Book Five of the Wheel of Time

999 NE

Tar Valon, led for the past two months by Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, receives reports of fighting amongst the Shienarans. Other news includes an army marching to the southeast from Saldaea, and of unusually low activity in the Blight. [TFOH-H-13]

Memara is chosen to act as an Aes Sedai advisor to Queen Tenobia of Saldea. [TFOH-H-15]

A few days after his arrival in Tar Valon, Padan Fain meets with Elaida in the White Tower. Fain, hoping to use the White Tower for his own purposes, continues to feed Elaida information concerning Rand al'Thor. [TFOH-H-21]

Summer: Rahvin, posing as Lord Gaebril in Andor, uses Compulsion to manipulate an Aes Sedai spy sent by the White Tower. [TFOH-H-23]

Rahvin is visited by Lanfear, Sammael and Graendal. Lanfear proposes an alliance between herself and the other three Forsaken as a means of controlling and capturing Rand so that he might be presented to the Great Lord of the Dark. [TFOH-H-23]

The lands of Andor continue to suffer through a summer dryer and hotter than usual. [TFOH-H-31]

Late Summer, Before Dawn: A group composed of Siuan, Leane, Min and Logain are discovered in the barn of Andoran farmer Admer Nem in Kore Springs. The barn is inadvertently burned down, and all of the group is arrested except for Logain, who manages to escape. [TFOH-H-32]

Lord Gareth Bryne presides over the trial of Siuan, Leane and Min. He sentences the women, all using assumed names, to work for him until they have paid off the money required to compensate Nem. [TFOH-H-39]

Logain rescues Siuan, Leane and Min as they are being taken to Bryne's manor. Once again Min has a vision of a gold and blue halo around Logain's head—a symbol of glory to come. [TFOH-H-43]

Bryne, preparing to embark on a pursuit of the three escaped women with twenty of his men, learns of the fall of Tear, the stilling and execution of Siuan Sanche, and the death of Logain. In spite of such news Bryne proceeds to the south on the Four Kings Road. [TFOH-H-48]

Before Noon: The High Lady Alteima, having fled Tear and her husband Tedosian, arrives at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn. Alteima meets with Queen Morgase, and clearly sees that she is under the sway of Lord Gaebril. Using Compulsion, Gaebril forces Alteima to reveal her reasons for leaving Tear, and all of her knowledge concerning Rand al'Thor. [TFOH-H-49]

Moiraine oversees the collection of angreal, sa'angreal and ter'angreal from Rhuidean for transport to Tar Valon. Among the items loaded onto the wagons of Hadnan Kadere is a redstone doorframe. Rhuidean, once a forbidden city, is now home to many Aiel. [TFOH-H-57]

Moiraine brings a crumbling cuendillar seal, one she had found amongst the objects of Power in Rhuidean, to Rand's attention. She also reveals that the seal she had discovered in Tear is also slowly disintegrating. [TFOH-H-67]

Late Afternoon: Rand hears a voice in his head reminiscing of a woman named Ilyena, the wife of Lews Therin Telamon. He assumes this to be a symptom of his eventual madness via the taint on saidin. [TFOH-H-71]

Twilight: Mat inadvertently gives a regard-gift to Melindhra, a Maiden of the Jumai sept of the Shaido Aiel. [TFOH-H-83]

Night: Aviendha, having indicated her hatred of Rand, refuses to let him ask for another to teach him Aiel customs and ways. She tells Rand that she is to watch him for Elayne's sake. That night Rand dreams of Elayne, Min and Aviendha. [TFOH-H-91]

Night (three quarter moon): The Wise Ones discuss having Aviendha share Rand's sleeping quarters so that she can further watch and guide him. [TFOH-H-106]

Night: Rand is attacked by three Darkhounds in Rhuidean, and defends himself with balefire. He rescues Mat and Melindhra from an assault by three more Darkhounds. Mat learns that his foxhead medallion detects the use of saidar and protects him from its direct application. [TFOH-H-113]

