Book Four of the Wheel of Time

999 NE

Morning: Min arrives in Tar Valon. Her visions unmistakably show that great violence will occur within the White Tower. [TSR-H-14]

Min meets with Siuan Sanche, the Amyrlin Seat. She relates the nature of her visions, and then delivers Moiraine's message concerning Rand's journey to Tear. Min is forced to remain in the Tower, in disguise, in order to help the Amyrlin learn more of the Black Ajah. [TSR-H-23]

Half a legion of the Children of the Light, lead by Dain Bornhald and Jaret Byer, begin to enter Taren Ferry in the Two Rivers. Among the Children is Ordeith, whom Bornhald had been ordered to accept as an advisor. [TSR-H-30]

The High Lady Suroth, commanding the remaining Seanchan forces from Falme, plots her return to the mainland from Sea Folk islands under Seanchan control. [TSR-H-33]

Late Night: Perrin and Faile, guests in the Stone of Tear, are attacked by Perrin's axe. [TSR-H-43]

Late Night: Mat, gambling with a group of young Tairen lords in the Stone of Tear, is attacked by a suite of life-sized playing cards. [TSR-H-51]

Late Night: Rand, unexpectedly visited by Berelain, is forced to defend himself against reflections of himself which emerge from mirrors in his bedchamber. [TSR-H-58]

Late Night: Summoned to Rand's bedchamber, Moiraine heals his extensive wounds. She theorizes that Rand's incident was the result of a miasma created by the weakening of the seals holding the Dark One, and that such occurrences would attract themselves more frequently to ta'veren. [TSR-H-70]

Late Night: Egwene and Nynaeve, guarding Joiya Byir and Amico Nagoyin, are repeatedly told by Amico that they should travel to Tanchico to recover an unidentified object related to the Dragon Reborn which is known to the Black Ajah. Joiya claims that Liandrin intends to rescue Mazrim Taim, a false Dragon captured earlier in Saldea, and use him to bring about the death of Rand before Tarmon Gai'don. [TSR-H-81]

Late Night: Moiraine tells Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne that Rand must go on the offensive and attack Illian, an enemy of Tear for centuries and currently ruled in secret by Sammael. She also tells them of a ter'angreal found among the Stone's Great Holding, a redstone doorframe that enables one who walks through to learn the truth of three questions. [TSR-H-92]

Morning: Rand and Egwene, having thought since childhood that they would eventually be married, admit that they no longer love each other. [TSR-H-103]

Morning: Elayne tells Rand of her interest in him. He responds by revealing his own fondness for her. [TSR-H-113]

Mat seeks advice from Egwene, who tells him of the twisted redstone doorframe ter'angreal and of the dangers of using it. [TSR-H-119]

(Three days later): Morning: High Lord Carelon of Tear is accidentally killed by High Lord Tedosian during a hunting accident. [TSR-H-193]

Returning to the Stone, High Lord Tedosian falls ill. He is cared for by his wife, High Lady Alteima, the one responsible for poisoning him. [TSR-H-194 / TFOH-H-54]

Loial meets Laefar, an Ogier from Stedding Shangtai, and learns that he has been named a runaway, and that he is to be married off as soon as possible. [TSR-H-183]

Late Afternoon: Eight grain barges arrive at the docks of the Stone of Tear. Hidden inside are Trollocs, Myrddraal and other Darkfriends sent to Tear by Sammael. [TSR-H-139 / LOC-143]

Evening: A train of thirty wagons, each containing more Shadowspawn, arrive at the Stone of Tear. [TSR-H-139]

Evening: Rand is visited by Selene, who openly reveals her true identity as the Forsaken Lanfear. He refuses her offers of power and eternal life should he follow the Dark One, as well as her romantic advances. During their discussion Rand is attacked by a Gray Man apparently sent by another Forsaken. [TSR-H-127]

Evening: Leaving his chambers, Rand finds the Stone infiltrated by Trollocs, Gray Men, Myrddraal and Darkfriends. Rand joins the fighting, and has his life saved at one point by the intervention of a Trolloc, unaware that it and other Shadowspan had been sent by Semirhage to battle Sammael's forces. Retrieving Callandor, Rand uses the sword to kill every Shadowspawn and Darkfriend in the Stone of Tear. [TSR-H-131 / LOC-143]

Evening: Entering Tel'aran'rhiod and visiting Tanchico, Egwene finds a ter'angreal, a woman holding a crystal sphere, in the Panarch's Palace. [TSR-H-147]

Evening: Inadvertently moving between Tanchico and the Aiel Waste within Tel'aran'rhiod, Egwene encounters Amys, an Aiel Wise One. Amys tells Egwene that there is a growing evil in Tanchico, and that she should visit Cold Rocks Hold so that she can be taught about Tel'aran'rhiod. [TSR-H-151]

