Book Ten of the Wheel of Time

1000 NE

(Overlap with Winter's Heart)

NOTE: In a 2004 interview with Wotmania, Jordan indicates that all of the major sections of Crossroads of Twilight all start on the same day. In a post to his blog in October of 2005 Jordan says that he regrets doing this, and wishes that he had used a more conventional linear approach. I certainly agree!

Winter • Mid-Morning: Lord Rodel Ituralde meets with various Domani and Taraboner Dragonsworn at the abandoned hunting lodge of Lady Osana. Ituralde offers a truce in exchange for help in infiltrating Seanchan forces in Tarabon. [COT-H-21]

Noon: Lord Captain Commander Eamon Valda, in command of 9,000 Children of the Light, sets out with High Inquisitor Asunwa to a meeting with ten Lord Captains. [COT-H-31]

Morning (almost two weeks since the capture of the Aes Sedai by the Asha'man): Logain makes preparations to leave the Black Tower on a recruiting mission. [COT-H-36]

Morning (almost two weeks since Seaine and Pevera were found using the Oath Rod / almost two months since Elaida ordered Seaine to find out about traitors in the White Tower / a day or two after Alviarin left the White Tower / before the Salidar Aes Sedai army arrives at Tar Valon): Yukiri orders Meidani to attempt to resume her friendship with Elaida in order to learn how the Black Ajah is aware of orders from the Amyrlin Seat before they are officially announced. [COT-H-47]

Night (after (a few days at least) the Salidar Aes Sedai army arrives at Tar Valon): Gawyn Trakand, leading the Younglings, is encamped at the village of Dorlon. Also in the village are twelve Aes Sedai, led by Katerine Alruddin, who are unable to enter the besieged Tar Valon. Nerenwin arrives at Dorlon with orders for Gawyn from the Amyrlin Seat. [COT-H-55]

Noon: Marshal-General Davram Bashere studies a five-thousand man army encamped to the north of Caemlyn. Seven additional encampments surround Andor's capital city. The forces are led by House Marne. [COT-H-61]

Bashere's wife, Deira, is injured while fending off two thieves in their tent. The would-be thieves are found dead soon afterwards, both having been murdered by an unknown hand. [COT-H-69]

Morning (a week after Cadsuane left Cairhien): Loial and Asha'man Karldin Manfor, traveling under assumed names (Ledar and Underhill), arrive at the Sun Palace in Cairhien. They are questioned by two Aes Sedai, Samitsu and Sashalle. [COT-H-76]

Morning: Lord Dobraine Taborwin, grievously wounded from an attack, and barely alive, is found in his apartments. He is Healed by Samitsu. Dobraine's attackers, both dead, are found to posses a forged letter written in Dobraine's hand. The letter gives them permission to search for and remove items from his apartments. [COT-H-89]

A group of Asha'man, led by Logain, arrive in Cairhien. [COT-H-94]

(Five days/six nights after leaving Ebou Dar): Having escaped Ebou Dar without notice, Mat and his party continue to stay with Valan Luca's Grand Traveling Show and Magnificent Display of Marvels and Wonders, setup only two miles outside of the city. As part of their cover story, Mat and Egeanin pose as lovers. [COT-H-98]

Morning: Mat meets with Tuon, who is being held prisoner in his wagon. Tuon promises not to attempt an escape as long as Mat keeps promises he has made to her, which include keeping her comfortable and releasing her as soon as he can. [COT-H-142]

Morning: Valan Luca's traveling show begins to disassemble so that the show can move to a new location. [COT-H-147]

Morning (Same time as the cleansing of saidin begins): Joline Maza detects an enormous amount of the One Power being channeled far to the north. [COT-H-152]

Morning (Nine nights since Tuon's disappearance): Banner-General Furyk Karede is visited by Almurat Mor, a Seeker for Truth. Karede is told of a Seanchan women who bears a striking resemblance to Tuon, and who is accompanied by Deathwatch Guards. Mor also makes mention of the departure of Mat, Thom and Egeanin from Ebou Dar on the night of Tylin's murder, and tells Furyk that they are believed to be travelling to the north. [COT-H-157]

Afternoon (Ten nights since Tuon's disappearance): Banner-General Karede assembles a force (twenty Ogier Gardeners, one-hundred Deathwatch Guards and six damane) and sets out in pursuit of the only lead he has in Tuon's disappearance—Mat Cauthon. [COT-H-164]

NOTE: The reference to Tuon having disappeared nine/ten nights ago is at odds with events in the chapters before and after Chapter 4. Chapters 3 and 5 both take place on the day that saidin is cleansed, which is five days after Tuon was captured by Mat. The only logical solution is that Chapter 4 has been intentionally placed out of chronological order.