Night: Moiraine, having sworn to stop manipulating Rand and to obey his wishes, warns him about the use of balefire and explains its disruptive effects on the Pattern. [TFOH-H-119]

Night: Rand is visited by Lanfear, who continues her efforts to convince him to turn to the Shadow and return her affections. She reveals that Rahvin was the one who had sent the Darkhounds. Rand continues to experience fleeting memories of Lews Therin Telamon. [TFOH-H-123]

Before Dawn: Rand learns that the Shaido have begun to move towards Jangai Pass. Other clans, including the Miagoma, Reyn and Shiande are also reported to be on the move. Rand orders immediate preparations made to pursue the Shaido. [TFOH-H-126]

Morning: Preparing to leave the Aiel Waste, Rand uses the Power to return running water to the long unused fountains of Rhuidean. Among those accompanying Rand are Moiraine, Lan, Egwene, Mat, Aviendha and Asmodean, as well as Hadnan Kadere and his wagon train of objects from Rhuidean bound for Tar Valon. [TFOH-H-133]

Morning: A month out of Tanchico, and with money provided for them by the Panarch of Tarabon, Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom and Juilin continue their journey towards Tar Valon. Five miles from the border of Amadacia they encounter a group of the Children of the Light. [TFOH-H-137]

Late Morning: Nynaeve and the others make camp near Mardecin in Amadacia. [TFOH-H-144]

Afternoon: Nynaeve and Elayne, seeing a sign of a Yellow Ajah eyes-and-ear in need of help, enter the seamstress' shop of Ronde Macura in Mardecin. The two, given a cryptic message about Tar Valon welcoming the return of all Sisters, are quickly incapacitated by forkroot tea. [TFOH-H-152]

Nynaeve and Elayne are rescued by Thom and Juilin. Macura is captured, and reveals that she reports to Narenwin Barda in Tar Valon. She indicates that she had received orders a month ago, authorized by the Amyrlin Seat herself, to delay or capture a woman matching Elayne's description. [TFOH-H-158]

Purchasing a coach from a resident of Mardecin, Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom and Juilin leave the town via the Amador Road. [TFOH-H-165]

Macura sends a report to Tar Valon, as well as one somewhere to the west, concerning Elayne and the others' escape. Avi Shendar, the keeper of the carrier pigeons, secretly sends his own report to an unidentified location. [TFOH-H-165]

Late Afternoon: Siuan, Leane, Min and Logain arrive in Lugard after weeks of travel from Kore Springs. They stop at the Nine Horse Hitch. [TFOH-H-167]

Siuan makes contact with Duranda Tharne, innkeeper of The Good Night's Ride and part of the eyes-and-ears network of the Blue Ajah, and seeks out information on the location of a secret meeting place for those Sisters who had fled the White Tower. She is given information that leads her to believe the meeting place to be Salidar, Altara. [TFOH-H-170]

Siuan inadvertently attracts the attention of the Children of the Light, and quickly gathers the others and leaves Lugard for the south via the Jehannah Road. [TFOH-H-173]

Gareth Bryne and his men pass through Lugard a day after Siuan and her party. Bryne learns that most of the Queen's Guards in Caemlyn have been replaced by Lord Gaebril, who has also created a large, armed unit called the White Lions. [TFOH-H-177]

Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom and Juilin arrive at Bellon, located twenty miles from the capitol city of Amador, and stay the night at the Bellon Ford Inn. [TFOH-H-183]

Circa: The forces of Marshal General Davram Bashere of Saldaea disappear. Queen Tenobia refuses to reveal their location to The White Tower. [TFOH-H-207]

Circa: The White Tower loses contact with its eyes-and-ears network in Tanchico. [TFOH-H-207]

Circa: Pedron Niall claims credit for resolving a dispute between Murandy and Illian. [TFOH-H-207]

Continuing on their way to Tar Valon, Nynaeve and Elayne's party encounters a travelling menagerie operated by Valan Luca. [TFOH-H-186]