Night: Moiraine informs Nynaeve, Egwene and Elayne that Amico and Joiya were among those killed during the attack on the Stone. She relays a message, dispatched a month ago, from four Wise Ones demanding that Aviendha travel to Rhuidean immediately. [TSR-H-157]

Night: Mat learns of the presence of the Children of the Light in the Two Rivers. He hears rumors that they are searching for the Dragon Reborn, as well as a man matching Perrin's description. [TSR-H-163]

Night: Confronting Berelain in the Stone, Faile lays claim to Perrin, who is preparing to return home to surrender himself to the Children of the Light. [TSR-H-170]

Night: Mat enters the doorframe ter'angreal described by Egwene, and finds himself in a strange world. Asking if he should return to Emond's Field, Mat is told that he must go to Rhuidean. In response to his second question, Mat is told that he will die if he does not travel to Rhuidean. In answer to his final question, Mat learns that he will be killed if he does not fulfill his fate. Demanding more answers, Mat is told that he must marry "the Daughter of the Nine Moons," that he will "die and live again, and live once more a part of what was," and that he will "give up half the light of the world to save the world." [TSR-H-173]

Night: Rand emerges from the ter'angreal only moments after Mat's return. Shortly afterwards Moiraine exits the ter'angreal, and questions the two about their own experiences. [TSR-H-178]

Circa: In spite of increased Trolloc raids along the Borderlands, the Blight itself retreats for two miles. [TSR-H-201]

Morning: Perrin, planning to journey to the Two Rivers with Loial and Faile via the Ways, agrees to allow Gaul and a small group of Aiel to accompany them. [TSR-H-186]

Morning: Moiraine, showing knowledge of Thom's involvement with Queen Morgase, asks Thom to accompany Elayne and Nynaeve to Tanchico. In exchange for his help Moiraine promises to provide Thom with the names of the Aes Sedai who gentled his nephew. Swearing an oath, Moiraine also promises that Thom will survive Tanchico to see her again. [TSR-H-194]

Morning: Gawyn seeks out Min, posing as Elmindreda in the White Tower, in order to help discourage Galad from his interest in the Children of the Light. While speaking with the two she sees the gentled Logain, and briefly views a radiant halo around his head. [TSR-H-197]

Morning: The Amyrlin Seat receives word of the escape of Mazrim Taim and the deaths of two Aes Sedai in the village of Denhuir near the Black Hills. Forces are ordered to apprehend him and gentle him immediately upon his recapture. She also receives confirmation of Rand's activities in Tear, and orders the Hall of the Tower convened to officially announce the rebirth of the Dragon. [TSR-H-203]

Morning: Moria Elward and Sahra Coventry are killed on a farm by a member of the Black Ajah intent on learning everything about Elmindreda. [TSR-H-205]

Morning: Rand al'Thor calls a meeting of Tairen nobles in the Heart of the Stone. He announces that a treaty has been signed with Mayene concerning the acquisition of ships to carry grain to the west. He stuns those assembled by announcing that armies from Tear, commanded by High Lord Meilan and financed by High Lord Torean, will march to Cairhien to restore order. [TSR-H-240]

Morning: Rand drives Callandor into the floorstones of the Heart of the Stone, telling those assembled that it is a reminder that he will return to the Stone. He tells Moiraine that he has woven traps with the Power in order to protect the sword, and that he intends to travel to Rhuidean in the Aiel Waste. [TSR-H-242]

Morning: Perrin, Loial, Faile, Gaul, Bain and Chiad leave Tear and make their way to a Waygate east of the city. They enter the Waygate and begin their journey to the Two Rivers. [TSR-H-209]

Morning: Seeking passage on the Atha'an Miere raker Wavedancer, Nynaeve and Elayne learn of the Jendai Prophecy, which foretells the coming of the Coramoor, whom the Sea Folk believe to be Rand al'Thor. The two are granted passage to Tanchico after they reveal that they are hunting the Black Ajah. [TSR-H-220]

Morning: Thom Merrilin and Juilin Sandar board Wavedancer to accompany Nynaeve and Elayne to Tanchico. Sandar reveals that Rand, through Lan, had ordered him to protect the two women. [TSR-H-224]

Noon: Rand, accompanied by Moiraine, Lan, Mat, Egwene and hundreds of Aiel, leaves the Stone of Tear and the city itself. Among the Aiel are Rhuarc and Aviendha. [TSR-H-246]

Aided by an angreal he had found in the Great Holding in the Stone, Rand uses a Portal Stone located outside of Tear. In an instant he and the assembled Aiel are transported to a Portal Stone on the slopes of Chaendaer overlooking the city of Rhuidean. Moiraine reveals that the letters she had received in Tear from the Wise Ones had accurately predicted the exact circumstances of their arrival in the Waste. [TSR-H-256]

