Book Eight of the Wheel of Time

1000 NE

(Overlap with A Crown of Swords)

Circa (Taisham 17th?): Nobles from the Borderlands—Queen Ethenielle of Kandor, King Paitar of Arafel, King Easar of Shienar and Queen Tenobia of Saldea—meet secretly in the Black Hills to perform an ancient ceremony which will bond them in a joint cause. Having left behind enough forces to defend their respective nations, each leader has brought with them a large army intent on defeating Rand al'Thor. Also included in this force are thirteen Aes Sedai, eight accompanying Paitar, and five travelling with Tenobia. [TPOD-H-18]

Taisham 17th: Mat and his men, as well as Nynaeve, Elayne and Aviendha, continue their tasks; searching for the Bowl of the Winds, and keeping surveillance on Carridin and the Kinswomen. [ACOS-H-462]

Taisham 17th: Verin uses something similar to Compulsion to attempt to gain knowledge from Beldeine Nyram, one of the Aiel's captive Aes Sedai. Verin also issues commands to Beldeine, who retains no knowledge of Verin's actions. [TPOD-H-37]

Taisham 18th • Morning • The Festival of the Birds (six nights before the half moon): Forced at knifepoint in his own quarters, Mat sleeps with Queen Tylin. [ACOS-H-465]

Taisham 18th • Late Morning: Mat is attacked in the streets of Ebou Dar by a group of beggars under the employ of Old Cully. [ACOS-H-470]

Taisham 18th: Acting entirely at random, Mat follows a Kinswoman, Solain, who leads him to a six-storied building in the Rahad. He discovers a locked storeroom on the building's top floor, and returns to Ebou Dar to inform Elayne. [ACOS-H-473]

Taisham 18th: Elayne receives a message from Carridin which reveals that Queen Morgase is a guest of Pedron Niall's in Amador. [ACOS-H-477]

Taisham 18th: Elayne learns that the Circle—The Kin—have been known to the Aes Sedai as far back as the Trolloc Wars, when Ebou Dar was known as Barashta, a city in the nation of Eharon. Aware that almost all runaways from the Tower find their way to the Kin, the Aes Sedai have not interfered with the Circle's operation. [ACOS-H-479]

Taisham 18th: Spotting Nynaeve boarding a river vessel, Moghedien attacks the boat with balefire. Cut in two, the vessel immediately sinks to the bottom of the River Eldar. Trapped in the wreckage, Nynaeve surrenders to saidar and uses the One Power to escape, thus ridding herself of her block. She is dragged to the surface by Lan, only recently arrived in Ebou Dar. [ACOS-H-482]

Taisham 18th: After learning of his bond with Myrelle, Nynaeve announces her intention to marry Lan immediately. From Lan's description of the sinking, Nynaeve realizes that her attacker was Moghedien. [ACOS-H-491]

Taisham 18th • Late Afternoon: Elayne leads five Aes Sedai to the Kin's residence, where Reane and the other Kinswomen are told of the White Tower's knowledge of their operation. All of the Kin are offered a chance to return to the White Tower, and the Aes Sedai are shocked to learn that the Circle numbers 1,783 women, almost twice the number of Aes Sedai in the Tower. Reane reveals the location of a storeroom of ter'angreal in the Rahad. [ACOS-H-497]

Taisham 18th • Night: Nynaeve and Lan are married by the Mistress of the Ships of the Atha'an Miere. Both are required to adhere to Sea Folk marriage rites. [ACOS-H-581]

Taisham 18th • Night: Gawayn Trakand and his Younglings escort twelve Aes Sedai, led by Covarla Baldene, to Tar Valon. These sisters represent the only Aes Sedai of the original thirty-nine sent to capture Rand to return. [ACOS-H-505]

Taisham 19th • Night • Second Low: Elaida receives news of the events surrounding Rand's rescue at Dumai's Wells. Alviarin, aware of the Amyrlin's tenuous position, begins asserting control over Elaida. [ACOS-H-505]

Taisham 19th • Early Morning: Seaine Herimon is ordered by Elaida to seek out any and all information regarding potential treasonous activities in the White Tower. Believing that she has been set the task of uncovering the Black Ajah, Seaine seeks help from Pevara. [ACOS-H-512]