Late Summer • Late Afternoon: Nynaeve and the others arrive in the village of Sienda and take rooms at The Light of Truth. [TFOH-H-187]

Circa: Amadacia makes claim to border villages in Altara, including Salidar, So Eban and Mostra, still empty from the conflict of the Whitecloak War. [TFOH-H-224]

Night: Nynaeve enters Tel'aran'rhiod and talks with Birgitte, whom she and Elayne have begun speaking with on a regular basis. Birgitte indicates her belief that Gaidal Cain has been reborn into the world, and also reports on her observations of the Forsaken she has seen in the World of Dreams. [TFOH-H-192]

Night: Nynaeve and Egwene explore the White Tower in Tel'aran'rhiod. The two are shocked to discover that Elaida has been raised to the Amyrlin Seat. They also learn that Moiraine is wanted by the Tower on charges of treason. Deducing a split between the Ajahs, they concentrate on trying to find a reported gathering of Sisters from the Blue Ajah. [TFOH-H-203]

Morning: Nynaeve and Elayne encounter Galad, now a member of the Children of the Light, in The Light of Truth. Galad tells them that Siuan Sanche has been reported to have been stilled and executed along with her Keeper. [TFOH-H-220]

Late Morning: Attempting to avoid Galad, Nynaeve and Elayne sneak out of The Light of the Truth and rendezvous with Thom and Juilin outside of Sienda. Thom tells them of rumors indicating Pedron Niall's attempts to unite the nations against the Dragon Reborn. [TFOH-H-229]

Returning to the site of Valan Luca's menagerie, Nynaeve and Elayne arrange to secretly sponsor Luca's way to Ghealdan while also working in the menagerie in order to avoid arousing notice or suspicion. Among Luca's people is Cerandin, a Seanchan left behind after the failed invasion of Falme. [TFOH-H-231]

Returning to the home of merchant Jorin Arene, a Darkfriend housing the Black Ajah in Amador, Liandrin finds the Forsaken Moghedien, who had previously posed as the servant Gyldin in Tanchico. Moghedien gives each of the Black sisters secret orders. Liandrin and four others are tasked with finding Nynaeve and Elayne. [TFOH-H-239]

Late Morning: Queen Morgase is informed of reported rebellion in The Two Rivers. [TFOH-H-246]

Morgase, finally realizing the degree of control wielded by Lord Gaebril, seeks help from Lini, her old nurse. Lini tells Morgase of seven other women, including Lady Alteima, that Gaebril is romantically involved with. [TFOH-H-249]

Afternoon: Morgase learns that Gaebril controls Caemlyn's guards and armed forces, and begins to arrange her flight from the city with the aid of Lini and Guardsman-Lieutenant Tallanvor. [TFOH-H-254]

Before Dusk: Morgase and Lini arrive at The Queen's Blessing in Caemlyn and rendezvous with Tallanvor. Also present are innkeeper Basel Gill, Lamgwin and Breane, all pledged to aid Morgase retake the Lion Throne. Intent on seeking the aid of Gareth Bryne, the party leaves Caemlyn and sets out for Kore Springs. [TFOH-H-256]

Night: Padan Fain breaks into a storeroom in the White Tower and steals the dagger from Shadar Logoth. He is discovered by Alviarin, a member of the Black Ajah, who arranges to hide his murder of an Accepted. Without time to search for the Horn of Valere, Fain leaves Tar Valon. [TFOH-H-259]

A half a month since leaving Rhuidean, Rand and his Aiel followers arrive at Jangai Pass. At the small town of Taein they find the remains of a massacre committed by Couladin and his Shaido Aiel six days ago. The Reyn Aiel join Rand's forces, which make camp for the night. [TFOH-H-262]

Dusk: Attempting to cancel a debt, Aviendha presents Rand with a jewel-encrusted sword that had belonged to King Laman. Rand accepts only the Power-wrought blade itself. [TFOH-H-275]

