The Gathering Storm

1000 NE

Following the capture of Semirhage, Rand allows a group of Seanchan sul'dam and damane to return to Ebou Dar to deliver a message to the Daughter of the Nine Moons informing her that he still wishes a meeting with her. [TGS-H-30]

(Two weeks since the battle at Malden): Marching to Ebou Dar, an army led by Lieutenant-General Tylee Khirgan is attacked by hundreds of Trollocs. [TGS-H-33]

Moridin hosts a meeting of Forsaken including Graendal, Demandred and Mesaana. Graendal is ordered to obstruct any efforts by Rand to restore order in Arad Doman. [TGS-H-41]

Rodel Ituralde's forces ambush a large Seanchan army in the city of Darluna, Although successful, Ituralde loses half of his army. [TGS-H-44-115]

The Prophet and his surviving followers are ambushed and killed by Cha Faile. Faile herself personally kills The Prophet. [TGS-H-47]

Under the lead of Cadsuane, a variety of Aes Sedai unsuccessfully attempt to interrogate Semirhage, who is being held in the manor house of Lord Tellaen in Arad Doman. [TGS-H-61]

(Nine days after Egwene is captured): Egwene, who continues to be beaten daily for numerous transgressions, is ordered to attend and serve Elaida during a personal dinner. [TGS-H-75]

Evening: Numerous bubbles of evil appear in the White Tower. The most significant effect is the swapping of the novice's quarters with a portion of the Brown Ajah's quarters. [TGS-H-119]

In an effort to stabilize Arad Doman, Rand orders Rhuarc and Bael to seize the Council of Merchants, after which Aiel and Saldaean forces are to move into their cities and establish order. [TGS-H-134]

Evening: Siuan meets with Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod. Egwene learns of the Forsaken presence in the rebel camp, and of the bonding of Aes Sedai to Asha'man. [TGS-H-150]

More than a hundred thousand refugees—former gai'shain of the Shaido Aiel now under the leadership of Perrin—begin marching north from Malden. [TGS-H-166]

(Almost two weeks after the Seanchan defeat at Darluna): With Aiel to the north, and Seanchan hunting him to the south, Ituralde sets up a defensive position in an abandoned stedding in Arad Doman. [TGS-H-172]

Rand arrives at Ituralde's camp. He promises to remove the Seanchan from Arad Doman in exchange for Ituralde moving his troops to Saldaea to defend the Borderlands. As part of the deal Rand provides Ituralde with one-hundred Asha'man. [TGS-H-178]

A further sign of the Dark One's influence on the world, Adrin, a Saldaen soldier at Lord Tellaen's manor, is suddenly consumed from within by fire and tar. [TGS-H-184]

(Over a month since her meeting with Siuan in Tel'aran'rhiod): Egwene continues to gain slow support from Sisters in the Tower in spite of the daily punishments earned by her defiance. [TGS-H-191]

Egwene learns of the secret hunt for the Black Ajah being conducted from within the White Tower. [TGS-H-206]

Gawyn learns of Egwene's capture, and that the Tower Aes Sedai possess the art of Travelling. Believing that she is being tortured and likely to be executed, Gawyn leaves the Youngling camp at Dorlon. [TGS-H-222]

After studying various ancient writings, Min reveals to Rand her belief that he must break the remaining seals on the Dark One's prison. [TGS-H-244]

(A day after Tuon's return to Ebou Dar): King Beslan pledges fealty to High Lady Tuon and the Seanchan Empire. Beslan is raised to the High Blood and House Mitsobar given control of all of Altara. [TGS-H-301]

The Seanchan begin developing plans to launch a surprise aerial strike against the White Tower. [TGS-H-305]

Word is received at Tellaen's manor that the Seanchan have agreed to a second meeting with Rand. [TGS-H-246]

Egwene's punishment is changed to 15 hours of chores a day, effectively stopping her clandestine efforts to unite the sisters in the White Tower. [TGS-H-259]

While attending Elaida and a group of Sitters at dinner, Egwene vocally defies Elaida's rule. Enraged by Egwene's refusal to acquiese, Elaida attacks her with the Power. [TGS-H-272]]

Semirhage is visited by Shaidar Haran, who kills or incapcitates the three Aes Sedai holding her shield. Elza Penfell provides Semirhage with the Domination Band stolen from Cadsuane. [TGS-H-340]

Rand uses a gateway to move almost 50,000 troops, including Domani commanded by Iturlade, into Saldaea to guard the Blight. After giving Ituralde his orders, Rand returns to the manor in Arad Doman. [TGS-H-341]

Semirhage, disguised as a servant, places the Domination Band around Rand's neck. Joined by Elza, Semirhage use the Domination Band to force Rand to torture Min. Desperate to stop himself from killing her, but prevented from embracing saidin, Rand reaches out and finds the True Power. Breaking free of the Domination Band, Rand uses balefire to kill Semirhage and Elza. [TGS-H-349]