Taisham 19th • Morning: Rand admits his love to Min, as well as his affections towards Elayne and Aviendha. In turn, Min reveals her love of Rand, and of her knowledge of Elayne and Aviendha's feelings toward him. Min also tells him of a viewing involving Rand merging with another man. Of these two men, Min knows that one will die. [ACOS-H-524]

Taisham 19th • Morning: Leaving the Royal Palace accompanied by a large procession, Rand makes his way to the Cairhien docks to meet with the Atha'an Miere aboard White Spray. [ACOS-H-533]

Taisham 19th • Morning: A large party, including Mat, Lan, Nynaeve and Elayne, leaves the Tarasin Palace and sets out for the Rahad in search of the Bowl of Winds. [ACOS-H-581]

Taisham 19th • Late Morning/Before Noon: Speaking for the Atha'an Miere, Harine din Togara Two Winds acknowledges Rand as the Coramoor, as prophesied in the Jendai Propehcy. The Sea Folk agree to provide ships to Rand when needed, and to scout the Aryth Ocean for the return of the Seanchan. [ACOS-H-538]

Taisham 19th: Shortly after arriving at the six-storied building in the Rahad, the group searching for the Bowl of the Winds is confronted by Ispan Shefar and Falion Bhoda, two members of the Black Ajah. As Nynaeve battles the two Darkfriends, a Gholam attacks the other members of the party. Among those killed are Janira, Nalesean, Melore, Mendair and five of the Band's Redarms. After the fights, which result in the capture of Ispan, Elayne retrieves the Bowl of the Winds from a storeroom. Also taken from the building are numerous ter'angreal and angreal that had been stored there by the Kin. [ACOS-H-595]

NOTE: There is a discrepency between events in A Crown of Swords and The Path of Daggers. In A Crown of Swords the Bowl of the Winds is found the day after the Festival of the Birds, and the Feast of Embers is indicated as taking place the day after the discovery of the Bowl. In Chapter 1 of The Path of Daggers, which takes place on the same day that the Bowl is found, the Festival of Birds is said to have taken place two days before, and the Feast of Embers is to be held on the same night as the recovery of the Bowl. There is no logical method by which to reconcile these errors, and in this work the original dates as established in A Crown of Swords will be used.

Taisham 19th: Rand and Min travel via Gateway to the forests outside of Cairhien. Posing as minor Andoran nobles, the two learn that High Lord Darlin Sisnera has joined the rebel Cairhien nobles, and that he plans to marry Lady Caraline Damodred. Among those in the rebel camps are seven Aes Sedai, including Cadsuane, as well as Padan Fain, a companion of Lord Toram Riatin's going by the name Jeraal Mordeth. [ACOS-H-545]

Taisham 19th: Rand accepts an offer to sport with Lord Toram, a blademaster, using practice swords. The display is interrupted by a deadly fog, similar to Aridhol's Mashadar, that surrounds the area. Using balefire to save a woman from the unnatural fog, Rand reveals his true identity. Fain briefly emerges from the fog long enough to slash Rand over the half-healed wound from Toman's Head. [ACOS-H-556]

Taisham 19th • Noon/Early Afternoon: Led by Cadsuane and the surviving Aes Sedai, Min, Caraline, Darlin and an unconscious Rand escape the fog. They make their way to the Sun Palace, where Flinn, an Asha'man with Healing abilities, stabilizes Rand's condition. Like the wound below it, the injury caused by Fain refuses to heal completely. [ACOS-H-566]

Taisham 19th: A group of Aes Sedai, Kinswomen and Atha'an Miere agree to take the Bowl of the Winds to the Kin's farm outside of Ebou Dar. Mat and a group of his Redarms stay behind to search for Olver, who has gone missing. [ACOS-H-611]

Taisham 19th: Travelling via a gateway, the Aes Sedai, including Elayne and Nynaeve, several Kinswomen, twenty Atha'an Miere, as well as Lan, Birgitte and Aviendha, arrive in a clearing located miles to the north of Ebou Dar. Fearing that the residue of her weaves might be detected, Aviendha picks the weaves of the gateway apart. [TPOD-H-63]

Taisham 19th: Moridin, watching Aviendha and the others pass through the gateway, learns that the group carries the Bowl of the Winds. Also aware of the group's journey to the north is a gholam, which sets off in pursuit on orders of its master. [TPOD-H-82]