(18 days since Faile's capture / Four days before the cleansing of saidin): The Shaido Aiel that captured Faile attack and take control of Malden, a city in northern Altara. They number approximately seventy-thousand, including more than four-hundred Wise Ones. [COT-H-243]

(19 days since Faile's capture): The Shaido Aiel raid and pillage the small village of Brytan. [COT-H-173]

NOTE: Because of the overlapping events that occur on the day that saidin is cleansed, it is almost impossible to determine the exact order of events of the various plotlines, and their placement here is almost entirely arbitrary.

Morning (21 days since Faile's capture): Perrin and his group arrive in Brytan, and learn of the Shaido's recent activities. [COT-H-173]

Before Dawn (22 days since Faile's capture): Encamped outside of Brytan, Perrin learns that Masuri Sokawa and Annoura Larisen have been secretly visiting Masema. [COT-H-170]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Perrin finds evidence that a large pack of Darkhounds has circled the camp recently. Having apparently found nothing of interest, the Darkhounds tracks break off to the south. [COT-H-192]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Berelain gives Perrin a document stolen from Masema. The document gives the bearer the personal protection of High Lady Suroth, and proves a connection between the Prophet and the Seanchan. [COT-H-200]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Masema informs Perrin of an Altaran town called So Habor which possesses a large amount of grain and supplies for sale at low prices. Perrin is suspicious of Masema's motives, and declines to trade with the town. [COT-H-200]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Elyas Machera returns from a scouting mission, he and the Aiel having found the Shaido. Perrin learns that the Shaido have nine or ten septs numbering at least ten-thousand, all encamped in and around Malden. Marline estimates that the Shaido may have as many as five-hundred Wise Ones in their camp. [COT-H-220]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Elayne visits the nineteenth manor of those Andoran lords and ladies that support her claim to the Lion Throne. During these travels she secures additional fighting forces numbering two-hunrded and five men. A maid at House Matherin claims to have seen a ghost. [COT-H-268]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Rand uses a gateway to move his party to a hilltop located just north of Shadar Logoth. Rand and Nynaeve link, and Rand creates a conduit of saidar. Connected at one point to saidin, and at the other to Shadar Logoth, Rand draws saidin through the conduit and into the ancient city. [WH-H-633]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): As Elayne and her party prepare to return to Caemlyn, Elayne and Aviendha sense the events at Shadar Logoth, and of Rand's involvement. Aviendha convinces Elayne not to rush to Rand's aid. [COT-H-280]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): The Aes Sedai, Wise Ones, and Asha'man with Perrin detect massive amounts of saidin and saidar being used somewhere to the northwest. Seeing an image of Rand and Nynaeve, Perrin knows that the event is connected with Rand. [COT-H-236]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Shaido Wise Ones in Malden detect the channeling taking place at Shadar Logoth. [COT-H-241-254]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Circles of linked channelers are formed to defend Rand and Nynaeve. These include Sarene, Corele and Flinn in one group, Nesune, Beldeine, Daigian and Hopwil in another, and Verin, Kumira and Shalon in a third. These groups, including Alivia, spread out into the surrounding forests. Staying on the hilltop itself is Cadsuane, as well as a circle comprised of Elza, Merise and Jahar, who holds Callandor. Lan, Nethan and Bassane scout the surrounding area. Not participating in the defense are Min, Harine, Tomas and Moad. [WH-H-639]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Sensing the massive amount of saidar being use near Shadar Logoth, Cyndane travels to the outskirts of the city via gateway. [WH-H-641]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Demandred arrives in Shadar Logoth through a gateway. Fleeing into the woods after being attacked by saidin, he is again attacked, this time by Sarene, Corele and Flinn's group. As with Demandred, Cyndane is forced to flee from attacks made by the One Power. [WH-H-643]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): Osan'gar and Graendal, and later Moghedien and Aran'gar, join the other Forsaken attempting to kill Rand. Each encounters their own difficulty in reaching the hilltop. [WH-H-645]

Morning (22 days since Faile's capture): As Rand continues to draw saidin into Shadar Logoth, a large black dome consumes and covers the city. [WH-H-651]