Night: Mat continues to recall memories of other men, ranging as far back as the time of King Maecin of Eharon and up to the death of Artur Hawkwing. [TFOH-H-279]

Night: As Trollocs and Darkfriends sent by Sammael attack the encampments, Rand and Aviendha defend themselves against two Draghkar. [TFOH-H-281]

Late Afternoon: After four days of travel Rand's forces exit the Jangai Pass and enter Cairhien. More evidence of Couladin's violence is found in the town of Selean at the mouth of the pass, its entire population killed or missing. [TFOH-H-289]

Night: Egwene enters Tel'aran'rhiod and briefly sees Elayne speaking with Birgitte. Amys and Bair arrive soon afterwards, and Elayne indicates that Valan Luca's menagerie is three days from Ghealdan. [TFOH-H-298]

Night: Egwene and Elayne meet alone in Tel'aran`rhiod in the White Tower. Elayne refuses to speak about Birgitte, but reveals her suspicion that she and Nynaeve are being hunted by Moghedien. Unknown to either, the two are watched by Moghedien, who also wishes revenge on Birgitte. [TFOH-H-305]

Early Afternoon: Fifteen days out from Lugard, Siuan, Leane, Min and Logain arrive in Salidar, the location of the Tower in exile, located only a mile from Altara's border with Amadacia. [TFOH-H-312]

Edesina Sedai examines Logain but is unable to curb his growing depression. [TFOH-H-321]

In her desire to seek revenge against Elaida and stir the exiled Tower into action, Siuan falsely suggests that the Red Ajah may have played a role in preparing Logain to be a False Dragon. At her own suggestion Siuan is allowed to operate the eyes-and-ears network of the Blue Ajah. [TFOH-H-325 / TPOD-H-320]

Leane and Siuan suggest that the Aes Sedai in exile create their own White Tower and raise a new Amyrlin, preferably one strong in the Power and one not present in the Tower during Elaida's takeover. [TFOH-H-328]

The Aes Sedai in exile agree to send two Green Sisters, Kiruna Nachiman and Bera Harkin, into the Aiel Waste to search for Rand. [TFOH-H-331]

Gareth Bryne arrives in Salidar and meets with the Aes Sedai. Also present are Siuan and Leane, both of whom had been forced to reveal the events that had led Bryne to pursue them from Kore Springs, and Min and Logain. Bryne is told the women's true identities, and is allowed to keep Siuan, Leane and Min as bodyservents. Bryne agrees to assemble and lead an army against Elaida and the White Tower. [TFOH-H-334]

Based on one of her viewings, Min tells Siuan that she must stay close to Bryne in order to assure his and her own survival. [TFOH-H-343]

Bael and Jheran suddenly mend the blood feud between the Shaarad and Goshien Aiel, possibly due to Rand's influence as ta'veren. [TFOH-H-350]

Circa: Based on Siuan's information regarding the Red Ajah's supposed involvement with Logain, ten Aes Sedai, dispatched by Sheriam without the exiled Hall's knowledge, secretly leave Salidar and return to the White Tower. Their task is to covertly reveal the Red Ajah's efforts to support a false Dragon. [ACOS-H-162]

Rand's forces stop for the night at Eianrod, an abandoned town in Cairhien. [TFOH-H-349]

The Aiel led into Cairhien by Rand skirmish with brigands, as well as with Cairhien and Andoran soldiers. Rand begins hanging brigands known to have committed crimes. [TFOH-H-378]

Night: Hadnan Kadere receives a note from a fellow Darkfriend, possibly a female Aiel. Isendre meets with Kadere to tell him of her failure to bed Rand, and of more beatings and humiliation from the Aiel. Kadere kills Isendre, and then dismembers her body to hide his act. [TFOH-H-344]

Night: A group of riders is brought to Rand's attention in Eianrod. Among them are Tairen lords Estean and Edorion, and Cairhien lords Meresin and Daricain. Rand learns that the city of Cairhien itself has been under Shaido attack for more than three days. The lords agree to return to Cairhien with word of Rand's support. Aiel scouts are sent to gather information on the Shaido. [TFOH-H-352]

