Book Nine of the Wheel of Time

1000 NE

(A few hours after Seaine and Pevara meet in TPOD): Five Sitters of the Hall, Seaine, Saerin, Doesine, Yukiri and Pevara, use the Chair of Remorse to force Talene to renounce all oaths that bind her, to retake the three Oaths with the Oath Road, and to swear to obey the five Aes Sedai present. When questioned, Talene admits to being a member of the Black Ajah, and names Elaida a Darkfriend as well. [WH-H-19]

(A few days after Elayne makes her claim to the throne / No more than three days since the murder of Vandene's sister) Midday: Elayne makes known her intent to hire mercenaries and Hunters of the Horn to help keep peace in Caemlyn. Birgitte, Captain-General of the Queen's Guard, is ordered to increase its numbers dramatically by spring. [WH-H-25]

Elayne agrees to allow the Aes Sedai in Caemlyn to instruct the Atha'an Miere. [WH-H-37]

Mazrim Taim responds to a two day old summons from Elayne and meets with her in Caemlyn. Taim agrees to allow limited daily inspections of the Black Tower. The meeting is cut short when Elayne is called to participate in an Aiel ceremony with Aviendha. [WH-H-38]

A group of twenty-nine captured sul'dam and five damane are delivered to the Royal Palace in Caemlyn by Mazrim Taim. Captured during Rand's recent attacks against the Seanchan, they are given over to Elayne for study. [WH-H-41-203]

Before a gathering of Wise Ones in the Royal Palace, Elayne and Aviendha are joined as first-sisters. [WH-H-47]

(At least six days since the capture of the Aes Sedai): Elayne and a small entourage visit the Black Tower. [WH-H-61]

Mazrim Taim adds seven names to the list of deserters from the Black Tower—Charl Gedwyn, Peral Torval, Manel Rochaid, Kisman, Damer Flinn, Eben Hopwil and Jahar Narishma. [WH-H-68]

Rand and Min secretly return to Cairhien. High Lord Dobraine Taborwin is made Rand's steward in Cairhien during his absence, and is instructed by Rand to support Elayne once she lays claim to the Sun Throne. Rand experiences a strange dizzy sensation unrelated to channeling, after which he and Min travel via a gateway to a location approximately five-hundred miles north of Cairhien. [WH-H-73]

Rand reveals to Min his intent to cleanse the taint from saidin, and to kill the Asha'man who had attacked him in Cairhien. [WH-H-85]

(Barely a month and a half since the Seanchan captured Amador / Same day of Perrin's meeting with the Prophet): Following his meeting with the Prophet, Perrin and his party leave Abila and return to their camp to await the arrival of the Prophet and his men. [WH-H-87]

Balwer, Perrin's secretary, reports of a ten-day old battle between King Ailron and Seanchan forces near Jeramel, and of Ailron's defeat and capture. Whitecloak forces under the command of Lord Captain Valda are believed to have escaped from this incident, which is later known as the Ailron's Disaster, or the Battle of Jeramel. Perrin is also told of a Seanchan defeat in southern Altara. [WH-H-95 / COT-H-28]

Midafternoon: Perrin's party arrives at their camp outside of Abila and learns of the capture of Faile and the others by the Shaido Aiel. Elyas, Aram and three Warders set out in search of Faile. A second search party, consisting of Gaul and a small group of Maidens, begins a separate search. [WH-H-106]

Stripped of their clothing, Faile and the others are marched through the snow to a large Shaido camp. [WH-H-112]

Night (Gibbous Moon): The Prophet and his honor guard of one-hundred men fail to arrive at Perrin's camp. Perrin and Tallanvor keep watch for news from their scouts, and both men nearly die from exposure to the cold. [WH-H-111]

Before Daylight: Thousands of the Prophet's men, without the Prophet himself, begin arriving at Perrin's camp. [WH-H-148]

First Light: Tallanvor sets out alone to find Maighdin. [WH-H-156]

Faile and her companions are Healed by Galina Casban, an Aes Sedai held gai'shain by the Shaido. Faile, Alliandre and Maighdin are made gai'shain of Sevanna. [WH-H-130]