Late Afternoon (22 days since Faile's capture): Faile is punished by Sevanna for possessing a hidden knife. She is kept company during her punishment by Rolan, the Aiel who had originally captured her. [COT-H-263]

(22 days since Faile's capture/During the cleansing of saidin): After learning of the death of Nesta din Reas Two Moons, Zaida informs Elayne that she and the other Atha'an Miere must leave the Royal Palace in order to attend a meeting where a new Mistress of the Ships will be chosen. In exchange for a small parcel of Andoran land, Zaida agrees to leave behind nine Windfinders needed to weave gateways to keep Caemlyn supplied. [COT-H-312]

(22 days since Faile's capture/During the cleansing of saidin): Lady Dyelin returns to the Royal Palace with the High Seats of four Houses—Mantear, Haevin, Gilyard and Northan—that have pledged to support Elayne's bid for the Lion Throne. [COT-H-327]

Afternoon (22 days since Faile's capture): Elza Penfell, seeing Osan'gar hiding nearby in his guise of Corlan Dashiva, kills the Forsaken with saidin channeled through Jahar and Callandor. Although a Darkfriend, Elza is committed to seeing Rand survive to The Last Battle. [WH-H-653]

(22 days since Faile's capture/During the cleansing of saidin): Elayne learns that she is carrying twins. Moments later, the massive channeling detected earlier that morning ends abruptly. [COT-H-356]

(22 days since Faile's capture): The black dome enveloping Shadar Logoth implodes and collapses. Nothing remains of Shadar Logoth except a huge hole in the earth. The female ter'angreal access key is destroyed, but the male key survives. Killed during the defense are Eben Hopwil and Kumira. [WH-H-655]

(22 days since Faile's capture): While Rand recovers from his ordeal, Damer Flinn and Jahar Narishma both report that saidin appears to have been successfully cleansed of the taint. [WH-H-655]

(22 days since Faile's capture): The Amayer of Tremalking, having seen the activation and destruction of the Choedan Kal, declare the end of the Time of Illusions. Believing it to be the end of time, the Amayer committ mass suicide. [WH-H-656 / KOD-H-476]

(End of Winter's Heart / Continuation of Crossroads of Twilight)

Early Evening (22 days since Faile's capture/After the cleansing of saidin): Lady Elenia Sarand, still eyeing the Lion Throne for herself, promises not to escape Lady Arymilla's camp without Lady Naean Arawn . [COT-H-367]

Night (22 days since Faile's capture/After the cleansing of saidin): Doilan Mellan (Daved Hanlon) meets with Lady Shiaine Avarhin. He is asked to arrange for the escape of Seanchan from the Royal Palace. [COT-H-387]

Morning (4 days after the cleansing of saidin): The rebel Aes Sedai send a party of six sisters (including Akarrin, Therva, Shana, Nisain and Reiko) to Shadar Logoth to investigate. [COT-H-404]

Morning (5 days after the cleansing of saidin / Almost two weeks since the rebels arrived at Tar Valon): Egwene agrees to open negotiations with the White Tower, but only if Elaida agrees to resign and accept exile. [COT-H-407]

Morning (5 days after the cleansing of saidin / Almost two weeks since the rebels arrived at Tar Valon): Keepings placed around food products to preserve them show signs of failure, resulting in rotting meats and insect-infected grains. [COT-H-417]

Mid-Morning (5 days after the cleansing of saidin / Almost two weeks since the rebels arrived at Tar Valon): Egwene checks on the progress of Aes Sedai, including Accepted and novices, who are being taught to transform iron into cuendillar. [COT-H-425]

Noon (5 days after the cleansing of saidin / Almost two weeks since the rebels arrived at Tar Valon): Summoned before the Hall of the Tower, Akarrin reports on the investigation of Shadar Logoth, and reveals that the ancient city is gone, replaced by a three-mile wide circular hole slowly filling with water. The rebel Aes Sedai suspect the work of the Forsaken. [COT-H-467]

Noon (5 days after the cleansing of saidin / Almost two weeks since the rebels arrived at Tar Valon): Moria Karentanis proposes that the rebel Aes Sedai strike an agreement with the Black Tower so that male channelers can be aided to Aes Sedai circles. After heated debate, the lesser consensus of the Hall of the Tower agrees to approach the Black Tower. [COT-H-471]

Night (Half Moon): Halima murders Anaiya and her Warder Setagana. [COT-H-496]