Night (Cairhien): Rand inadvertently sees Aviendha bathing. Desperate to get away from him, Aviendha opens a gateway with the Power and runs through. Rand follows and finds himself in a snowstorm in a strange land. Rescuing Aviendha from a stream, Rand later finds himself making love to her as the two shelter from the storm. In spite of their encounter Aviendha maintains that Rand belongs to Elayne. [TFOH-H-358]

Day (Seanchan) • Early Morning (Cairhien): Attempting to return to Eianrod, Rand and Aviendha encounter a Seanchan patrol. After using the Power to subdue the patrol, the two return via Aviendha's gateway. [TFOH-H-368]

Late Afternoon: Nynaeve, Elayne and the others continue to work for Valan Luca's traveling menagerie, which is camped near the River Eldar in Amadacia, near the Ghealden border. [TFOH-H-376]

Late Afternoon: Having studied an a'dam acquired from Cerandin, Elayne tells Nynaeve that she believes herself capable of creating one, and possibly other ter'angreal as well. [TFOH-H-382]

Night: Nynaeve enters Tel'aran'rhiod and meets with Birgitte, who briefly shows her a meeting of five Forsaken—Sammael, Moghedien, Rahvin, Lanfear and Graendal. [TFOH-H-389]

Night: Discovering Nynaeve and Birgitte in Tel'aran'rhiod, Moghedien attacks both of them. Birgitte manages to fire an arrow into Moghedien, who flees the World of Dreams after appearing to have killed Birgitte. [TFOH-H-391]

Night: Liandrin is shielded from the One Power after attempting to attack a weakened Moghedien. As Moghedien sets out for Ghealdan, Liandrin is left behind to serve as a scullery girl at the Arene estate. [TFOH-H-394]

Night: Thom and Juilin find Birgitte, barely alive, and take her to Nynaeve and Elayne. Nynaeve's attempts to Heal Birgitte fail, and Elayne responds in desperation by bonding Birgitte as her Warder. Thom and Juilin later reveal their suspicions concerning Birgitte's identity. [TFOH-H-398]

Morning: Birgitte challenges Luca to an archery duel and wins the wager easily. Adopting the name Maerion, one she had gone by in a past life, Birgitte agrees to perform with the menagerie. [TFOH-H-413]

Valan Luca's menagerie crosses the River Eldar and arrives outside of Samara in Ghealden. More than a dozen other menageries, as well as a great many followers of The Prophet, a fervent follower of The Dragon Reborn, also make camp around Samara. [TFOH-H-415]

Nynaeve finds Uno among the crowds watching Luca's performers, and learns that the Prophet, who controls most of Ghealden, is Masema, a Shienaran soldier. [TFOH-H-424]

Afternoon: Uno escorts Nynaeve into Samara in order to meet with the Prophet, who reluctantly agrees to relay word of any river vessels heading downriver. [TFOH-H-435]

Nynaeve, Uno and Ragan encounter Galad while trying to leave Samara. Galad mentions Salidar, and Nynaeve remembers it as the location of the gathering of rebel Aes Sedai. In order to assure the safety of Elayne, Galad offers to find them passage downriver. [TFOH-H-444]

Late Afternoon: Uno and Ragan, in the company of thirteen other Shienaran soldiers, agree to accompany Nynaeve and the others on their future travels, and begin to keep a look out for suitable river passage. [TFOH-H-450]

Rand's forces, including Cairhien and Tairen soldiers led by High Lord Weiramon, camp five miles to the west of the city of Cairhien, itself besieged by over 150,000 Shaido Aiel led by Couladin. Rand holds the allegiance of seven Aiel clans, excepting the Shiande, the Codarra, the Daryne and the Miagoma. [TFOH-H-458]