Rand asks the Wise Ones assembled on Chaendaer—Amys, Bair, Seana and Melaine—for permission to enter Rhuidean. Rand is given permission, but Mat, who also asks, is denied. Rand demands that Mat be allowed to accompany him, and the Wise Ones cede to his wish. During this time Moiraine and Egwene witness two of the Wise Ones channel the One Power. Rand and Mat immediately set out for Rhuidean. [TSR-H-261]

The Wise Ones inform Aviendha, herself capable of channeling, that she is to abandon her spears and begin training as a Wise One. Aviendha is instructed to enter a ter'angreal located within the ancient city, within which she will see variations of her future. [TSR-H-265]

Afternoon: Moiraine, inadvertently told by the Wise Ones that she must enter Rhuidean, leaves the Aiel camp and makes her way to the city. [TSR-H-271]

Late Afternoon: Wavedancer passes through the Fingers of the Dragon and sets sail for the Sea of Storms. [TSR-H-229]

Elayne discovers that Wavedancer's Windfinder, Jorin, is capable of channeling the One Power, which she uses to speed Wavedancer through the Sea of Storms. Jorin estimates that Wavedancer will reach Tanchico in ten days or less. [TSR-H-232]

Late Afternoon: Rand and Mat enter the long-abandoned city of Rhuidean. Within the heart of the city they find Avendesora, the Tree of Life. Rand enters a series of concentric glass columns, and Mat discovers a redstone doorframe similar to the one in the Stone of Tear. Mat passes through the doorframe ter'angreal and finds himself in a strange environment, different, yet similar, to the one accessed through the Tear doorframe. [TSR-H-274]

Mat is told to state his needs by the fox-like inhabitants of the doorframe. Confused, Mat mixes questions with his desires, and is told that what he has asked for will be given in exchange for a price. [TSR-H-281]

Rand witnesses an early time in Rhuidean through the eyes of Mandein, a forty-year-old Aiel sept chief. He sees the sept chiefs of the Aiel summoned to Rhuidean by the Jenn Aiel so that they might learn of their past. The assembled Aiel are briefly told of a man who will come to them in the future—a man who will come from Rhuidean at dawn. [TSR-H-283]

Traveling further back in the past, to a time before the construction of Tar Valon, Rand experiences events as Rhodric, almost twenty-years-old, the greatfather of Mandein's greatfather. The Aiel of this period had yet to cross the Spine of the World, and the Jenn Aiel, whom the Aiel followed to provide protection, travelled with four Aes Sedai. [TSR-H-286]

Rand sees events as eighteen-year-old Jeordam, Rhodric's greatfather. He sees Morin, a Jenn Aiel whose daughter was kidnapped, become the first female Jenn Aiel to pick up a spear and join those that had abandoned the Way of the Leaf. [TSR-H-288]

As Lewin, Jeordam's father, Rand sees a group of four Da'shain Aiel violate the Way of the Leaf in order to rescue four Aiel girls that had been kidnapped by brigands. Rand witnesses the first Aiel, Lewin, garbed like his companions with a dustveil, use a spear to kill another human. In spite of the violence they had committed, Lewin refuses to take the brigand's swords, instead taking their spears. The three surviving Aiel are banished from the Da'shain Aiel wagons. [TSR-H-291]

Through Adan, the greatfather of Lewin and Maigran, aged five and six, Rand sees the results of an attack on the wagons of the Da'shain Aiel. Watching the brigands take away the Aiel women, Adan refuses to embrace violence to save them or avenge those already dead. Intent on seeking out peace and the songs once sung by the Aiel, a group lead by Sulwin break off from the Da'shain, emptying wagons of the objects given to the Aiel by Aes Sedai to safeguard. [TSR-H-295]

Rand experiences the exodus of the Da'shain through the eyes of Jonai, the father of Adan. He learns of an Aes Sedai who claims that Ishamael is only partially trapped with the other Forsaken. From Ogier Jonai learns of the growth of the Blight and the presence of Trollocs and Shadowspawn to the north. Jonai dies, and he tells his son to take the Aiel to the south. [TSR-H-297]

As Jonai, sixty-three years old, Rand sees the sword Callandor, atop the Banner of the Dragon, in the Hall of Servants near the end of the Age of Legends. He learns of the deaths of ten-thousand Da'shain Aiel at Tzora at the hands of Aes Sedai Jaric Mondoran, and of the destruction of the entire city itself. Aes Sedai Solinda tasks Jonai and the Da'shain to carry objects of the Power—angreal, sa'angreal and ter'angreal—to safety. Jonai leads thousands of wagons and all of the surviving Aiel out of Paaren Disen and to the east. [TSR-H-299]