(Almost a month since her departure from Tar Valon): Traveling from Tremalking, Alviarin returns to the White Tower. She is surprised to learn of the presence of the rebel Aes Sedai outside the Tower, and that she has been stripped of her position as Keeper due to her absence. [COT-H-500]

(Almost a month since her departure from Tar Valon): Alviarin uses a ter'angreal to summon Mesaana, who is shortly joined by Shadar Haran. The Myrdraal shows displeasure that Mesaana did not heed a summons to Shadar Logoth, and marks Alviarin so that Mesaana cannot harm her. Alviarin is ordered to discover who is hunting the Black Ajah in the Tower. [COT-H-514]

Conversing with Pevera, Tarna Feir, recently appointed as Keeper, indicates her belief that the Red Ajah must bond Asha'man as Warders. [COT-H-524]

Mid-Morning: Rand, recuperating with his party at the manor of Algarin Pendaloan in Tear, meets with Cadsuane. [COT-H-540]

Using Warders left behind in Cairhien as a means of locating the Aes Sedai with Rand, Davram Bashere, a hundred cavalry, eight Aes Sedai, and twelve Asha'man including Logain, arrive at the Pendaloan estates. Loial and Karldin arrive by midafternoon. [COT-H-546]

Meeting with Logain, Bashere and Loial, Rand instructs Logain not to allow any further bondings between Asha'man and Aes Sedai. He then informs the three that they are to be sent to arrange a truce with the Seanchan. [COT-H-556]

Morning (32 days since Faile's capture): In desperate need of supplies, Perrin leads a group from his encampment to the Altaran town of So Habor. [COT-H-562]

(32 days since Faile's capture): Perrin and Berelain agree to purchase a large amount of weevil-infested grain at a significantly reduced price. Seonid reports that the townsfolk of So Habor live in fear of the dead, who walk the streets of the desolate town. [COT-H-584]

Early Afternoon (32 days since Faile's capture): Perrin returns to the encampment and learns that five Shaido Aiel have been captured. Interrogating an Aiel himself, Perrin chops off the man's hand. He threatens to dismember the other Aiel and leave them as helpless cripples. [COT-H-592]

Late Afternoon (32 days since Faile's capture): After learning that the Aiel prisoners have cooperated, but know nothing of Faile, Perrin abandons his axe in the forest. [COT-H-601]

(35 days since Faile's capture): The supplies purchased at So Habor arrive at Perrin's encampment. Accompanying the carts is Martyn Tallanvor, found by Sebban Balwer in So Habor. Tallanvor tells of a nearby Seanchan army that is also hunting the Shaido. [COT-H-601]

Still moving north with Valan Luca's travelling show, Mat learns that he had inadvertently performed his part of the Seanchan marriage ceremony on the night he had kidnapped Tuon. [COT-H-625]

Morning: Making good on a promise, Mat accompanies Tuon into the town of Jurador on a shopping trip to purchase cloth for Tuon. During the walk, Mat encounters apparitions in the road. [COT-H-633]

Noon: Returning to the traveling show, Mat finds that Egeanin has been stabbed by Renna, who has stolen a horse and set out for Coramen, a Seanchan-occupied town. Mat and Vanin set out in pursuit of Renna. [COT-H-642]

Late Afternoon: Finding Renna approaching the walls of Coramen, Mat orders her shot to prevent her from revealing their presence to the Seanchan. [COT-H-647]

Tuon provides Luca with a warrant that places his traveling show under her personal protection. The document specifically notes that Mat is not covered by the protection. [COT-H-647]

Halima murders Kairen Stang. [COT-H-652]

Morning: Egwene suggests the possibility that Aes Sedai might retire into the Kin after being unbound from the Oath Rod. [COT-H-668]

Night: Egwene leaves the Aes Sedai camp in secret and makes her way to the banks of the River Erinin. Boarding a rowboat, Egwene is taken to Tar Valon's Northharbor, where she channels and fuses the harbor's chain into one massive piece of cuendillar. Almost immediately, the boat is struck and Egwene is knocked overboard. She awakens to find herself a prisoner of Aes Sedai. [COT-H-668]

Night: The attempt to turn Southharbor's chain into cuendillar is only partially successful and Leane is captured. [KOD-H-90]

Bashere returns to Rand and reports that the Seanchan are willing to talk, and that High Lady Suroth wants Rand to meet with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. [COT-H-680]

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