Mat, relying on the memories of long-dead soldiers, unknowingly finds himself suggesting a detailed plan of attack against the Shaido. His battle plans are similar to ones already laid out by Rhuarc and the other Aiel chiefs. [TFOH-H-472]

Rand sends Weiramon back to Tear in order to deal with reports of pirates and bandit attacks. [TFOH-H-487]

Early Morning: Rand and the Aiel awake and begin final preparations to break Couladin's siege of Cairhien. [TFOH-H-478]

Dawn: Having finally decided to leave Rand's company, Mat's attempts to travel to the south are cutoff by formations of Aiel loyal to Rand. Noticing a group of Cairhien and Tairen moving into a Shaido trap, Mat reveals himself and warns them. Mat quickly takes charge of the situation and is given four-hundred Cairhien to command. [TFOH-H-485]

Dawn: Rand, Egwene and Aviendha start the attack on the Shaido using the One Power. Rand's Aiel commence their attack on Couladin's forces. [TFOH-H-483]

Before Noon: As Aiel fights Aiel around the walls of Cairhien, an exhausted Rand, Egwene and Aviendha continue to strike at Couladin's forces from a looking tower. The tower is struck by a saidin-wrought lightning bolt, which Rand later assumes to be the work of Sammael. [TFOH-H-492]

Rand receives news that the four clans yet to pledge allegiance to either Couladin or himself are on the move to join each other. [TFOH-H-496]

Mat, still reluctantly in charge of three-thousand soldiers and with no where to take his men, prepares to meet an oncoming group of Aiel possibly containing Couladin himself. [TFOH-H-498]

Couladin, falling for a rouse and believing that Mat's men are protecting the Dragon Reborn himself, attacks Mat's position. Forced to defend himself, Mat eventually meets and kills Couladin. [TFOH-H-511]

Night (crescent moon): A tired and confused Rand returns to an Aiel camp. He is told that the four clans appear to be joining his forces, and is surprised to learn that the battle is over, and the surviving Shaido, numbering in the tens of thousands, are reported to be fleeing to the north across the River Gaelin. The failed Shaido siege on Cairhien is later known as the Shaido War by most, and as the Second Aiel War by others. [TFOH-H-503 / LOC-H-628]

Night: A dozen Cairhien nobles, including Lord Dobraine and Lady Colavaere, visit the Aiel camps and beg for an attendance with Rand. All are turned away as Rand recuperates from his wounds. [TFOH-H-518]

Dawn: A delegation of Tairen high lords, led by High Lord Meilan, make a brief visit to Rand's camps. Meilan offers the Dragon Reborn a procession into Cairhien, but is not allowed to speak with Rand. [TFOH-H-511]

Midmorning: Lord Talmanes and Lord Nalesean, respective leaders of the Cairhien and Tairen soldiers that Mat had commanded, pledge themselves to follow Mat because of his considerable skill and prowess in battle. Mat's forces are later named the Band of the Red Hand. [TFOH-H-512-610]

Rand leaves the Aiel camp to inspect the battlefield and enter Cairhien. Among the Aiel he sees many wearing a red head band with the symbol of the Aes Sedai. Aviendha tells him that they think of themselves as siswai'aman, the Spear of the Dragon. [TFOH-H-523]

Accompanied by five-hundred Maidens, Rand enters the city of Cairhien. He is first greeted by thundering cheers from residents and refugees, and then by a group of Tairen nobles led by High Lord Meilan. [TFOH-H-527]

Rand enters the Grand Hall of the Sun in the Royal Palace of Cairhien, but declines to sit on the Sun Throne. He orders all Tairen flags removed from the walls of Cairhien, as well as all but one of his own Dragon banners, which is to hang from the highest point in the city. The assembled Cairhien and Tairen nobility pledge oaths of fealty to Rand. [TFOH-H-531]

Followers of the Prophet find and seize the riverboat Riverserpent. The vessel is then taken by the Children of the Light on the orders of Galad. Fighting between the two factions ensues, and riots and chaos quickly spread through the city. The Prophet makes it known he intends to take Amadacia in the name of the Dragon Reborn. [TFOH-H-542]