After Dawn: Perrin learns from Berelain of the Prophet's involvement with the Seanchan. [WH-H-148]

Before Midday: Therava instructs Faile, Alliandre and Maighdin to spy on Sevanna and report their findings to a Wise One each and every day. [WH-H-136]

After Midday: Galina promises to help free Faile and the others if they retrieve an object from Therava's tent. [WH-H-143]

The Jonine Sept joins up with the Shaido Aiel in Amadacia, leaving seventy-eight Shaido septs still separated from Sevanna's forces. [WH-H-130]

The members of Cha Faile reluctantly agree to obey Perrin's orders until Faile is rescued. [WH-H-161]

Scouts return and inform Perrin that Faile and the other women were captured and made gai'shain by a large number of Aiel moving to the south. Perrin also learns of a group of five to ten thousand soldiers, possibly Whitecloaks, to the south, as well as indications of a Seanchan presence in the south. [WH-H-164]

As Perrin prepares to move south, the Prophet finally arrives at the camp. Told of Faile's capture, and of Perrin's intent to Travel to gain ground on the Aiel, the Prophet agrees to aide Perrin in her rescue. [WH-H-169]

(The day before Elayne learns of the kidnappings): Nynaeve sends eighteen Kinswomen via gateways into Seanchan-occupied Altara, Amadacia and Tarabon to look for other Kinswomen. [WH-H-201]

Morning: After learning of the kidnapping of Naean Arawn and Elenia Sarand, Elayne begins to suspect the presence of a spy in the Royal Palace. [WH-H-179]

Vandene reveals to Elayne that the murderer of her sister could only have been one of three Aes Sedai—Merilille, Sareitha or Careane. [WH-H-195]

Elayne dispatches a letter to the major Houses in Cairhien explaining her intent to travel to Cairhien at some point in the future to lay claim to the Sun Throne. [WH-H-217]

Elayne learns of the presence of a large armed force of Borderlanders in Braem Wood to the north of Caemlyn. [WH-H-218]

After Midday: Elayne is poisoned by forkroot during her midday meal. Three men attempt to assassinate Elayne, but she is defended by Lady Dyelin and Guardsman-Lieutenant Doilin Mellar. For his actions, Mellar is promoted to guardsman-captain and made head of Elayne's personal bodyguard. Mellar's true identity is that of Daved Hanlon, a Darkfriend working for Moghedien. [WH-H-219-249]

Nynaeve, Elayne and Egwene meet in Tel'aran'rhiod. Egwene reveals her intention to bind the Kin to the White Tower by using them as an organization into which Aes Sedai will retire into once having the Three Oaths removed. [WH-H-239]

Rand and Min arrive via gateway in a storeroom in the Royal Palace of Andor. His appearance altered by the Mask of Mirrors, Rand sets off to find Nynaeve and Mat. [WH-H-250]

Min finds Elayne and Aviendha, thus marking the first time that all three of Rand's romantic interests had been in the presence of the others. Min sees that Aviendha will bear Rand four children at once, but that something will be different about them. [WH-H-278-295]

Rand meets with Nynaeve, and is surprised to learn that Egwene leads the rebel Aes Sedai against Elaida. Rand reveals two ter'angreal—miniature statues of a man and a woman—which are designed to control two huge sa'angreal. He tells Nynaeve of his intention to use them, and of his need for her to control one of them. [WH-H-272]

Against his wishes, Min brings Elayne and Aviendha to Rand. Confessing his love for the three women, Rand is surprised to hear each of the women make known their intent to marry him, as well as their desire to bond him as their Warder. [WH-H-281]

Shortly after he is bonded to Min, Elayne and Aviendha, Rand has his first sexual encounter with Elayne. [WH-H-292]

Through the Warder bond Min and Aviendha experience some of Rand's emotions while with Elayne, and Min forsees that Elayne will get pregnant and bear two children—a boy and a girl. The two soon find an angry Birgitte, who is also affected by the bond, and Min recognizes her as Birgitte Silverbow from Falme. [WH-H-294]

Late Evening: Chisaine Nurbaya, one of the Aes Sedai serving the Wise Ones in Cairhien, swears to follow Rand. [WH-H-306]

