Book Eleven of the Wheel of Time

1000 NE

Midmorning: Galad Damodred challenges Lord Captain Commander Eamon Valda to a Trial Beneath the Light for the assault and murder of his mother, Morgase Trakand. Following a pitched swordfight, Galad prevails. With Valda dead, Galad is declared the new lord captain commander of the Children by those present. [KOD-H-19]

Midmorning: A force of Taraboners and Domani led by Rodel Ituralde attack and burn a Seanchan supply camp in the village of Serana in Tarabon. The attack is the first of many planned for the day against the Seanchan in Tarabon. [KOD-H-32]

Before Dawn (Nineteen days since Tuon's disappearance): Semirhage visits Suroth and informs her of the death of Empress Radhanan and the entire Imperial family except for Tuon. Suroth also learns that all of Seanchan has been thrown into civil war. Semirhage offers Suroth the Crystal Throne and suggests that she find Tuon—now Empress herself—and kill her. [KOD-H-46]

Before Noon (Twelve days since the cleansing of saidin): Tsutama Rath, head of the Red Ajah, gives permission for Pevara and Javindhra plan the bonding of Asha'man to Red Ajah sisters, while making it clear that the plan is to be kept from Elaida. [KOD-H-54]

Afternoon: Galina Casban is captured by Gaul and Fager Neald and returned to Perrin's camp. Perrin gives Galina a message for Faile and releases her, unaware that Galina has no intention of aiding Faile to escape the Shaido. [KOD-H-70]

Night: Egwene is brought before the Mistress of Novices, Silviana Brehon, and told that she is not accountable for the actions of the Salidar rebels, and that she is to begin her training anew as a novice. [KOD-H-93]

Morning: Beonin Marinye and her warder Travel from the rebel camp to Tar Valon. [KOD-H-128]

Mattin Stepaneos, King of Illian, arrives at the White Tower, having been kidnapped from Illian on Taisham 19th. [KOD-H-130]

Elaida learns that the residents of Tar Valon are reporting to see the dead walking the streets of the city, a sign from ancient Foretellings of the approach of Tarmon Gai'don. She is also informed that the wardings that protect the Tower from rodents are failing. [KOD-H-134]

Beonin meets with Elaida and reveals all she knows of the rebel Aes Sedai's situation, including Egwene's ability to enter Tel'aran'rhiod, as well as weaves for Traveling, Skimming, and new weaves for Healing. [KOD-H-136]

The Forsaken meet in Tel'aran'rhiod. Moridin instructs them to kill Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara, but to spare Rand al'Thor for himself. Moridin also makes note of a large force of Myrdraal and Trollocs being moved via the Way s by someone posing as Sammael. [KOD-H-149]

Perrin and Berelain meet with a Seanchan delegation led by Banner-General Tylee Khirgan and Captain Bakayaer Mishima. The Seanchan agree to a temporary alliance in order to rid them of the Shaido encampment. Perrin reveals his plan to use forkroot tea to incapacitate the Shaido Wise Ones. [KOD-H-156]

Faile, as well as everyone else in the Shaido camp, experience three strange waves that ripple themselves and everything around them. [KOD-H-173]

One of the gai'shain loyal to Faile steals the oath rod from Therava's tents. [KOD-H-175]

Before Dawn: Valan Luca's traveling show leaves Jurador, eventually setting up camp again outside Runnien Crossing. [KOD-H-210]

Mat learns of Aludra's plans to create weapons called "dragons" using explosive balls launched from cast bronze tubes. Mounted on horse-drawn carts, the dragons are expected to have a range of almost two miles. [KOD-H-214]

Morning: Bayle Domon and Egeanin Tamarath are married in Runnien Crossing by Mother Darvale. [KOD-H-218]

Night: Tuon manages to have Joline, Teslyn and Edesina collared with a'dam. Mat quickly frees them after they agree to leave Tuon alone, and he later buries the a'dam. [KOD-H-242]

Night: Mat is shown Moiraine's letter to Thom, and learns that he may be fated to try and assist Thom in rescuing her from the Eelfinn via the Tower of Ghenjei. Noal Charin volunteers to accompany them. [KOD-H-260]

Valan Luca's traveling show stops outside of Maderin. [KOD-H266]

In Maderin Mat learns from Thom that the Seanchan are looking for an imposter posing as Tuon. Shortly afterwards he and Tuon are attacked by a group of armed men. After the attack Mat and his party leave Luca's travelling show and head east towards the Damona Mountains. [KOD-H-284/540]

Midday (51 days since Faile's capture): Perrin and a group of his Seanchan allies arrive in Almizar to obtain large quantities of forkroot tea from a Seanchan manufactory. Perrin survives an attempt on his life, and the would-be assassins commit suicide. [KOD-H-295]