Morning: Three days since their arrival outside of Samara with Valan Luca, Nynaeve, Elayne and the others anxiously await news of an acceptable ship for passage downriver. [TFOH-H-537]

Thom and Juilin return from Samara to report the city consumed by riots. Uno and Galad arrive separately with news of Riverserpent's presence in Samara. [TFOH-H-541]

Valan Luca begins hasty preparations to leave Samara in order to avoid the riots and the harsh recruitment tactics of the Prophet's followers. [TFOH-H-546]

Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom and Juilin part ways with the menagerie and head into Samara escorted by Galad, Uno and a small group of Shienaran warriors. They face one group of rioters, and then safely make their way to Riverserpent. [TFOH-H-556]

Riverserpent leaves Samara and sets off downriver on the Eldar. Elayne uses the One Power to alter the weather to speed their passage. [TFOH-H-562]

Two days out from Samara, Birgitte begins to use her real name. [TFOH-H-570]

Dawn: Three days since leaving Samara Riverserpent arrives at Boannda. Refugees from Samara, excepting three women and two children, disembark. Riverserpent leaves Samara and continues its journey downriver towards Salidar. [TFOH-H-571]

Night: Nynaeve and Elayne meet with Egwene and Amys in Tel'aran'rhiod. They learn of Rand's victory at Cairhien, and that he has sent half of his Aiel forces to the south towards Tear. [TFOH-H-577]

Five days from Samara Riverserpent stops and off-loads its passengers on the banks of the Eldar. The group, including the Samaran women and their children, sets out through the woods for Salidar, which they arrive at in less than four hours. [TFOH-H-581]

Nynaeve and Elayne are questioned by Aes Sedai led by Sheriam. The cuendillar seal in their posession is found to have crumbled during their travels. Among many things they reveal is the knowledge that the White Tower is aware of the existence of the Aes Sedai in Salidar, and of the ability of Aiel Wise Ones to channel the One Power. The two are instructed to resume their studies as Accepted. [TFOH-H-585]

Late Afternoon: Nynaeve is further questioned by Siuan, who demands that she secretly teach her about Tel'aran'rhiod in exchange for allowing Nynaeve to study Leane, Logain and herself. [TFOH-H-596]

Dusk: Min tells Elayne of a viewing which indicates that the three women from Samara, Nicola, Marigan and Areina, will be cause for trouble. Unknown to any of them, Marigan is the Forsaken Moghedien in disguise. When asked about Rand, Min admits that she, along with Elayne and another woman, will have to share Rand's affections. [TFOH-H-598 / LOC-H-23]

Attempting to escape Rand's pull, Mat tries to leave Cairhien by setting out alone across the River Alguenya. The Band of the Red Hand follows, and Mat finds himself winning three battles against a superior force of Andoran soldiers who had taken control of parts of Cairhien during its civil war. The exploits of the Band of the Red Hand begin [TFOH-H-610]

Circa: Thom and Juilin volunteer to leave Salidar in order to conduct reconnaissance in Amadacia. [LOC-H-175]

Late Summer/Early Autumn • Morning: Ten days since his arrival in Cairhien, Rand receives news that the First of Mayene is approaching Cairhien with a small armed force. [TFOH-H-603]

Morning: Rand receives two messages; one from the Amyrlin Seat announcing a delegation of Aes Sedai being dispatched to Cairhien in order to escort Rand to Tar Valon for his protection, the other an unusual pledge of support from Alviarin, Elaida's Keeper. [TFOH-H-608]

Morning: Mat reports that Lord Gaebril, Rahvin, has been appointed king of Andor and Cairhien by Queen Morgase, who is reported to be missing and presumed dead. Rand begins making plans to raid Caemlyn and avenge Morgase's death. [TFOH-H-611]

After Sunset: Mat is attacked by Melindhra, who reveals herself to be a Darkfriend, and he is forced to kill her in self defense. [TFOH-H-617]