Through Coumin, a Da'shain Aiel during the War of Power, Rand sees seed singing as performed by Aiel, Ogier and Nym. Coumin hears that Lews Therin Telamon and the Companions had lead a strike on Shayol Ghul earlier that day at dawn, but later finds his father's greatfather, Charn, hung by local townsfolk. [TSR-H-302]

Rand sees through Charn, a Da'shain in service to Mierin Sedai, and witnesses the destruction of the Sharom of Collam Daan as Mierin and Beidomon Sedai attempt to access what they believe to be a new source of the One Power. [TSR-H-305]

Emerging from the glass columns, Rand rescues Mat, whom he finds hanging from Avendesora. Mat finds himself in the possession of a spear—an ashandarei—and a silver foxhead medallion of unknown properties. As dawn approaches, Rand and Mat flee Rhuidean as dust creatures formed by a miasma attack them. [TSR-H-306]

Two days after leaving Tear, Perrin, Loial, Faile and the Aiel continue their journey through the Ways. As the party approaches the Waygate at Manetheren they are attacked by a group of Trollocs, and then by a Myrddraal. With Machin Shin approaching, the party hurriedly exits the Ways and enters the Mountains of Mist above the Two Rivers. [TSR-H-310]

Night: Perrin enters Tel'aran'rhiod through the wolf dream. He fails to find wolves in the dream, but does encounter a human responsible for the death of a wolf. Perrin pursues the man to the northeast and witnesses him enter the Tower of Ghenjei. Hopper appears and cautions Perrin against chasing the man, whom he names "Slayer." A women, Birgitte, then appears and warns Perrin against entering the tower, which she says is a doorway to the lands of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. [TSR-H-320]

Afternoon: (3 Days Later): Perrin and the others enter the Westwood. The party briefly visits the burnt remains of the al'Thor farm, and then camps nearby for the night. [TSR-H-326]

Early Morning: Leaving the others behind, Perrin and Gaul make their way into Emond's Field. Faile and the Aiel arrive later and learn of Perrin's intent to turn himself over to the Children of the Light. Perrin learns from Bran al'Vere that his entire family was killed by Trollocs, and that the Whitecloaks are protecting citizens from Trolloc raids. He discovers that the al'Thor and Cauthon farms were attacked by Whitecloaks, and that Tam and Abell are hiding in the Westwood. Bran further reveals that the Whitecloaks are being advised by Padan Fain, and that they had arrested the Cauthon women and the Luhhan's. Finally, Bran tells of Lord Luc, a Hunter of the Horn who helps to protect Emond's Field. [TSR-H-328]

Past Midday: Marin al'Vere leads Perrin and the others to an old sickhouse in the Westwood. There they learn that two Aes Sedai, Verin Mathwin and Alanna Mosvani, and their Warders are already using the abandoned sickhouse to hide from the Whitecloaks. [TSR-H-342]

Late Afternoon: Tam and Abell visit the sickhouse. They tell Perrin of an unknown man who has been killing animals in the Two Rivers, and of the difficulty required in rescuing Abell's family and the Luhhan's. [TSR-H-348]

Late Afternoon: Dain Bornhald, suspicious of Ordeith's activities to the south of Watch Hill, confronts the man who had been responsible for the destruction of the Aybara farm. Ordeith promises to deliver Perrin to Bornhald. [TSR-H-355]

Morning: Perrin and the others, except for Loial and Alanna, set out for Watch Hill. Later that morning they arrive at the al'Seen farm. [TSR-H-360]

Lord Luc, a Hunter of the Horn from House Chiendelna in Murandy, arrives at the al'Seen farm. Perrin convinces the families assembled at the farm to abandon it and seek refuge in Emond's Field. [TSR-H-368]

Accompanied by four young men, Perrin and his party leave the al'Seen farm and continue on towards Watch Hill. As Perrin advises other farmers and their families to abandon their homes, more young men join the ranks of his party, which eventually arrives at Watch Hill. [TSR-H-374]

Night: Perrin, Faile and the Aiel rescue the Luhhan's and the Cauthon's from the Whitecloak camp. Perrin orders Tam and Abell to take the liberated prisoners, as well as Faile and the Aiel, to a nearby hiding place while he and the young Two Rivers men draw off the Children of the Light. [TSR-H-379]

(1 day after the rescue): Verin leaves Perrin's party along with her Warder, Tomas. Both travel to Emond's Field to help with defenses. [TSR-H-460]

(2 days after the rescue): Perrin, Gaul and the Two Rivers men encounter and kill their first group of Trollocs. [TSR-H-460]

(3 days after the rescue): Perrin's group kills forty-two Trollocs and a Myrddraal. [TSR-H-460]

Dawn: Rand and Mat arrive at the Aiel camps on the slopes of Chaendaer. Rand is attacked by Couladin, first-brother of Muradin, an Aiel who had entered Rhuidean two days before Mat and Rand but who had not returned. Rand shows those assembled the golden Dragons that mark his forearms. Rand is declared Car'a'carn—He Who Comes with the Dawn—and learns that he and Mat had spent seven days in Rhuidean. [TSR-H-384]

