After the Breaking (AB)

47 AB

Numerous independent groups of female Aes Sedai—including Elisane Tishar, Mitsora Caal, Karella Fanway, Azille Narof, Saraline Amerano, Dumera Alman, Salindi Casolan, Catlynde Artein, Biranca Hasad, Mailaine Harvole, Nemaira Eldros, Lideine Rajan—meet to discuss the construction of a new city that is later located on the island of Tar Valon. [TWORJTWOT-90]

50 AB

Circa: Birth date of Ogier writer Aran son of Malan son of Senar. A manuscript written by Aran claims that Ishamael was encountered numerous times following the sealing of the Bore, the earliest account being forty years after the seal was made. [TWORJTWOT-52]

Circa: The Aes Sedai begin a systematic attempt to stop women from falsely claiming to be Aes Sedai. This lasts for approximately 50 years. [TWORJTWOT-92]

77 AB

Evidence suggests that some Aes Sedai opposed to the construction of Tar Valon are stilled as a means of forcing their followers to accept the attempt at establishing a new Aes Sedai organization. Among those stilled may have been Lideine Rajan. [TWORJTWOT-92]

?? AB

Elisane Tishar is the Amyrlin Seat of the Aes Sedai. Her seven advisors are Mitsora Caal, Karella Fanway, Azille Narof, Saraline Amerano, Dumera Alman, Salindi Casolan and Kiam Lopiang. [TWORJTWOT-91]

98 AB

Construction of the city of Tar Valon begins under the guidance of Ogier stonemasons. In spite of constant work it takes the Ogier 104 years to construct Tar Valon, whose main structure is to be known as the White Tower. [TGH-TP-237 / TWORJTWOT-91]

200 AB

Circa: The Toman Calendar, developed by Toma dur Ahmid, is adopted. It counts years since the death of the last male Aes Sedai. [TEOTW-H-658]

Circa: Rosel of Essam writes of documents that survived the Breaking. One set of at least a hundred pages makes mention of Ba'alzamon and Ishamael. [TDR-H-186]

202 AB

Construction on Tar Valon is complete. [TWORJTWOT-90]

209 AB

The Compact of the Ten Nations is formed, largely due to the efforts of Queen Mabrieam of Aramelle. The ten nations and their rulers are: Aelgar (King Remedan the Goldentongued), Almoren (King Coerid Nosar), Aramaelle (Queen Mabriam en Shareed), Aridhol (Queen Doreille Torghin), Coremanda (King Ladoman), Eharon (King Temanin), Essenia (First Lord Cristol), Jaramide (High Queen Egoridin), Manetheren (Queen Sorelle ay Marena) and Safer (King Eawynd). [TWORJTWOT-95/96]

212 AB

Birth date of Caraighan Maconar, a legendary Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah (and later Amyrlin Seat) known for many adventures and exploits. [LOC-H-705 / TGS-H-69]

300 AB

Lord Mangore Kiramin, sword-bard and warder to Caraighan Maconar, translates parts of The Prophecies of the Dragon into the "vulgar tongue." [ACOS-H-664]

325 AB

Circa: Sereine dar Shamelle Motara, counsel-sister to Comaelle, High Queen of Jaramide, contributes to Commentaries on the Karethon Cycle. [TSR-H-after contents]

335 AB

Raolin Darksbane declares himself the Dragon Reborn. [TGH-H-585]

336 AB

Raolin Darksbane is either killed, captured or disappears. [TGH-H-585]

350 AB

Circa: The Year of the Four Amrylins. For a portion of this year two Halls of the Tower existed within Tar Valon. [TPOD-H-331]

373 AB

Caraighan Maconar dies at the age of 161. [LOC-H-705]

400 AB

Circa: N'Delia Basolaine, first maid and swordfast to Raidhen of Hol Cuchone, makes a translation of The Prophecies of the Dragon. [TFOH-H-after contents]

450 AB

Circa: Queen Sulmara of Masenashar is reported to have been kidnapped and imprisoned in the White Tower, possibly because she was a renegade Aes Sedai. [TWORJTWOT-112]

Circa: A Waygate near a stedding consumed by the Blight is destroyed by thirteen Aes Sedai using a sa'angreal. [TSR-H-490]

500 AB

Circa: The Aes Sedai stop all efforts into researching a method of saving male channelers of the One Power. During 300 years of effort no way to stave off the effects of the taint on saidin had been found. [TGH-TP-304]

742 AB

Jurith Dorine, Right Hand to the Queen of Almoren, writes Commentaries on the Prophecies of The Dragon. [TDR-H-viv]

1000 AB

Circa: The beginning of the Trolloc Wars following an attack on Barsine. Hordes of Trollocs advance from the Blight to wreck havoc on the Ten Nations, which had enjoyed relative peace for almost 800 years. The Trollocs are lead by a man calling himself Ba'alzamon, who is in reality the Forsaken Ishamael. [TEOTW-H-171-668 / TWORJTWOT-52 / LOC-H-112]