Taisham 19th: Elayne's group arrives at the Kinswomen's farm. Known as a retreat for women, the large farm also plays host to various nobles. [TPOD-H-99]

Taisham 19th • Afternoon: Led by Caire din Gelyn Running Wave, a circle of linked Aes Sedai, Kinswomen and Atha'an Miere use the Bowl of the Winds. Weaves of both saidar and saidin spread forth from the Bowl and travel in all directions, but there is no immediate change in the weather. [TPOD-H-126]

Taisham 19th • Afternoon: Channelers of the One Power from as far away as Ghealdan see the lace of saidar and saidin travel across the skies. [TPOD-H-160]

Taisham 19th • Afternoon: Shortly after the Bowl of the Winds is used, Seanchan raken attack the Kinswomen's farm. [TPOD-H-130]

Taisham 19th: While searching for Olver, Mat witnesses the arrival of a Seanchan fleet in Ebou Dar's bay. Seanchan ground and air forces quickly invade the city. Caught in a Seanchan attack on a group of Ebou Dari soldiers, Mat is trapped under the rubble of a collapsing building. [ACOS-H-619]

Taisham 19th • Late Afternoon: Fleeing from an expected Seanchan attack, Elayne opens a gateway to a location in Andor near the isolated Hornwell estate. Along with those who had traveled to the farm from Ebou Dar, Elayne's group includes additional Kinswomen, as well as nobles seeking the protection of Aes Sedai. Sending the group away, Elayne stays behind with Aviendha and Birgitte to unravel the gateway's weave. As Seanchan attack the farm and begin emerging from the gateway into Andor, the gateway collapses and explodes. Lan and Nynaeve return to lend aid to the three women's injuries, and the small group sets off for the Hornwell Estate. [TPOD-H-141-390]

Taisham 19th • Dusk: Elayne, Aviendha, Birgitte, Lan and Nynaeve arrive at the Hornwell Estate in Andor. [TPOD-H-390]

Taisham 19th: King Mattin Stepaneos of Illian disappears. The Council of Nine suspects that Lord Brend, a man with much influence with Mattin, is behind the disappearance. [ACOS-H-662]

Taisham 20th: The Feast of Embers is celebrated in Ebou Dar. [ACOS-H-584 / TPOD-H-54]

Taisham 20th • Morning: Elayne's group leaves the Hornwell Estates and sets off for Caemlyn. Elayne and Aviendha continue to search for ter'angreal amidst the objects recovered from the Rahad. [TPOD-H-393]

Taisham 20th: Nine days after Dumai's Wells, a group of Shaido led by Therava arrive at Sevanna's camp in Kinslayer's Dagger. Aes Sedai Galina Casban, a captive of Therava's, is given over to Sevanna. Galina, accused of the murder of Desaine, is declared da'tsang, a despised one, by three Wise Ones. [ACOS-H-626]

Taisham 20th: Six days after their last encounter with the Shaido, Sammael and Graendal arrive at Sevanna's camp. Sammael gives Sevanna a ter'angreal capable of forcing female channelers to hold to a promise. Using so-called "travelling boxes," Sammael transports numerous groups of Shaido to various parts of the land, sending some to confront Rand's army, and scattering the rest from Illian to Ghealdan. Unknown to the Forsaken, their activities are watched by Shadar Haran. [ACOS-H-630]

Taisham 20th: Lord Weiramon's forces, having left their foot soldiers behind, unexpectedly encounter a group of Shaido Aiel. [ACOS-H-643]

Taisham 20th • Night: Elayne and Nynaeve enter Tel'aran'rhiod and inform Egwene of the use of the Bowl of the Winds and of the bargain that was made with the Atha'an Miere. [TPOD-H-403]

Taisham 21st • Noon: Rand's army arrives at the hillforts in Illian. Attacks on the hillforts by Asha'man, Aiel and High Lord Weiramon's mounted troops bring a direct and deadly response from Sammael. [ACOS-H-643]

Taisham 21st: Two days after being attacked by Fain, Rand awakens in the Royal Palace. Min warns Rand that Cadsuane will teach him and the Asha'man a hard lesson. [ACOS-H-640]

Taisham 21st • Afternoon: Rand, Dashiva, Flinn, Adley and Narishma travel to Lord Bashere's encampment outside of Caemlyn. A force consisting of nine-thousand Saldaean light horse, fifteen-thousand Legion of the Dragon, and an additional Asha'man, Fedwin Morr, are quickly assembled. Rand leads this group through a gateway and into the Square of Tammuz in Illian. [ACOS-H-645]