Rand asks that the Wise Ones contact all of the Aiel clan chiefs through Tel'aran'rhiod and arrange for a meeting at Alcair Dal. From Amys Rand learns of his real parents—Shaiel and Janduin. Bair tells him that although he will break the Aiel and destroy them, he is also the only one who can save a remnant of the Aiel which will survive past the Last Battle. [TSR-H-392]

Midafternoon: Aviendha returns from Rhuidean, followed later in the day by Moiraine. [TSR-H-395]

Night: Egwene meets with Elayne in Tel'aran'rhiod and tells her about Rand's trip to Rhuidean. The two exchange revelations concerning the channeling abilities of Aiel Wise Ones and Sea Folk Windfinders. [TSR-H-396]

Night: Aviendha is ordered by Wise Ones to stay close to Rand so that she can learn as much as she can about his plans. [TSR-H403]

Early Morning: The Aiel leave Chaendaer and begin the journey to Alcair Dal. Rand travels with the Jindo sept of the Taardad Aiel, who are closely shadowed by Couladin's Shaido. [TSR-H-405]

The Aiel encounter peddlers, Hadnan Kadere and Keille Shaogi, on route to trade with Cold Rocks Hold. Rhuarc agrees to allow Kadere to accompany them to Cold Rocks. Travelling with the peddlers is Jasin Natael, a gleeman. [TSR-H-409]

Late Afternoon: Rand and the Aiel arrive at Imre Stand, which shows evidence of a recent Trolloc attack. [TSR-H-414]

Mat, having displayed a great command of the Old Tongue since his time in Rhuidean, also finds himself knowledgable on military matters, as well as possessing the partial memories of hundreds of men, particularly those of soldiers. [TSR-H-421]

Night: Trollocs and Myrddraal attack those camped at Imre Stand, the brunt of the attack aimed at the Jindo camp. [TSR-H-425]

Seanchan captain Egeanin, posing as Mistress Elidar, continues her hunt for missing damane and a'dam in Tanchico. [TSR-H-430]

Three months after the abduction of his sister, Dealda, by a Myrddraal, Jaichim Carridin meets with Taraboner noblemen in the Garden of the Silver Breeze in Tanchico. The noblemen, including King Andric himself, ask the Children of the Light to assist in peacekeeping tasks in Tanchico. [TSR-H-433]

Carridin is confronted by Liandrin, who is aware of his allegiance to the Dark One. She orders him to take control of the Panarch's Palace in Tanchico, and then returns to the Black Ajah's residence on the Verana Peninsula, where she and the others plan to obtain a ter'angreal from the palace to use to control The Dragon Reborn. [TSR-H-435]

Elayne, Nynaeve, Thom and Juilin arrive in Tanchico aboard Wavedancer. Nynaeve and Elayne are soon spotted by Captain Bayle Domon, now operating a smuggling operation out of Tanchico, who offers to aid them. The four take rooms in the Three Court Plum. [TSR-H-445]

Night: A drunken Elayne confronts Thom, who admits to having been a Court-bard in Caemlyn and having been romantically involved with Queen Morgase. [TSR-H-450]

Night: Nynaeve sees a man in Tel'aran'rhiod, unknown to her as the Forsaken Asmodean, and is warned away in a brief encounter with the legendary hero Birgitte. She later sees a man in the Two Rivers who resembles Lan, and is forced to flee Tel'aran'rhiod when the man fires an arrow at her. [TSR-H-453]

Morning: Juilin returns to the Three Court Plum having already found indications of the Black Ajah's presence in Tanchico. [TSR-H-456]

Morning: Six or more days after infiltrating the Whitecloak camp, Perrin visits the graves of his family near the Waterwood. Faile arrives and tells Perrin, fast becoming known as Goldeneyes, of the gatherings of people in Emond's Field. [TSR-H-458]

Hunting a band of Trollocs in the Westwood, Perrin and his men are surprised by a Trolloc attack. Twenty-seven Two Rivers men die in the ambush. [TSR-H-464]

Afternoon: Perrin's group encounters a group of Tuatha'an lead by Mahdi Raen, who refuses Perrin's suggestion that they seek shelter in Emond's Field. Perrin later learns that Faile's father is General Davram Bashere, Marshal-General to Queen Tenobia of Saldea. [TSR-H-467]

Night: Entering Tel'aran'rhiod via the wolf dream, Perrin discovers that the Waygate in the Mountains of Mist, previously locked by Loial, is being used again to transport Trollocs into The Two Rivers. Perrin encounters Slayer, a man who strongly resembles Lan. Slayer taunts Perrin's efforts to bar the Waygate. [TSR-H-475]