Morning: As Rand and the others prepare to raid Caemlyn, Moiraine gives Rand two sealed letters, one for Rand himself and the other for Thom Merrilin. [TFOH-H-62]

Morning: Hadnan Kadere is met by Lanfear in Cairhien, and told to tell her anything he knows of Rand's recent activities. Enraged at learning that Rand has shared his bedchambers with another woman, Lanfear kills Kadere and destroys his wagon. As Rand and Lanfear battle with the One Power, Moiraine attacks Lanfear and the two fall into a ter'angreal shaped like a twisted doorframe. The doorframe melts and is destroyed, and Lan loses contact with Moiraine. [TFOH-H-627]

Morning: His bond passed to another Aes Sedai, Myrelle, Lan leaves Cairhien immediately after Moiraine's disappearance and sets off to the west. [TFOH-H-636]

Morning: Rand reads Moiraine's letter and learns that she had been aware of her possible fate since her visit to Rhuidean, and that she had known of Jasin Natael's true identity. [TFOH-H-637]

Morning: Accompanied by Mat and a large group of Aiel, Rand opens a gateway and transports himself and the others to Caemlyn. Rand's forces are immediately met by Trollocs and Myrddraal, as well as Power-based attacks from Rahvin. Mat, Aviendha and Asmodean are killed by Power-wrought lightning, and Rand sets out to avenge their deaths. [TFOH-H-645]

Morning: Nynaeve continues to teach Siuan about Tel'aran'rhiod in Salidar, but forces her out of the World of Dreams and flees to Jurene when she thinks she sees Moghedien. Her fears are confirmed when the Forsaken follows her to Jurene and easily shields her from the One Power. Unable to channel, Nynaeve uses her knowledge of Tel'aran'rhiod to capture Moghedien with an a'dam. Told of traps set for Rand in Caemlyn, Nynaeve travels to the Royal Palace with the captured Moghedien. [TFOH-H-650]

Having found and pursued Rahvin throughout the Royal Palace in Caemlyn, Rand physically follows the Forsaken into Tel'aran'rhiod, where both men continue to wreak destruction with the Power in their attempts to kill one another. [TFOH-H-661]

Nynaeve finds Rahvin in Tel'aran'rhiod and attacks him, aided by her link with Moghedien, with the Power. Alerted to Rahvin's location by Nynaeve's attack, Rand kills Rahvin with balefire. Warned by Nynaeve about being in the World of Dreams in the flesh, Rand leaves Tel'aran'rhiod. Putting Moghedien into a deep sleep, Nynaeve herself returns to the waking world. [TFOH-H-671]

Rand discovers that Mat and Aviendha, as well as Asmodean, are alive, the strength of the balefire he had used against Rahvin having burned his thread out of the Pattern to a time before Rahvin's earlier attacks. [TFOH-H-676]

Moghedien fails to make an arranged meeting with Graendal. [LOC-H-15]

Marshal-General Davram Bashere arrives at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn and informs Rand of his hunt for Mazrim Taim, whom he believes to be somewhere in Andor. Rand tells Bashere that he will offer protection and training to any man who can channel in order to provide forces for the Last Battle. Bashere offers his services to Rand as well as those of nine-thousand Saldaean cavalry. [TFOH-H-679]

Many Caemlyn citizens, including most of the staff of the Royal Palace, flee the city in the days following Rand's arrival. [LOC-H-71]

Asmodean is killed in the Royal Palace by an unknown attacker. [TFOH-H-682]

Morgase and her small group of companions ride through Altara on the way to Amadacia, where Morgase hopes to find support for her efforts to regain her throne in Andor. [TFOH-H-683]

Circa: Nynaeve and Elayne discover that Moghedien is actually Marigan, a supposed refugee from Samara who has been with them in Salidar all along. They use an a'dam-like device created by Elayne to capture her, and begin questioning Moghedien in an effort to acquire knowledge from the Age of Legends. [LOC-H-16]

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