Taisham 21st • Twilight: Rand and Sammael battle each other throughout Illian. Following Sammael's gateway, Rand makes his own gateway and travels to Shadar Logoth. [ACOS-H-650]

Taisham 21st • Night: Along with Trollocs and Myrddraal, Rand finds Liah, an Aiel Maiden left behind during a previous visit to the ancient city, within the walls of Shadar Logoth. Nearly falling through a collapsed stone floor, Rand is rescued by a mysterious man. Both men use balefire to defend themselves against Mashadar, but Rand does not detect the use of saidin. Rand's benefactor, unknown to him as Moridin, the reincarnation of Ishamael's soul, quickly disappears. [ACOS-H-654]

Taisham 21st • Night: Rand uses balefire to kill Liah as she is attacked by Mashadar. Sweeping the balefire towards Sammael's last known position, Rand finds the Forsaken gone, and in his place the spreading mist of Mashadar. Assuming Sammael to be dead, Rand returns to Illian. [ACOS-H-660]

Taisham 21st • Night: Illian's Council of Nine surrenders the city and country to Rand, who learns of the disappearance of King Mattin. Rand accepts the Laurel Crown of Illian, and the next day, as word spreads of his conquest, the crown is given a new name; the Crown of Swords. [ACOS-H-662 / TPOD-H-228]

Taisham 22nd • Maddin's Day: Ebou Dari celebrate Maddin, the founder of Altara. [ACOS-H-584]

Taisham 23rd: Morgase, having unwisely left her traveling companions behind because of Tallanvor, is pursued for the next four days until she is found near the Ghealdan city of Bethal. [TPOD-H-184]

Taisham 23rd • Night: The Feast of the Half Moon is celebrated in Ebou Dar. [ACOS-H-584]

(End of A Crown of Swords / Continuation of The Path of Daggers)

Taisham 25th • Morning: More than five days following the use of the Bowl of the Winds, Perrin and a small group arrives outside the city of Bethal in Ghealdan. Berelain, accompanied by Annoura and Lord Gallenne, enters the city in order to speak with Queen Alliandre. [TPOD-H-160]

Taisham 25th: While returning to their camp, Perrin's party rescues a group of travellers which includes Morgase, who uses the alias Maighdin Dorlain, Lini, Tallanvor, Gill, Lamgwin, Breane and Balwer. Morgase and her companions return to Perrin's camp. Questioning Gill, Perrin learns of the Seanchan attack on Amador. Having claimed to be a servant in Murandy, Morgase agrees to enter service with Faile. [TPOD-H-166]

Taisham 25th • Night • Gibbous Moon: Faile meets with members of the Falcon's Talon (Cha Faile), which she had secretly sent into Bethal, and gives them orders to return to the town the next morning. [TPOD-H-192]

Taisham 26th • Morning: Sebban Balwer offers to serve as Perrin and Faile's secretary. Revealing to Perrin that the Prophet was recently known to be in the town of Abila in Amadacia, Balwer also warns of the presence of Lord Captain Commander Valda, also known to be hunting the Prophet. [TPOD-H-206]

Taisham 26th: Meeting with Wise Ones, Perrin is once again urged to kill the Prophet, whom the Aiel consider a danger to Rand. [TPOD-H-214]

Taisham 26th: Perrin is reunited with Elyas Machera, who had been told of Perrin's presence in Ghealdan by wolves. [TPOD-H-221]

Taisham 26th: Berelain, Annoura and Gallenne, accompanied by Queen Alliandre herself, return to Perrin's camp. Perrin learns of Rand's success in Illian, and of the Seanchan invasion of Ebou Dar. Alliandre pledges her fealty and service to Perrin in order to receive the protection of the Dragon Reborn. The Prophet's presence in Abila is confirmed by Alliandre. [TPOD-H-226]

Taisham 26th: Faile arranges for Queen Alliandre to accompany Perrin in his effort to find the Prophet. Alliandre is told to inform various Ghealdan nobles that the banner of Manetheran is being raised in the south by an unknown man, and to also inform the Prophet that she will deal with the matter herself with her own soldiers. [TPOD-H-238]

