a plan to rescue her from Whitecloak custody. [LOC-H-441]

In desperation, Morgase signs a treaty with the Children of the Light as a means of securing armed forces to retake Andor from the Dragon Reborn. Morgase becomes the first queen of Andor to allow foreign soldiers within the borders of Andor. [LOC-H-443]

For the first time since her injuries during the battle to retake Cairhien, Egwene is allowed to enter Tel'aran'rhiod with the Wise Ones in order to attend a meeting held with Aes Sedai from Salidar. She is immediately summoned before the Hall of the Tower in Salidar, but not told the reason for the summons. Rand secretly observes the meeting, and thus learns Salidar's location. [LOC-H-430]

Late Nesan/Early Danu?: Preparing to leave for Salidar, Egwene admits to the Wise Ones that she is not a full Aes Sedai. [LOC-H-455]

Late Nesan/Early Danu? • Night (Three-Quarter Moon): Rand visits the camps of the Band of the Red Hand, and asks that Mat escort Elayne from Salidar to Caemlyn so that she might be crowned Andor's next queen. Mat, who is to be accompanied by Aviendha, is also given a sealed letter meant for Thom. [LOC-H-458]

Late Nesan/Early Danu? • Night (Three-Quarter Moon): Egwene enters Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh in order to expedite her journey to Salidar. She makes the journey in only a few hours, and leaves Tel'aran'rhiod for the real world. Shortly after her arrival she is shocked to learn that she is to be raised to the Amyrlin Seat. [LOC-H-465]

Late Nesan/Early Danu? • Night (Three-Quarter Moon): Before the hastily assembled Hall of the Tower, Egwene al'Vere, pledged by Sheriam, Morvrin and Myrelle, is raised to the Amyrlin Seat of the Salidar rebels. [LOC-H-475]

Morning: Egwene is presented to the residents of Salidar, and declares Sheriam as her Keeper of the Chronicles. Against custom, Egwene declares that Theodrin, Faolain, Nynaeve and Elayne are to be immediately raised to the shawl and made full Aes Sedai. [LOC-H-480]

Morning: Egwene meets with Nynaeve and Elayne and learns of the ter'angreal bowl they know to be hidden somewhere in Ebou Dar, and of Nynaeve's capture of Moghedien. [LOC-H-484]

Afternoon: Halima orders Delana to continuing pressing the Aes Sedai to gentle or execute Logain. [LOC-H-494]

Danu • Late Fall/Early Winter • Late Morning: Their fourth day in Altara, Mat and the Band of the Red Hand stop ten miles from Salidar and set up defensive positions. Mat, accompanied by Aviendha and three of his men, makes his way through the forest to the village. [LOC-H-497]

Mat meets with Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne, and makes it known his intention to escort Elayne to Caemlyn on Rand's orders. [LOC-H-503]

Mat meets with Thom and delivers the letter that Rand had previously received from Moiraine on the day of her apparent death. [LOC-H-516]

Aviendha tells Elayne of her love for Rand, and Aviendha herself learns of Min's feelings towards him. [LOC-H-523]

Before Dawn: Min and an embassy of nine Aes Sedai led by Merana arrive in Caemlyn and take rooms at The Crown of Roses. [LOC-H-525]

Midmorning: Min meets with Rand in the Royal Palace and delivers a short letter from Elayne. She learns of Rand's confusion regarding Elayne's affections, and of his romantic interest in Aviendha. Having witnessed an aura around him, Min warns Rand that he will be harmed by women who can channel, and sees in Melaine that she will bear two daughters to Bael. [LOC-H-527]

Rand visits the school for male channelers and learns that Taim's students, whose numbers continue to increase, now refer to the school as the Black Tower. A system of three ranks is established for the students: soldier, Dedicated and Asha'man. [LOC-H-541]

Min, Merana, Seonid and Masuri return to The Crown of Roses after an audience with Rand in the Royal Palace, during which Merana had been warned to stay away from the Black Tower. [LOC-H-548]

Circa: Loial, travelling with Perrin and Faile, sets out along for an abandoned stedding to the north of Whitebridge. [LOC-H-568]

As the Band waits for Mat well outside Salidar, Olver leaves their camps to join Mat in the village. [LOC-H-557]

Danu 6th • Midafternoon (Mat's second full day in Salidar): Mat is brought before Egwene and forced to accept the task of escorting Nynaeve and Elayne to Ebou Dar. Among the men from the Band accompanying Mat are Nalesean and the young Olver. [LOC-H-557]

Danu 7th • Morning (Mat's third full day in Salidar): A group consisting of Mat and his men, Thom, Juilin, Nynaeve, Elayne, Aviendha, Birgitte, Vandene and Adeleas travel to hills outside of Ebou Dar via a gateway. [LOC-H-561]

Danu 7th: Perrin, accompanied by Faile, Gaul, Bain, Chiad, Aram and a large number of Two Rivers men, arrives in Caemlyn. While his forces make camp outside the city, Perrin proceeds to the Royal Palace with Faile and is reunited with Rand and Min. [LOC-H-564]