Blaming her for the theft of the Domination Band, Rand banishes Cadsuane from his presence. [TGS-H-360]

(Two days after leaving Dorlan): Gawyn arrives at Gareth Bryne's camp seeking help to rescue Egwene. [TGS-H-370]

Evening: Sheriam is visited by one of the Forsaken and given three days to steal the ter'angreal the rebel Aes Sedai are using to access tel'aran'rhiod. [TGS-H-380]

(Two days after being attacked by Elaida): Imprisoned for her defiance, Egwene learns that Elaida is to be tried for her attack on her. [TGS-H-382]

As Rand's army prepares to move from Tellaens' manor to Bandar Eban, Aviendha travels via gateway to Cold Rocks Hold tomake ready for a visit to Rhuidean—the final step in her becoming a Wise One. [TGS-H-394]

Late Afternoon: Mat leads a small party into the village of Hinderstap in search of supplies for the Band of the Red Hand. Mat is told that the village has few supplies to spare, and warned that his party must leave the city by nightfall. [TGS-H-407]

Nightfall: Delayed in leaving the village, Mat witnesses Hinderstap erupt in savage violence—men, women and children brutally kiling each other without regard. During their escape Mat and his party are forced to kill many villagers. [TGS-H-420]

Morning: Mat returns to Hinderstap to discover the villagers unharmed and going about repairing the damage. Mayor Barlden reveals that the strange events started just before the Feast of Abram earlier in the year, and that the villagers are not aware of exactly what happens each night. [TGS-H-435]

Morning: Mat discovers that someone in the nearby town of Trustair is looking for both he and Perrin. [TGS-H-439]

Accompanied by a large army, Rand arrives in Bandar Eban via a gateway. He immediately orders Lord Dobraine to depart the city for Tear. [TGS-H-443]

Rand sends an Asha'man to the Seanchan to suggest Falme as the location for their meeting. [TGS-H-478]

Night: In an effort to discover the location of King Alsalam, Nynaeve locates the dungeon in the Gull's Feast section of Bandar Eben at which the last known messenger from the king had been questioned at. Nynaeve learns that Kerb, the jailor's apprentice, was responsible for poisoning the messenger. [TGS-H-503]

After Midnight: Nynaeve brings Kerb to Rand, and at his request she manages to undo the Compulsion weave that controls the young boy. Kerb reveals a location, Natrin's Barrow, just before he dies. [TGS-H-512]

Encamped outside of Trustair, Mat is visited by Verin, the individual who had been searching for Perrin and himself. She later explains how she was drawn to seek him out, and offers to move the Band to Caemlyn via gateway. [TGS-H-534]

Rand and a small guard arrive in Falme to meet with the Seanchan. The meeting with High Lady Tuon is short, and she refuses to make peace with him. [TGS-H-536]

Following Rand's departure, Tuon declares herself Empress. She orders her generals to prepare their attack on Tar Valon. [TGS-H-548]

In accordance with Seanchan tradition Tuon abandons her old name and adopts a new one; Fortuona Athaem Devi Paendrag. [TGS-H-559]

Early Evening: Lieutenant-General Yulan's strike force, consisting of two-hundred Fists of Heaven, five Bloodknives, and a number of sul'dam and damane, takes flight from Ebou Dar on raken and to'raken for a multi-day journey to Tar Valon. [TGS-H-559]

Rand seens Lord Ramshalan through a gateway to Natrin's Barrow in order to meet with Graendel. Ramshalan returns under the effects of a Compulsion weave. Using the ter'angreal access key, Rand channels balefire and destroys the fortress at Natrin's Barrow. Nynaeve confirms that the Compulsion controlling Ramshalan has disappeared, thus proving that Graendel is dead and permanently burned out of the Pattern. [TGS-H-568]

Egwene, imprisoned in a small cell for a week since the incident at Elaida's dinner, is suddenly released. In Egwene's place Silviana, the former Mistress of Novices, is to be stilled and executed. [TGS-H-592]

Egwene is visited by Verin Mathwin, who reveals herself to be Black Ajah. Having taken poison in order to circumvent her oaths to the Dark One, Verin gives Egwene two books containing her lifelong research into the Black Ajah. She also reveals her suspicion that Mesaana is posing as an Aes Sedai in the White Tower. [TGS-H-598]

Deciphering Verin's research, Egwene discovers there to be over two-hundred Darkfriends in the White Tower, including sisters, novices and apprentices. [TGS-H-607]

Night: The Seanchan launch their raid on the White Tower. With the help of novices, Egwene is able to recover a powerful sa'angreal from a tower storeroom. After teaching the novices to form circles, Egwene takes control of one and begins a counterattack. [TGS-H-616]