Taisham 28th: As Elayne's group continues on to Caemlyn, the first signs of a change in the weather appear in the cloudy skies. [TPOD-H-399]

Sevanna's Shaido Aiel, consisting largely of the Jumai sept and the Brotherless, and having established themselves in a manor to the south of the Mountains of the Mist, interrogate and kill a Seanchan soldier. [TPOD-H-243]

Having been tortured by Shaido Aiel, Galina Casban swears an oath to obey the group of Wise Ones assembled around her. To ensure Galina's oath to be true, an "oath rod" given to Sevanna by Caddar is used. Galina is made gai'shain and ordered not to channel. Sevanna learns that Therava has been appointed as her advisor. [TPOD-H-256]

As part of the Dark One's orders to sow chaos, Graendal forges a letter from King Alsalam of Arad Doman and sends it to Lord Rodel Itulrade. Graendal is visited by Moghedien, who is accompanied by a powerful and mysterious woman known as Cyndane. Told that a man named Moridin is Nae'blis, a sceptical Graendal receives another visitor, Shadar Haran, who issues numerous commands to her, including a summons from Moridin. [TPOD-H-260]

Jumara 2nd: Elayne's group stops at Forel Market in Andor in order to wait out heavy rains. [TPOD-H-399]

Circa Jumara 2nd: As cool rain falls on Cairhien, Cadsuane meets with Sorilea, who is urged by Cadsuane to help Rand recover his humanity. Cadsuane is shocked when Sorilea reveals to her the weaves necessary for Traveling. [TPOD-H-279]

Jumara 3rd • Chansein: Snow falls in Forel Market. Elayne's party makes hasty preparations to deal with the unexpected turn in the weather. [TPOD-H-399]

Jumara 3rd • Midday: As part of a bargain made with the Sea Folk, Merilille Ceandevin begins instructing Renaile in Aes Sedai methods of weaving the One Power. [TPOD-H-401]

Morning: Rand, accompanied by Lord Gregorin, Lord Marcolin, Dashiva and Hopwil, offers amnesty to the remnants of Illian's defenders who remain in their hillforts on Illian's eastern borders. The soldiers, led by Eagan Padros, are given until midday to accept Rand's offer. [TPOD-H-290]

Rand receives a message from Mazrim Taim, who reports that the Black Tower numbers 448 men among its ranks, and whose growth he quickly expects to exceed the number of Aes Sedai in the White Tower. From an Asha'man comes news of Seanchan movement towards Illian, and of strange disturbances in saidin in and around Ebou Dar. [TPOD-H-298]

Shortly after sending Narishma off to retrieve Callandor from the Stone of Tear, Rand is informed that the Illian soldiers have accepted his offer of amnesty. [TPOD-H-306]

Jumara 7 • Night: Lord Gareth Bryne secretly meets with Egwene to inform her of the presence of an Andoran army, led my Lord Pelivar and Lady Arathelle, to the north of their camp. Egwene requests that a meeting be arranged in order to prevent hostilities, and also sends three sisters and their Warders to the north. [TPOD-H-315]

Jumara 7 • Night • Full Moon: Lodged at The New Plow, Elayne and Nynaeve enter Tel'aran'rhiod and leave a message for Egwene indicating that they expect to arrive in Caemlyn in roughly fifteen days. [TPOD-H-404]

Jumara 8 • Early Morning • Before Sunrise: Egwene convenes the Hall of the Tower and announces that their march towards Tar Valon will stop in Murandy for two to three days. [TPOD-H-326]

Jumara 8: Aran'gar (Halima) disposes of a corpse, either that of Meri or Selame, both maids of Egwene. [TPOD-H-333]

Jumara 8 • Late Afternoon: Egwene learns of the disappearances of Meri and Selame, and of reports of soldiers moving south from Kandor. From Romanda and Lelaine she learns that the Hall of the Tower is aware of Bryne's secret meeting with the Andoran army. Siuan reveals that the meeting is to be held the next day on a frozen lake. [TPOD-H-339]

Jumara 8 • Early Evening: Sheriam is disciplined by an unknown individual who had previously instructed her to keep surveillance over Egwene's activities. [TPOD-H-345]

Jumara 9 • Before Dawn (The Feast of Abram): Accompanied by more than two-thousand soldiers, Egwene and the Hall of the Tower leave the Aes Sedai camp and head north to meet those leading the Andoran forces. [TPOD-H-346]