Danu 7th: Perrin meets Faile's father, Marshal-General Davram Bashere, and her mother, Lady Deira, for the first time. [LOC-H-572]

Danu 7th: Aes Sedai Demira Eriff is attacked by six Aiel in the streets of Caemlyn. Allowed to survive, Demira is told to warn the other Aes Sedai to stay away from Rand. [LOC-H-581]

Danu 9th • Afternoon: (Mat's third day since leaving Salidar): The Band of the Red Hand stops for the night on its journey to Ebou Dar. Some of the travelers stay at an inn named The Marriage Knife. [LOC-H-591]

Danu 10th • Afternoon (Mat's fourth day since leaving Salidar): The Band of the Red Hand stops in the small village of So Tehar. Rooms are taken by some in The Southern Hoop. Having started days earlier, the Aes Sedai continue to remotely test Mat's foxhead ter'angreal. [LOC-H-593]

Danu 11th (Mat's fifth day since leaving Salidar): The Band of the Red Hand arrives in Ebou Dar. Mat and his men take rooms in The Wandering Woman, while Nynaeve, Elayne and the Aes Sedai are provided accommodations in the Tarasin Palace. [LOC-H-594]

Lord Inquisitor Jaichim Carridin is present in the Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar. [LOC-H-601]

Nynaeve and Elayne are brought before Queen Tylin, who is informed that Gareth Bryne's forces, now moving to the north, are of no threat to Altaran sovereignty. Told of the search for the ter'angreal bowl, Tylin suggests that it might be found in the Rahad, a rundown section of Ebou Dar. [LOC-H-601]

Danu 12th • Morning (Five days since the attack on Demira): Loial arrives in Caemlyn and learns of his mother's earlier visit to the city and subsequent journey to The Two Rivers. [LOC-H-606]

Danu 12th • Morning: Seven Aes Sedai led by Merana arrive in the Grand Hall of the Royal Palace. They indicate that they will no longer abide by the restrictions placed upon them by Rand, who rejects their demand and places a further requirement, respect for his position, upon them. [LOC-H-611]

Danu 12th: At The Crown of Roses Min witnesses the arrival of Bera Harkin and Kiruna Nachiman, who raise the Aes Sedai's numbers in Caemlyn to thirteen. Seeing an aura of death around the two new arrivals, Min immediately returns to the Palace to warn Rand. [LOC-H-615]

Danu 12th: Rand, accompanied by Min, Perrin, Faile, Loial, Gaul, Bain, Chiad and over five-hundred Aiel, travel to Cairhien via a gateway. Perrin's men set out immediately and strike east for Cairhien. [LOC-H-618]

Danu 12th: Kiruna tasks Demira, Valinde, Kairen, Berencia and Merana with taking the young women from The Two Rivers to Salidar while the other Aes Sedai prepare to follow Rand to Cairhien. [LOC-H-622]

Watching Rand's audiences, Min sees auras which foretell the deaths of Maringil (by poison), Colavere (by hanging), Meilan (by a knife), and Aracome, Maraconn and Gueyam (all in battle). [LOC-H-626]

Danu 14th • Circa: Eight Aes Sedai arrive in Caemlyn and take up rooms at the Silver Swan. Numerous sisters enter and depart the city over the next month, their number never exceeding ten. [ACOS-H-152]

Danu 18th: In the six days following his return to Cairhien, Rand receives three requests for visits from Coiren Sedai, all of which he refuses. [LOC-H-625]

Rand's scouts return with news of activity among the Shaido in Kinslayer's Daggers. [LOC-H-629]

Danu 21st: On his tenth day in Cairhien, Rand receives a fourth request for an audience from Coiren. He decides to accept the request and informs Coiren that she can bring two Sisters with her for an audience to be held the next day. [LOC-H-633]

Danu 22nd • Afternoon (Rand's eleventh day in Cairhien): Coiren, accompanied by two Aes Sedai and twelve servants bearing two large chests, meets with Rand in the Sun Palace. Rand is suddenly shielded from saidin, and realizes too late that the serving women are actually Aes Sedai. Claiming that Rand had walked out of their audience, the Aes Sedai leave the palace with Rand imprisoned inside one of the chests. [LOC-H-637]

Danu 22nd: Using disguises to hide their appearances and ability to channel, Nynaeve, Elayne, Aviendha and Birgitte hunt for the ter'angreal bowl in the Rahad section of Ebou Dar. [LOC-H-643]

Danu 22nd: After witnessing a duel in the Rahad, Elayne sees a woman, Asra, try to use the One Power to Heal a dying man. [LOC-H-645]

Danu 22nd: Sixteen days since leaving Salidar, the rebel Aes Sedai and their army, followed closely by the Band of the Red Hand, march on towards Tar Valon. [LOC-H-647]

Danu 22nd: After meeting with Nynaeve and Elayne in Tel'aran'rhiod, Egwene receives confirmation from Siuan of a plan she has set in motion to allow Logain to escape and avoid being killed or gentled. [LOC-H-650]