Forces loyal to Elayne Trakand fend off an attack on Caemlyn by Lady Arymilla Marne's supporters. Shortly afterwards a force of almost 10,000 armsmen loyal to Elayne arrive in the city. [KOD-H-311]

Summoned by Rand, the Aiel, including Aviendha, begin to depart Caemlyn. [KOD-H-345]

Elayne is informed of the murder of Reanne Corly, as well as possible evidence of other murders of Kinswomen in the palace. [KOD-H-377]

Logain reports to Rand, lodged in the manor house of Lord Algarin in Tear, that more than half of the Black Tower, including all Asha'man bonded to Aes Sedai, have been moved to locations in Illian and Arad Doman. [KOD-H-391]

Loial and Erith are married in Algarin's manor house in a ceremony performed by Elder Haman. [KOD-H-403]

Shortly after the wedding of Loial and Erith, tens of thousands of Trollocs attack the Algarin manor house. During the attack Rand loses control of saidin to Lews Therin, whose channeling skill is key to defeating the Trollocs. [KOD-H-408]

In the aftermath of the battle, Davram Bashere informs Rand that a meeting has been arranged for three days laters between him and the Daughter of the Nine Moons at a location in northern Altara. [KOD-H-425]

Believing that Tarmon Gai'don is immenient, and assuming that it will be fought in the Blight, Lan makes it known that he wishes to travel to Shienar. Nynaeve agrees to take him to the Borderlands via a gateway, but instead of Shienar she leaves him at World's End in Saldaea. [KOD-H-433]

Nynaeve asks a merchant in Kayacun, Saldaea to send messenges to each of his business associates in the Borderlands announcing Lan's journey from World's End to Tarwin Gap. The merchant and two of his companions become the first to pledge to follow Lan. [KOD-H-436]

Rand travels to the Heart of the Stone of Tear via gateway. Bera Harkin reports that the rebels beseiging the Stone have bargained for the reinstatement of their lands and titles in exchange for swearing fealty to Lord Darlin as King of Tear. [KOD-H-459]

In preparation for Tarmon Gai'don, Rand orders Darlin to assemble as many armsmen as possible and prepare them for transport to Arad Doman via gateways. [KOD-H-461]

Morning: Logain meets with the Mistress of Ships and the First Twelve of the Atha'an Miere in Illian to inform them of Rand's need of a large number of ships to carry food and supplies for over one million people to Bandar Eban. [KOD-H-474]

The Atha'an Miere learn of the deaths of all of the Amayar some three weeks earlier. [KOD-H-476]

Morning: The Hall of the Tower of the rebel Aes Sedai convenes to hear a proposal sent by Rand that allows up to 47 sisters loyal to Egwene to bond an Asha'man with the rank of Soldier or Dedicated. The lesser consensus of the Hall agrees to the proposal. [KOD-H-496]

The dead are seen walking the halls of the White Tower. This, along with unpredicatble changes to the tower's layout, are continuing harbingers of Tarmon Gai'don. [KOD-H-518]

After nine days of captivity, Egwene begins to see progress in her attempts to undermine Elaida's rule from within the White Tower. [KOD-H-540]

(Two days after Mat's party leaves Maderin): Lord Talmanes and a portion of the Band of the Red Hand are discovered by Chel Vanin during a scouting trip in the Damona Mountains. [KOD-H-550]

Late Night (full moon / 53 days since Faile's capture ): Under the cover of night, Perrin oversees the addition of forkroot into the aqueduct that supplies Malden with its water. Also entering the aqueduct is a small force including Seonid and her two warders, Elyas, Tallanvor, Gaul, twenty of Faile's followers, and fifty Two Rivers men. [KOD-H-564]

Late Night: After returning to his camp in Brytan, Perrin and those around him experience three unsettling waves that ripple both themselves and the world around them. [KOD-H-576]

Midday: Rand, accompanied by a small honor guard, arrives at the manor house of Lady Deidru in Altara to meet with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. The meeting is quickly found to be a trap and the Daughter of the Nine Moons revealed as Semirhage in disguise. Defending himself from the Forsaken's attack, Rand's left hand is destroyed by a fireball. Semirhage is captured. [KOD-H-586]

Night (crescent moon): In an effort to clear the Molvaine Gap, the Band of the Red Hand draws out and defeats a large Seanchan force. [KOD-H-602]

Morning (55 days since Faile's capture): Faile, Maighdin, Alliandre, Arrela and Lacile meet with Galina in Malden to hand over the oath rod previously stolen from Therava. After taking the rod, Galina traps the women in the basement of a burned out building and begins her escape. [KOD-H-617]