Jumara 9 • Midday: Egwene's procession arrives at the lake. Lord Bryne informs Egwene that the Andoran and Murandian representatives have already arrived, and that a group of the Band of the Red Hand led by Lord Talmanes is present on the eastern edge of the lake. [TPOD-H-350]

Jumara 9: Egwene address the assembled Andoran and Murandian nobles. She indicates her intention to camp in Murandy for a month, and makes assurances that her forces will avoid entering the lands of Andor once they resume their march toward Tar Valon. Talmanes reluctantly agrees to follow Egwene's army to Tar Valon. [TPOD-H-358]

Jumara 9 • Late Afternoon: The Amyrlin and the Aes Sedai return to their camp. [TPOD-H-374]

Jumara 9 • Late Afternoon: Egwene convenes the Hall of the Tower and asks for support in declaring war against Elaida. Although opposed by Lelaine and Romanda, Egwene is able to achieve the necessary consensus to officially declare war on Elaida. [TPOD-H-384]

Midmorning: Charl Gedwyn and Manel Rochaid arrive at Rand's camp in Illian with forty-eight Asha'man. Rand immediately breaks camp and begins his efforts to drive the Seanchan to the west. Having already dispersed most of his forces, Rand leads the remaining, who number approximately 3,000, to the north of Illian via a gateway. [TPOD-H-407]

Night: Narishma arrives at Rand's camp outside Illian and returns Callandor to him. [TPOD-H-415]

Early Morning: A thousand members of the Legion of the Dragon march out of Illian and join Rand's forces. Travelling by gateway, Rand moves his small army to the Silver Road near the foothills of the Nemarellin Mountains in western Illian. For the next eight days Asha'man seek out various Cairhienin and Tairen nobles, those known to plot against Rand, and bring them to Rand's camp. [TPOD-H-415]

Eight days after Rand's arrival at the Silver Road, Marshal-General Bashere arrives at Rand's camp with five-thousand men. [TPOD-H-419]

Using multiple gateways, Rand's army moves into the Venir Mountains in Altara. Asha'man immediately begin to spread out to scout and search for the Seanchan. [TPOD-H-426]

An attempt is made on Rand's life by Eagan Padros, who is killed by Asha'man. [TPOD-H-428]

Rand's Asha'man are victorious in their first strike against the Seanchan. [TPOD-H-435]

Five days after their first attack on the Seanchan, Rand's forces continue to hunt and kill the Seanchan, driving them back to Ebou Dar in the process. Following Rand's previous orders, only women are taken prisoners. Rand's position is unexpectedly overrun by Seanchan, and he is wounded by an arrow. Rand is Healed by Morr, and afterwards he receives news from Bashere that the Seanchan are in retreat. [TPOD-H-447]

Midmorning: On the sixth day of their assault on the Seanchan, Rand's forces travel via gateways to hills to the west of the Venir range. Dashiva warns Rand that something seems wrong with saidin, an observation made by other Asha'man during the past few days. Rand's scouts inform him of the approach of a Seanchan army towards their position. [TPOD-H- 462]

The armies of Rand and the Seanchan meet and engage in battle. After a long and bloody battle, with heavy casualties on both sides, Rand draws Callandor and calls lightning from the skies with the One Power. Intent on destroying all of the remaining Seanchan forces in their entirety, Rand's blind and furious attack also does damage to his own troops. [TPOD-H-475]

Following an unexplained two week absence, Alviarin returns to the White Tower. She forces Elaida to sign a decree that proclaims Rand the Dragon Reborn and pledges to him the guidance and protection of the White Tower. [TPOD-H-492]

Alviarin meets with Mesaana and is ordered to investigate the activities of the heads of the Ajahs. [TPOD-H-497]

Seaine and Pevara question Zerah Dacan using an Oath Road. They learn that Zerah had come from Salidar with orders to spread rumors about the Red Ajah's involvement in supporting Logain as a False Dragon. Zerah is forced to reveal the names of nine other Aes Sedai from Salidar who had returned to the Tower. [TPOD-H-505]

A small group of Aes Sedai and Tower Guards led by Toveine Gazal are waylaid by a group of Asha'man in Andor. Logain captures Toveine and uses the One Power to establish some kind of a bond with her. [TPOD-H-514]