Rand, accompanied by Min, Nynaeve, Lan and former damane Alivia, leave the Royal Palace. Nynaeve takes three powerful angreal with her. [WH-H-298]

Before Dawn: Janine Pavlara, Innina Darenhold and Vayelle Kamsa, three Aes Sedai serving the Wise ones, pledge to follow Rand. [WH-H-306]

Morning: Elayne learns that Alivia has disappeared from the Royal Palace, and that Nynaeve and Lan are gone as well. [WH-H-298]

Cadsuane learns that Damer Flinn has Healed Irgain Fatamed, who had previously been Stilled by Rand. Lord Dobraine informs her that Lady Caraline and Lord Darlin have left the city on a rivership headied for Tear. Responding to a summons, Cadsuane finds that Alanna Mosvani is unconscious and unresponsive to Healing. [WH-H-310]

Demandred, Graendal, Osan'gar and Aran'gar meet at the request of Moridin. Cyndane tells them of Rand's intent to use the Choedan Kal to cleanse the taint on saidin. Once Rand uses the ter'angreal access keys to use the Choedan Kal, an action that will clearly reveal his exact location, Moridin orders the assembled Forsaken to either capture or kill him. [WH-H-316]

A large fleet of Seanchan sailing vessels led by The Victory of Kidron approaches the harbor of Ebou Dar. Aboard Kidron is High Lady Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag—the Daughter of the Nine Moons. With the Corenne underway, Tuon leads the Rhyagelle, Those That Come Home, and is tasked with finding the Dragon Reborn and forcing him to submit to the Seanchan Empress. [WH-H-328]

Winter • Afternoon: Recovering from wounds incurred during the Seanchan attack on Ebou Dar, Mat Cauthon tries to convince Aludra to reveal to him the secrets of her fireworks. Aludra agrees, but only if Mat can tell her what use a bellfounder would have to her. Mat is given two or three days to complete his task. [WH-H-333]

Afternoon: Mat, Thom and Beslan witness a massive influx of Seanchan citizens through Ebou Dar. Also offloaded are Seanchan soldiers, equipment and beasts of burden. So large are their numbers, it takes the Seanchan days to empty their ships. [WH-H-346]

Late Afternoon: Returning to the Tarasin Palace alone, Mat is attacked in an alley by a gholam. He is saved by the timely arrival of Noal Charin, an elderly man. The gholam, ordered to avoid detection, retreats. [WH-H-353]

Evening: Although he is not aware of her identity as the Daughter of the Nine Moons, Mat encounters his future wife, the High Lady Tuon, in the Tarasin Palace. [WH-H-367]

Mat arranges for storage space at The Wandering Women so that he might collect clothes and money for his eventual departure from Ebou Dar. [WH-H-382]

Mat locates a bellfounder, Calwyn Sutoma, but is unable to determine how his services would be of use to Aludra, who refuses to give Mat any further clues. Visiting Master Sutoma twice again, Mat is still unable to solve Aludra's puzzle. During his time in the Tarasin Palace, Mat finds himself encountering High Lady Tuon an unusual amount of times. [WH-H-384]

The Wandering Women's innkeeper, Mistress Anan, arranges for Mat to help Joline Maza, an Aes Sedai, escape from Ebou Dar. [WH-H-400]

Feeling indebted to Teslyn Baradon for a warning note she had left behind regarding Elayne and Nynaeve, Mat visits the damane kennels in the palace and promises to try and help her escape. Teslyn demands that Edesina Azzedin, another captive Aes Sedai, be taken with them. [WH-H-402]

Bethamin Zeami, a Seanchan sul'dam, is confronted by a Seeker for Truth. She is ordered to keep track of the activities of Captain Egeanin. The Seeker reveals that High Lord Turak had been suspicious of High Lady Suroth, and that a greater threat to the Seanchan Empire might exist. [WH-H-414]

Captain Egeanin and her so'jhin, Bayle Domon, argue about an earlier incident in which Domon was forced to hand over a bracelet and collar—a male a'dam—to the Seanchan. This powerful object had been entrusted to him by Nynaeve in Tanchico, and he had been instructed to drop it in the deepest part of the ocean. Bethamin contacts Egeanin and tells her of the Seekers orders. [WH-H-422]