Morning: Perrin's group leaves the Tuatha'an camp and continues on towards Emond's Field. [TSR-H-480]

Perrin and the others arrive at Emond's Field, the village having been fortified to protect those gathered against Trolloc attacks. A red wolf banner flies above the village green. [TSR-H-482]

Morning: Perrin discovers that Loial and Gaul have left to try and permanently seal off the Waygate. [TSR-H-492]

Morning: A group of five-hundred Trollocs, led by three Myrddraal, emerge from the Westwood to attack Emond's Field. The attacking force is defeated easily by bowmen and catapults. [TSR-H-498]

Morning: Survivors from Raen's caravan, having been attacked by Trollocs the previous night, arrive in Emond's Field. [TSR-H-502]

Afternoon: Aram, his mother having been killed by Trollocs, abandons the Way of the Leaf and takes up a sword. [TSR-H-507]

Afternoon: Captain Dain Bornhald leads a group of the Children of the Light to Emond's Field. Jaret Byer reports that Taren Ferry has been ravaged by Trollocs. Bornhald attempts to arrest Perrin, but is refused. Instead Bornhald agrees to hold off the arrest and stay in the village until the Trolloc threat is dealt with. [TSR-H-509]

Morning: Five-hundred of the Children of the Light, in apparent preparation for the investment of Lady Amathera without the support of the Assembly, surround the Panarch's Palace in Tanchico. [TSR-H-522]

Morning: Five days after their arrival in Tarabon, Elayne and Nynaeve are attacked by street thugs on the streets of Tanchico. They escape with the assistance of Egeanin, who notices their use of the One Power. [TSR-H-518]

Morning: Juilin reports that he has found the residence used by the Black Ajah, but also indicates that the home appears recently abandoned. [TSR-H-520]

Morning: Elayne and Nynaeve are met by the Forsaken Moghedien in the Three Court Plum. They are Compelled to tell of their mission hunting the Black Ajah, but forget the encounter when Moghedien leaves. [TSR-H-524]

Circa: Lady Amathera is appointed the Panarch of Tarabon. The Children of the Light are forced to kill several of those rioting outside of the Panarch's Palace during the investiture ceremonies. [TSR-H-579]

Elaida and twelve other Aes Sedai inform Siuan Sanche that the Hall of the Tower has voted to depose her as Amyrlin Seat. Siuan discovers that her Warder, Alric, has been killed. She and her Keeper, Leane, are imprisoned beneath the White Tower. Both are stilled and forced to tell all they know of their involvement with Rand al'Thor. [TSR-H-530]

Elaida is raised to Amyrlin Seat, with Alviarin as her Keeper of the Chronicles. [TSR-H-538]

The arrest of Siuan and Leane, blamed for the escape of Mazrim Taim, is announced to all of Tar Valon. An immediate attempt is made to take control of the White Tower by hundreds of men posing as masons. Fighting erupts between Warders and Tower guardsman. Aes Sedai opposed to Elaida's actions, including almost all of the Blue and Green Ajahs, flee the Tower. [TSR-H-537]

Logain escapes from the White Tower amid the confusion and fighting. [TSR-H-538]

Min learns of fighting amidst the Tower grounds and the Amyrlin's capture from Gawyn, who is leading Warders-in-training known as the Younglings that have sided with Elaida in the fighting. [TSR-H-532]

A day after their arrest and stilling, Min, aided by Laras, rescues Siuan and Leane from their prison cell. Min, Siuan and Leane encounter Gawyn while making their escape, and he reluctantly agrees to help them out of the city. During their flight they encounter Logain, who agrees to join them for a chance at revenge against the Tower. [TSR-H-534]

Tar Valon secretly encourages rumors suggesting that Siuan and Leane have been executed. [TFOH-H-19]

Twelve days after the attack at Imre Stand, Rand and the Aiel continue their journey to Alcair Dal. Aviendha, ordered by the Wise Ones, teaches Rand the customs and ways of the Aiel. Later in the day they arrive at Cold Rocks Hold. [TSR-H-547]

Afternoon: Couladin attempts to enter Cold Rocks Hold as a clan chief, but is instead welcomed by Lian as a begger. [TSR-H-559]

Late Afternoon: Rand presents Aviendha with a gift, one that the Maidens assembled at Cold Rocks mistake for a sign of his romantic interest in her. [TSR-H-568]

Nightfall: The Shaido break camp around Cold Rocks Hold and begin travelling to the north. [TSR-H-577]

Night: Rand briefly encounters Lanfear in Tel'aran'rhiod. [TSR-H-571]

Night: Rand learns from Aviendha that the Wise One dreamwalkers have been spying on his dreams. [TSR-H-572]