In a two day period the Asha'man capture a total of fifty-one Aes Sedai who are imprisoned in the Black Tower. [WH-H-59]

Rand returns to the Sun Palace in Cairhien. From Lord Dobraine Rand learns of the disappearance of Lord Toram Riatin. Both Daved Hanlon and Jeraal Mordeth (Padan Fain) are rumored to have left Toram's service. [TPOD-H-520]

Rafela and Merana meet with Rand in the Sun Palace and reveal to him the details of the Aes Sedai's bargain with the Atha'an Miere. Although most of the terms are agreeable to Rand, he is angered to learn that he is supposed to allow an Atha'an Miere ambassador to accompany him at all times, and that he is to obey a summons from the Mistress of the Ships. [TPOD-H-527]

Dishonored that Rand had left the Maidens of the Spear behind during his attacks against the Seanchan, three Maidens, Somara, Nesair and Nandera, assault Rand in his bedchamber. [TPOD-H-533]

Rand meets with Cadsuane in the Sun Palace, and she accepts his offer to be his advisor in Illian. Cadsuane reveals that Callandor lacks the necessary safety buffer that most sa'angreal have, and that using the sword magnifies the taint on saidin. Further, Cadsuane indicates that the only safe way for a man to use the weapon is when he is linked with two women. [TPOD-H-536]

Elayne's party stops at Harlon Bridge. Two of the Kin, Garenia Rosoinde (Zarya Alkaese) and Kirstian Chalwin, are found to be runaway novices from the White Tower. [TPOD-H-542]

Morning (Nine days since Harlon Bridge): While stopped at Cullen's Crossing, Adeleas and Ispan are discovered to have been murdered, presumably by a Darkfriend. [TPOD-H-545]

(Two days after Adeleas' death): Elayne's party arrives in Caemlyn. Approaching the Royal Palace alone, Elayne indicates that she has come to claim the Lion Throne of Andor. [TPOD-H-548]

On the orders of Moghedien, Daved Hanlon meets with Lady Shiaine in Caemlyn. Before commencing with his business, Hanlon witnesses the murder of Jaichim Carridin. [TPOD-H-552]

Dawn: Rand receives news of Elayne's arrival in Caemlyn, and that she has torn down his Dragon banners throughout the city. Five Aes Sedai who had participated in Rand's abduction take oathes to serve him. [TPOD-H-557]

An attack with the One Power—saidin—is made on Rand's bedchambers in the Sun Palace. With Min placed in the safekeeping of Morr, Rand discovers the identity of his attackers: Dashiva, Gedwyn and Rochaid. A short battle ensues between the four, but Rand is unable to kill or capture the traitorous Asha'man, nor the disguised Forsaken. [TPOD-H-564]

Mazrim Taim arrives at the Sun Palace and reports the desertion of Gedwyn, Rochaid, Peral Torval and Kisman. Fedwin Morr, his mind inexplicably reduced to that of a child's, is compassionately put to death by Rand, who immediately prepares to leave the palace with Min. [TPOD-H-570]

Over a period of days(?) Rand and Min travel to Rhuidean and Tear (the night before their brief return to Cairhien) in an effort to plant false information on Rand's whereabouts. [WH-H-83]

Midmorning: Perrin Aybara leads a small group into the Amadacian town of Abila. Among those accompanying him are Elyas, Aram, Grady, Seonid, Masuri, Edarra and Carelle. Perrin quickly arranges to meet with Masema, the Prophet. Although Masema agrees to a summons from the Lord Dragon Reborn, he refuses to travel by any means involving the One Power. [TPOD-H-574]

Faile, in a group consisting of Alliandre, Maighdin, Bain, Chiad, Berelain and various guards, occupies herself with hawking in the woods outside Abila. Shortly after she receives news from Cha Faile of Masema's possible involvement with the Seanchan, Faile's group is attacked by a group of Shaido Aiel. Parelean of the Cha Faile is killed, and Faile, Bain, Chiad, Maighdin, Alliandre, Arrela Shiego and Lacile Aldorwin are captured and made gai'shain. [TPOD-H-583]

Having completed their month-long stop, and their novice ranks swelled to almost one-thousand women, Egwene and the rebel Aes Sedai prepare to march on Tar Valon. A large gateway is created by thirteen sisters, and through this Egwene and her forces move onto a plain next to Dragonmount. [TPOD-H-586]

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