Rand and his party arrive in Far Madding. Due to the presence of a powerful ter'angreal, no one directly outside the city or within its walls is capable of channeling the One Power. They take up rooms at The Crown of Maredo. [WH-H-443]

Manel Rochaid, a renegade Asha'man and Darkfriend, arrives in Far Madding and begins searching for Rand. [WH-H-435]

(Two days after Rochaid's arrival) Winter • Morning: Rand stalks Rochaid through the streets of Far Madding. Ambushed in an alley by Rochaid and Raefar Kisman, Rand tricks Kisman into killing Rochaid. Rand and Kisman both flee the area to avoid arrest by guardsmen. [WH-H-434]

Raefar Kisman is fatally stabbed by Padan Fain, who desires to kill Rand himself. [WH-H-442]

Fearing an attack by the remaining Asha'man, Rand and the others relocate to The Counsel's Head. Rand finds himself utilizing more of Lews Therin Telamon's skills and knowledge. A viewing by Min indicates that Alivia will help Rand die. [WH-H-481]

Working for one of the Forsaken, Luc/Isam mistakenly murders an elderly couple in their sleep. [WH-H-448]

Travelling via gateway, Cadsuane leads a group of Aes Sedai and Atha'an Miere to a clearing in the Hills of Kintara to the north of Far Madding. Among the group are Harine din Togara Two Winds, Shalon din Togara Morning Tide, Alanna Mosvani, Verin Mathwin, Kumira, Nesune Bihara, Elza Penfell, Erian Boroleos, Sarene Nemdahl, Corele, Merise, Daigian Moseneillan, and Beldeine Nyram. Also present are three of Rand's Asha'man—Narishma, Damer and Hopwil. [WH-H-450]

Cadsuane's party enters Far Madding. [WH-H-466]

(A few days after Cadsuane's arrival in Far Madding): Cadsuane and Alanna visit Rand at The Counsel's Head. Rand orders Alanna to return to Cairhien in order to help deal with rebel forces in Haddon Mirk. [WH-H-484]

Night: Meeting Elayne in Emond's Field in Tel'aran'rhiod, Egwene is shocked to see that the village has grown into a sizeable town. [WH-H-496]

(Less than a week since the rescue of Elenia and Naean / Seven days after Merilille's departure): Merilille Ceandevin returns to Caemlyn via a gateway, having found and met with the four Borderlander rulers whose army's encamp in the Braem Wood. Elayne is told that the Borderlanders wish to meet with her as soon as possible, and Merilille is immediately dispatched to arrange a meeting. [WH-H-510]

Late Winter • Midday: Travelling via gateway, Elayne, Birgitte and Aviendha arrive in the Braem Wood. [WH-H-516]

Elayne meets with the Borderlander rulers—King Easar of Shienar, Queen Ethenielle of Kandor, King Paitar of Arafel and Queen Tenobia of Saldaea—and learns that they are seeking The Dragon Reborn, whom they believe has ignored the Borderland nations. On the condition that they are to be told of Rand's general whereabouts, the four leaders agree to march south towards Caemlyn as part of a plan to help Elayne gain control of the Lion Throne. [WH-H-521]

Twilight: Having returned to the Royal Palace, Elayne learns of the presence of four small armies numbering twenty- to thirty-thousand men approaching Caemlyn from the east. Elayne begins immediate preparations for the city's defense. [WH-H-531]

(The morning after he agrees to help Teslyn): Mat learns that Queen Tylin will be leaving Tanchico for a week in order to survey lands promised to her by Lady Suroth. As he prepares for his departure, Mat is increasingly aware of the presence of Tuon, who appears to be watching his activities. [WH-H-535]

(The fourth day after Tylin's departure): Jasfer Anan sails from Ebou Dar with all of his family except his wife Setalle. [WH-H-555]

(The seventh day after Tylin's departure) Midday: As part of Mat's plan to leave Ebou Dar with two damane and an Aes Sedai, Juilin acquires two damane dresses and an a'dam. Mat learns that Mistress Anan is in the process of selling The Wandering Woman and intends to leave Ebou Dar with him. [WH-H-550]