Danu 23rd • Pre-Dawn: Compelled by the passing of his bond to Myrelle by Moiraine, Lan finally finds Myrelle in Altara. [LOC-H-652 / ACOS-H-237]

Circa • Danu 25th: The Aes Sedai embassy in Cairhien, numbering thirty-three sisters, leaves the city and begins the journey back to Tar Valon. A captive Rand, shielded by six Aes Sedai, makes the journey inside a large chest. [LOC-H-654]

Danu 26th: Elaida receives word via carrier pigeon of Rand's capture. [ACOS-H-16]

Danu 27th • Evening: Seeing that Min is a captive of the Tar Valon embassy, an angered Rand, briefly allowed outside his chest, strikes out and kills one Warder and fatally wounds another before being subdued. [LOC-H-661]

Danu 28th: The normally reserved people of Cairhien celebrate the last day of 999 NE, the shortest day of the year, with the Feast of Lights, a raucous two-day celebration. [LOC-H-656]

Danu 28th • Morning: Lord Maringil is discovered to have died of poison in his bed. A short time later High Lord Meilan is killed by a thief in the streets of Cairhien. Lord Dobraine suspects the involvement of Lady Colavaere, a political rival of the two lords, and Berelain later finds proof of Colavaere's involvement in Maringil's death. [LOC-H-656]

Danu 28th • Morning: Rhuarc learns that Shaido forces are moving south out of Kinslayer's Daggers and towards Cairhien. [LOC-H-659]

Danu 28th: Berelain comes to Perrin with Rand's sword and Dragon belt-buckle, evidence that his disappearance six days ago was not of his making, but the action of the Aes Sedai embassy. Sulin, having spent the last four and a half weeks serving Rand to meet toh, returns to the Maidens. Perrin, Dobraine and others begin immediate plans to rescue Rand. [LOC-H-657]

Danu 28th • Afternoon: Elaida's embassy stops for the day to make camp. Min is questioned by Galina Casban, an Aes Sedai who belongs to the Black Ajah. [LOC-H-660]

Danu 28th • Afternoon: Shaido Wise Ones, led by Sevanna, meet with the Aes Sedai of Elaida's embassy. Seeing that Rand is captured, Sevanna agrees to fulfill the Shaido's part in a bargain, part of which involves the killing of Gawyn and his Younglings, who are escorting the embassy back to Tar Valon. [LOC-H-663]

Danu 28th: On the orders of Sevanna, Desaine, a Shaido Wise One, is murdered by Wise Ones wielding the One Power. [LOC-H-665]

1000 NE

Taisham 1st: The Feast of Lights enters its second and final day, also known as First Day or Firstday. [LOC-H-666]

Taisham 1st • Dawn: On the orders of Galina, Rand is beaten and then returned to his chest. This procedure is repeated every day at dawn and sunset, with Rand kept inside the chest all day to suffer its stifling heat. [LOC-H-665]

Taisham 1st: Perrin, Loial, Gaul and Rhuarc, accompanied by Lord Dobraine and Havien Nurelle, leave Cairhien by the Tar Valon Road in pursuit of the Aes Sedai who hold Rand captive. [LOC-H-668]

Taisham 1st • Before Midday: Two-hundred Mayener Winged Guards, five-hundred soldiers from House Taborwin, and six-thousand Aiel, including ninety-four Wise Ones capable of channeling, join Perrin's group. [LOC-H-669]

Taisham 1st • Night • Quarter-Moon: Perrin contacts nearby wolves and learns that the Aes Sedai are approximately sixty to seventy miles ahead of his forces. Told of Rand's capture, hundreds of wolves respond and begin to make their way to Perrin's location. [LOC-H-671]

Taisham 4th • Dawn: Colavaere Saighan is crowned as Queen of Cairhien. [ACOS-H-97-114]

Taisham 8th • Late Morning: Alerted by wolves of possible allies coming from the west, Perrin breaks away from his forces to meet with a group of Two Rivers soldiers led by Dannil and Aram. Accompanying the Two Rivers forces are nine Aes Sedai, including Merana, Kiruna, Bera, Verin, Alanna, Faeldrin and Masuri, all who agree to aid Perrin in rescuing Rand. [LOC-H-676]

Taisham 9th • Morning: Lady Naean Arawn proclaims herself for Queen of Andor. [ACOS-H-154]

Taisham 9th: Lady Caraline Damodred and Lord Toram Riatin proclaim that Queen Colavaere is a usurper of the Sun Throne, and continue to gather forces to the south of Cairhien. [ACOS-H-98]

Taisham 9th • Late Morning: Lady Elenia Sarand proclaims herself for Queen of Andor. [ACOS-H-154]

Taisham 9th • Sunset: Lady Naean Arawn and Lady Elenia Sarand are arrested for their attempts to gain the Lion Throne. [ACOS-H-154]

Taisham 10th • Morning: Lady Dyelin Taravin is announced as the new Regent of Andor, ruling in the absence of Daughter-heir Elayne Trakand. [ACOS-H-154]

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