Midmorning (55 days since Faile's capture): Retrieved from the Two Rivers by an Asha'man, Tam al'Thor arrives at Perrin's camp to act as his First Captain for the impending battle. [KOD-H-634]

Midmorning (55 days since Faile's capture): With most of the Shaido Wise Ones incapacitated from forkroot, Perrin's forces launch their attack on the Shaido. After the first Shaido attack is repelled, Perrin and Aram break away and head towared Malden. [KOD-H-640]

Before Noon (55 days since Faile's capture): Rolan and two Mera'din help rescue Faile and the others. Outside the ruined building are over a hundred gai'shain loyal to Faile. [KOD-H-648]

(55 days since Faile's capture): As they pass through the Aiel camp on their way to Malden, Aram suddenly attacks Perrin, having been told by Masema that he is Shadowspawn. Aram is killed by Shaido, and Perrin continues on to Malden. [KOD-H-649]

(55 days since Faile's capture): Sevanna is captured by Banner-General Tylee Khirgan. [KOD-H-656]

(55 days since Faile's capture): Perrin finds Faile just outside the gates of Malden. Rolan is killed by Perrin's hammer, and the other two Mera'din by Faile's people. [KOD-H-650]

(55 days since Faile's capture): Galina is found by Therava before she can make her escape. She is forced to hand over the oath rod and return to the Aiel Waste with the remains of the Shaido. [KOD-H-658]

Early Morning: Elayne learns that Captain Mellar has been frequenting a house in Caemlyn owned by Lady Shiaine Avarhin. Spotted in the house are two Aes Sedai known to Elayne as Black Ajah—Marillian Gemalphin and Falion Bhoda. [KOD-H-666]

Early Morning: Elayne leads a small group of Aes Sedai, Warders and Guardswomen to Lady Shiaine's house in the New City. Elayne, Vandene and Sareitha are captured by Black sisters that also include Asne Zeramene, Temaile Kinderode, Chesmal Emry and Eldrith Jhondar. Careane, one of the sisters with Elayne, is revealed to be Black Ajah. Vandene kills Careane to avenge the death of her sister, Adeleas. Chesmal responds by killing Vandene and Sareitha. [KOD-H-675]

After Dawn: While preparing a small army to pursue Elayne's abductors, Birgitte learns that a handful of mercenary companies at the Far Madding Gate have switched allegiences and have begun to attack the gate from within. Tens of thousands of Arymilla's armsmen are gathered outside the gate. [KOD-H-687]

With the assistance of Windfinders led by Chanelle din Seran White Shark, Birgitte and her forces are able to rescue Elayne. Asne is killed during the fight, and the surviving Black sisters captured and shielded. [KOD-H-694]

Before Noon: Moving via gateway, the army sent to rescue Elayne deploys directly behind Arymilla's forces. Trapped between Birgitte's army and one from the city led by Lady Dyelin, Arymilla's supporters are defeated outside the Far Madding Gate. Arymilla, Naen and Elenia are among the nobles captured. [KOD-H-701]

Almost four weeks after beginning his search for the High Lady Tuon, Banner-General Furyk Karede tracks her captors to the vacinity of the Malvide Narrows in northeastern Altara. [KOD-H-710]

(At least two days after Arymilla's defeat): Lords Pendar, Pelivar and Newyllen, and Ladies Renshar and Aemlyn pledge their support for House Trakand, giving Elayne the necessary numbers to secure the Lion Throne of Andor. [KOD-H-726]

Leaving the majority of his forces behind, Karede and a small party enter the camp of the Band of the Red Hand. Although he offers to let Band go in exchange for Tuon, Karede is surprised when Mat willingly offers to release her. Tuon shocks everyone by suddenly completing the Seanchan marriage vows inadvertantly began by Mat on the night she was abducted. With word of a large force of soldiers searching for the false Tuon nearby, Tuon leaves with Karede while Mat and the Band prepare for battle. [KOD-H-734]

The Band of the Red Hand draws the nearby army to a prepared position and soundly defeats them. Not a single attacking soldier survives, including the lone Seanchan, Zaired Elbar, leading them. After the battle Mat learns that his marriage to Tuon has made him the Prince of Ravens. [KOD-H-750]

Tuon and Karede return safely to Ebou Dar with evidence of Suroth's betrayal. Suroth is stripped of her name and made da'covale. [KOD-H-754]

A group of six Aes Sedai from the Red Ajah led by Pevara travel to the Black Tower to discuss the prospect of bonding Asha'man as their warders. Mazrim Taim agrees to the proposal. [KOD-H-760]

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