Night: Rand finds and kills a Draghkar within Cold Rocks Hold. More Draghkar attack Rand while a small force of Trollocs diverts those defending the hold. After the battle Rand agrees to accept a contingent of bodyguards comprised of Maidens of the Spear. [TSR-H-573]

Night: Captain Egeanin releases Bethamin, a sul'dam she had captured for return to Seanchan. [TSR-H-582]

Seven days since Elayne and Nynaeve's encounter with Egeanin, whom the two had begun socializing with, Bayle Domon recognizes her as the Seanchan captain who detained his vessel at Falme. Egeanin reveals her knowledge that sul'dam are capable of channeling. Domon indicates that one of his men has spotted two of the Black Ajah at the Panarch's Palace. Juilin, and then Thom, confirm Domon's report. [TSR-H-580]

Night (Morning in the Aiel Waste): Nynaeve meets with Egwene, accompanied by Amys and Bair, in Tel'aran'rhiod. She learns that Rand and the others have left Cold Rocks Hold in order to arrive at Alcair Dal as soon as possible. Amys tells Nynaeve to use "need" to find the item the Black Ajah intends to use to control Rand. [TSR-H-590]

Night: Traveling in Tel'aran'rhiod, Nynaeve discovers that Panarch Amathera is a prisoner of the Black Ajah. She next sees the Forsaken who had visited Elayne and herself at the Three Court Plum, and is aided by the sudden appearance of Birgitte, who reveals the Forsaken to be Moghedien. Birgitte indicates that she is attracted to those who fight the evil that exists in the World of Dreams. Gaidal Cain arrives to warn Birgitte against aiding Nynaeve. [TSR-H-595]

Night: Among the items on display in the exhibition hall of the Panarch's Palace, Nynaeve finds one of the cuendillar seals which holds the Dark One in his prison. Concentrating further on her need, Nynaeve locates the item she requires—a metal collar and two bracelets. [TSR-H-600]

Night: Seven days following the first Trolloc attack on Emond's Field, the village continues to defend itself against numerous assaults, both at night and during the day. [TSR-H-606]

Night: Loial and Gaul return from the Mountains of the Mist, having succeeded in sealing the Waygate four days ago and surviving a three day pursuit by Trollocs and Myrddraal. [TSR-H-609]

Night: Perrin enters Tel'aran'rhiod through the wolf dream and confirms Loial's report that thousands of Trollocs are camped within The Two Rivers. At Watch Hill he sees the ancient banner of Manetheren flying above the village. Perrin is attacked by Slayer, and succeeds in wounding the man before leaving the dream. [TSR-H-612]

Night: Perrin wakens to find that Lord Luc has been wounded, and theorizes that he and Slayer are one and the same. Luc flees Emond's Field. [TSR-H-615]

Night: Perrin and Faile are married in an impromptu ceremony in the common room of the Winespring Inn in Emond's Field. [TSR-H-618]

Night: Faile, accompanied by Bain, leaves Emond's Field at Perrin's suggestion in order to deliver a request for aid to Queen Morgase in Caemlyn. [TSR-H-616]

Early Morning: Stopping at Watch Hill, Faile easily convinces the villagers to take up arms and come to the aid of Emond's Field. Faile immediately leads a force from Watch Hill to the south. [TSR-H-651]

Early Morning: Elayne, Nynaeve and Egeanin gain access to the Panarch's Palace through Captain Domon, known at the palace for his gifts of ice peppers. A riot breaks out in the streets as the three begin a search of the palace. [TSR-H-622]

Morning: Elayne and Egeanin find Panarch Amathera and Temaile, and Elayne succeeds in shielding Temaile from the True Source. [TSR-H-626]

Morning: Nynaeve encounters Moghedien in the exhibition hall of the Panarch's Palace. Moghedien confirms that the collar and bracelets, constructed of cuendillar, are capable of allowing a woman to control a man who can channel. Nynaeve uses all of her strength to fight Moghedien and eventually shield her. Recovering the ter'angreal, as well as the cuendillar seal, Nynaeve survives a balefire attack by Jeaine Caide only to find that Moghedien has escaped. [TSR-H-628]

Morning: Aided by Juilin, Thom and Domon and his sailors, Elayne, Nynaeve, Egeanin and the Panarch escape from the palace. [TSR-H-636]

Safe at the Three Court Plum, Nynaeve asks Domon to drop the collar and bracelets into the deepest part of the sea. Panarch Amathera briefly poses as Thera while awaiting her return to power, and provides Nynaeve and the others with the necessary funds for them to leave Tanchico as quickly as possible. [TSR-H-639 / TFOH-H-138]

Late Morning: In order to persuade Bornhald's Whitecloaks from abandoning Emond's Field prior to an expected Trolloc attack, Perrin, now known by most as Lord Perrin Goldeneyes, promises to give himself up for arrest after the attack. [TSR-H-643]