Night: Fearing for Egwene's safety, Siuan gathers a small rescue force that includes Gawyn, General Bryne, and a hundred of Bryne's soldiers. As a condition to his participation, Bryne is bonded as Siuan's Warder. [TGS-H-627]

Night: Crossing the river in small boats, Siuan and the others enter Tar Valon via a little-known rift in the island's bulwarks. [TGS-H-634]

Night: From a hole blasted in the outer wall of the 22nd level of the Tower, Egwene strikes at raken and to'raken in an effort to prevent Aes Sedai from being taken prisoner. As the only effective resistance to their raid, the Seanchan focus their forces on Egwene. [TGS-H-641]

Night: As the battle winds down and the Seanchan retreat, Siuan, Gawyn and Bryne find an exhausted Egwene. Siuan uses the sa'angreal to create a gateway back to the rebel camp. [TGS-H-651]

Night: Elaida awakens on the back of a to'raken, having been captured and leashed during the raid. She is one of over two dozen Aes Sedai, as well as a handful of novices and Accepted, to be taken by the Seanchan. [TGS-H-653/763]

Night: Sheriam steals all of the dream ter'angreal in the rebel camp, handing them over to a Forsaken she believes is hiding in the White Tower. [TGS-H-706]

Just before leaving Bandar Eban for Tear, Rand is informed that all of the relief food being stored on the docks and on the Sea Folk ships has spoiled. [TGS-H-657]

Rand tells King Darlin that his assembled army will no longer be needed in Arad Doman, and to instead prepare to march on Shayol Ghul. [TGS-H-663]

The heads of the Brown, White, Yellow, Green and Gray Ajahs agree that the only acceptable choice for a new Amyrlin is Egwene. [TGS-H-677]

Early Morning: Egwene retrives the Oath Rod from the White Tower. [TGS-H-679]

Morning: The Hall of the Tower meets amongst the rebel Aes Sedai. Egwene takes the Three Oaths before the assembled Sitters. She reveals the presence of Darkfriends in the Tower, and of her intent to have all Aes Sedai re-swear the oaths to prove they are not Black Ajah. Sheriam and Moria both panic and are captured. The remaing Sitters in the Hall are resworn and proven not to be Black Ajah. A plan is set in motion to capture Darkfriends known to be in the rebel camp. [TGS-H-679]

Morning: Unaware of Elaida's capture, Egwene declares her intent to attack Tar Valon by the end of the day. [TGS-H-683]

At a crossroad on the Plains of Maredo, Rand and a small party meet with Hurin, sent by the Borderland army to arrange for a meeting in Far Madding. Rand quickly Travels to a position outside of Far Madding and sends Hurin into the city with a message. [TGS-H-693]

Having learned of Perrin's location from Rand, Nynaeve reveals the information to Cadsuane. The elder Aes Sedai reveals that Perrin himself is not her goal, but someone who travels with him. [TGS-H-701]

All Aes Sedai in the rebel camp are released from their oaths and made to reswear on the Oath Rod. Close to twenty Black sisters manage to escape. Over fifty Darkfriends, including three not known to Verin, are stilled and executed. [TGS-H-703]

As Egwene's forces gather for an attack near the Alindaer Bridge, a procession from the White Tower arrives and informs her that she is to be rasied to the Amyrlin Seat. Egwene's army is allowed to peacefully enter Tar Valon. [TGS-H-711]

Egwene is raised to the Amyrlyn Seat in the Hall of the Tower. [TGS-H-720]

Egwene appoints Silviana as her Keeper of the Chronicles. [TGS-H-723]

Approximately sixty Black sisters escape the White Tower. Only a few of those on Verin's list are captured. [TGS-H-762]

Every sister in the White Tower is made to reswear her oaths and prove she is not a Darkfriend. [TGS-H-763]

Night: Returning to his rooms in the Stone of Tear, Rand is surprised to find his father, Tam. Soon realizing that Tam has was brought to him by Cadsuane, Rand becomes enraged at her continued attempts to manipulate him. After stopping himself from letting loose with balefire, Rand Travels to Ebou Dar. [TGS-H-734]

Morning: Walking the streets of Ebou Dar, Rand plans to single-handedly scour the Seanchan from the city and the surrounding occupied lands. Unable to act, he Skims to a meadow on Falme, and then weaves a direct gateway to Dragonmount. [TGS-H-753]

Mid-Day: His anger and frustration building, Rand channels a massive amount of the Power through the Choedan Kal access key. Questioning why he fights, Rand realizes it is the chance to right past wrongs, and to love. Rand directs the Power back through the access key to the Choedan Kal half-buried at Tremosien. The ancient sa'angreal is destroyed in a massive explosion. [TGS-H-759]

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