1150 AB

Circa: Birth date of Rashima Kerenmosa, later raised to the Amyrlin Seat in 1251. [LOC-H-712]

11?? AB

Circa: Thorin al Toren al Ban is king of Manetheren. [TEOTW-H-244]

Circa: King Balwen "Ironhand" Mayel of Aridhol allies himself with Mordeth, a man who convinces him to fight the forces of the Dark One by adopting its manners of harshness and cruelty. [TEOTW-H-244 / TWORJTWOT-100]

Circa: Prince Caar, son of King Thorin, travels to Aridhol to try and reason with King Balwen. At Mordeth's orders Caar and his party are sentenced to death. Caar escapes the prisons of Aridhol and flees to the Borderlands. He marries Rhea, who later kills Caar and then herself. [TEOTW-H-244]

Circa: An army from Manetheren marches on Aridhol to avenge Prince Caar. They find the city abandoned, the darkness of Aridhol having eventually consumed the city's people and manifested itself in a physical entity known as Mashadar—an evil not related to or allied with the Dark One. The city of Aridhol would later be named Shadar Logoth, "The Place Where the Shadow Waits." The only one to survive Aridhol's transformation was Mordeth himself. [TEOTW-H-244 / TWORJTWOT-100]

1200 AB

Circa: The Aes Sedai find a large ter'angreal, consisting of three silver arches joined to a silver circle, which is eventually taken to the White Tower. The ter'angreal is later used in the test for those Novices who are to be raised to the Accepted. Initial investigation indicates that channeling the One Power while within the ter'angreal is dangerous, and can result in a loss of the ability to both channel and sense the True Source. [TGH-TP-289]

Circa: King Aemon al Caar al Thorin (of Manetheren) and his forces are victorious against the Trollocs at the Battle of Bekkar. [TEOTW-H-111 / TWORJTWOT-99]

Circa: Following the Battle of Bekkar, King Aemon's forces learn of a Trolloc army moving towards Manetheren. They immediately embark on a heroic march, and manage to reach the Tarendrelle before the Trollocs. [TEOTW-H-111 / TWORJTWOT-99]

Circa: King Aemon and his men defend Manetheren for ten days while waiting for reinforcements from other nations of the Compact. Aemon, pushed back past the Tarendrelle, is eventually defeated, along with The Band of the Red Hand (Shen an Calhar), in an engagement later known as the Battle of Aemon's Field. [TEOTW-H-112 / TWORJTWOT-99 / TFOH-H-610]

Circa: Queen Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan uses the One Power to destroy the remaining forces threatening Manetheren, but draws more than she can control and is destroyed along with Manetheren itself. [TWORJTWOT-99]

Circa: The surviving citizens of Manetheren, having hidden in the forests and mountains during Aemon's battles and Eldrene's final sacrifice, emerge to find no trace of Manetheren remaining. They eventually resettle the area, which is later known as the Two Rivers. The site of Aemon's death is eventually known as Emond's Field. [TEOTW-H-113 / TWORJTWOT-99]

Circa: Amyrlin Tetsuan is stilled for her involvement in the betrayal of Manetheren. [TGH-TP-53]

Circa: The city of Mafal Dadaranell (later Fal Dara) is destroyed during the Trolloc Wars. The city's Ogier grove is also destroyed. [TEOTW-H-544]

Circa: Nine Aes Sedai unsuccessfully attempt to destroy a Waygate during the Trolloc Wars, and are pulled into the Gate. [TSR-H-490]

1251 AB

Rashima Kerenmosa is raised to the Amyrlin Seat from the Green Ajah. [LOC-H-712]

1290 AB

The Trollocs make a fourth attempt to capture Tar Valon and the White Tower, during which the Tower library suffers some damage and a loss of records. The Tower's official history makes no record of this breach in the Tower's defenses. [TWORJTWOT-90 / ACOS-H-220]

1300 AB

Yurian Stonebow declares himself the Dragon Reborn. [TGH-H-585]

1301 AB

Amyrlin Rashima Kerenmosa, at the approximate age of 151, is killed at Maighande along with her five warders. [LOC-H-712]

1308 AB

Yurian Stonebow is either killed, captured or disappears. [TGH-H-585]

1325 AB

Circa: A large Trolloc army camps within the walls of Shadar Logoth. The entire army disappears, and scouts later find nothing but weapons, traces of armor and blood, and frantic messages scrawled on the walls by Trollocs pleading for aid from the Dark One. All traces of this army would later disappear, and no Trolloc or Myrddraal would enter Shadar Logoth of its own free will. [TEOTW-H-243 / TWORJTWOT-100]

1350 AB

Circa: The end of the Trolloc Wars following the Trolloc's defeat at the Battle of Maighande. Following the battle the Trolloc armies are forced back into the Blight. [TEOTW-H-668 / TWORJTWOT-99]

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