The marriage of Banner-General Yamada and Riselle is publicly announced. The rushed wedding ceremony is set for two days later. [WH-H-569]

(The seventh day after Tylin's departure) Afternoon: Mat encounters Bayle Domon, who takes him to Captain Egeanin. Eager to leave the city for her own reasons, Egeanin offers to hire Mat, Thom and Juilin as part of a crew for a sailing vessel she is assembling. Unable to wait for Egeanin to purchase a vessel, Mat makes a counter offer and secures Egeanin's help in his own bid to flee Ebou Dar. [WH-H-559]

(The eighth day after Tylin's departure) Night: Mat meets with Egeanin and her party, including two sul'dam, in the stables of the Tarasin Palace. They make their way to the damane kennels to release Teslyn and Edesina. Mat takes the opportunity to uncollar an Atha'an Miere, and instructs her to wait three hours before taking action. [WH-H-575]

(The eighth day after Tylin's departure) Night: Returning briefly to Tylin's bedchamber, Mat is surprised to find that Tylin has returned earlier than planned. Tylin allows herself to be tied up so that she will be absolved of any complicity with Mat's escape plans. [WH-H-581]

(The eighth day after Tylin's departure) Night: Attempting to leave the palace, Mat encounters High Lady Tuon, who attacks him in an attempt to prevent his escape. Mat is aided by the timely arrival of Noal Charin, who helps him restrain the Seanchan noble. Juilin, accompanied by Thera, joins Mat, as does Egeanin, the sul'dam, and the two captured Aes Sedai damane. Shocked to see Tuon bound and gagged, Egeanin reveals her identity as the Daughter of the Nine Moons. The arrival of Selucia, Tuon's so'jhin and chief maid, forces Mat to take her captive as well. [WH-H-584]

(The eighth day after Tylin's departure) Night: As Mat and his party, led by Egeanin, reach the gates leading out of Ebou Dar, the freed Windfinders begin a premature attack on the Seanchan. As battle erupts, Mat's party quietly leaves the city and journeys northwards. [COT-H-107]

(The eighth day after Tylin's departure) Night: The battle between the Seanchan and the Atha'an Miere escalates, as the Sea Folk attempt to reclaim their stolen vessels and flee the city by sea. Hundreds of Sea Folk are killed in the attempt, and many of their ships burned and sunk. [COT-H-96]

Morning: The decapitated body of Queen Tylin Quintara is found in her bedchambers in the Tarasin Palace in Altara. Although the Seanchan claim she was murdered by Aes Sedai, she was more than likely killed by a gholam. [COT-H-144]

(More than a week since the death of Rochaid) Noon: Still hunting Asha'man in Far Madding, Rand learns from Verin that the Seanchan are assembling forces along the coast of Illian. [WH-H-597]

(More than a week since the death of Rochaid): Rand receives an unsigned letter which indicates that Torval and Gedwyn are lodging in the top floor of a building on Blue Carp Street. The author urges him to kill them and leave the city. Rand suspects a trap. [WH-H-604]

(More than a week since the death of Rochaid): Rand and Lan, assisted by Nynaeve, enter the top floor of Torval and Gedwyn's residence. They find Torval and Gedwyn dead, and are soon attacked by Padan Fain and Toram Riatin. As city guards assemble outside the building, Lan kills Toram, and Fain flees before Rand can kill him. While attempting their escape Rand and Lan fall from the building's rooftop and are arrested by guards. [WH-H-604]

(More than a week since the death of Rochaid) Night: Led by Cadsuane, a group of Aes Sedai and Asha'man meet with the Counsels of Far Madding in order to secure the release of Rand and Lan. Using Wells that store small amounts of saidin and saidar, Cadsuane and Nynaeve shock the counsels by channeling—an act thought impossible within Far Madding. First Counsel Aleis immediately agrees to release the two men. [WH-H-625]

(More than a week since the death of Rochaid) Night: Cadsuane reluctantly agrees to serve as Rand's advisor. [WH-H-630]

Morning: Rand and his party depart Far Madding and head north out of the city. Rand recovers Callandor, which he had buried outside of Far Madding, and announces that he intends to cleanse saidin using the Choedan Kal and their ter'angreal access keys. [WH-H-628]

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