Late Morning: Thousands of Trollocs, screaming the name "Isam," descend upon Emond's Field from the north and south. As the defenders of the village are slowly beaten back, villagers from Watch Hill, as well as Faile and Bain, arrive to attack the Trollocs from the north. From the south the Trollocs are set upon by villagers from Deven Ride. The combined forces of The Two Rivers succeed in destroying the Trolloc threat following an hour-long battle. [TSR-H-645]

Noon: Perrin denies Bornhald's attempt to arrest him, the Whitecloak soldiers having failed to participate in the defense of the village as they had promised. Bornhald is ordered to removes all of his forces from The Two Rivers immediately. [TSR-H-651]

Ordeith watches the aftermath of the battle at Emond's Field. Accompanied by thirty men and a Myrddraal, Ordeith sets out for Tar Valon via Caemlyn. [TSR-H-653]

Afternoon: Rand, escorted by Maidens of the Spear, and leading thousands of Taardad Aiel, arrives at Alcair Dal. Already encamped, and in violation of custom, are a significant number of Shaido Aiel who had arrived at sunrise earlier in the day. Also present are the Goshien, Chareen and the Tomanelle. [TSR-H-656]

Couladin surprises all assembled at Alcair Dal by revealing himself to be He Who Comes With the Dawn, his arms marked by twin golden dragons. Rand responds by revealing his own markings, and then stuns the Aiel by revealing their origins as the Da`shain Aiel, those who followed the Way of the Leaf. The assembled clan chiefs declare Rand as Car'a'carn. Violence erupts when Couladin tries to attack Rand, who responds by bringing forth a driving rain with the One Power. [TSR-H-664]

Lanfear, who had been posing as the peddler Keille, appears before Rand to tell him that Asmodean, disguised as the gleeman Natael, is searching for something of interest in Rhuidean. [TSR-H-668]

All of the Shaido, as well as some of the Tomanelle, Goshien, Shaarad and Chareen, leave Alcair Dal. A small number of Aiel abandon their spears. [TSR-H-680]

Rand uses the Power to quickly travel to Rhuidean in pursuit of Asmodean. Both grab at a ter'angreal of a man holding a crystal sphere, and the two commence a battle for control of the Power it can draw via the great sa'angreal buried near Cairhien. Rand strikes at the strange black cords that emanate from Asmodean, and manages to cut him off from the Dark One and his protection from the taint of saidin. [TSR-H-672]

The fog that enshrouds Rhuidean begins to dissipate, the city itself heavily damaged by Rand and Asmodean's struggle. Rand sees destruction all around Chaendaer, including the alteration of the land itself and the creation of a small lake near Rhuidean. Lanfear appears again, and shields Asmodean so that he can only channel a small amount of the Power. Asmodean, aware that Lanfear will claim he has turned to the Light, is forced to become Rand's teacher. [TSR-H-674]

Rand and Asmodean, who is to continue acting as gleeman Jasin Natael while keeping his true identity a secret, return to Alcair Dal. From Rhuidean Rand has taken the male ter'angreal figurine, as well as its female equivalent. Rand awaits the arrival of the remaining clan chiefs. [TSR-H-679]

In order to keep Asmodean's identity a secret, Rand is also forced to keep secret the allegiances of Hadnan Kadere and Isendre, both Darkfriends. Isendre, having earlier been falsely accused of stealing from Maidens, is forced to serve, unclothed, as a servant. [TFOH-H-94]

Circa: Rand learns that Asmodean was responsible for marking Couladin's arms with the golden dragons. [TFOH-H-465]

Circa: Kadere is visited in his dreams by Lanfear and told to keep watch on Rand and Natael. [TFOH-H-345]

Circa: Asmodean teaches Rand to block his dreams from the Aiel dreamwalkers. [TFOH-H-89]

After some time only six of the twelve Aiel clans ally themselves with Rand—the Chareen, Tomanelle, Nakai, Shaarad, Goshien and Taardad. Opposed to Rand or undecided are the Reyn, Miagoma, Shiande, Daryne, Codarra and Shaido clans. [TFOH-H-59]

Many Aiel warriors fail to come to terms with the revelations regarding the history of their people. Suffering from a condition known as the bleakness, these Aiel eventually abandon their weapons and run away. Some join their respective clans among the Shaido Aiel, and others ask to join the Tuatha'an. [TFOH-H-61-103]

Circa: Lord Captain Commander Pedron Niall conducts secret talks with Altara and Murandy in order to convince them to give up land to Illian in order to prevent a possible invasion of either country by Illian. [TFOH-H-17]

Padan Fain, seeking revenge against Rand al'Thor, and hoping to regain possession of the dagger taken from Shadar Logoth by Mat Cauthon, arrives at Tar Valon and requests an audience with the Amyrlin Seat. [TFOH-H-21]

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