Book Seven of the Wheel of Time

1000 NE

(Overlap with Lord of Chaos)

Taisham 11th • Morning: Twelve days after receiving news of Rand's capture, Elaida oversees the ongoing construction of a new palace on the grounds near the White Tower. She receives word that Nynaeve and Elayne are in Ebou Dar, and orders them taken and returned to the Tower. [ACOS-H-13]

Taisham 11th • Morning: Elaida gives orders to have Toveine Gazal lead fifty sisters and two-hundred of the Tower Guards against the Black Tower. Toveine, exiled to the Black Hills over fifteen years ago, had only recently been allowed to return to the Tower. [ACOS-H-21 / TPOD-H-513]

Taisham 11th • Morning: Elaida learns that Egwene al'Vere has been raised to the Amyrlin Seat of the Salidar rebels, and that their forces have left Salidar and are marching northwards. [ACOS-H-23]

Taisham 11th • Morning: Elaida has a Foretelling, and predicts that the White Tower will be whole again, that Rand al'Thor will face the anger of the Amyrlin Seat, and that Sisters will walk the grounds of the Black Tower, itself torn apart in blood and fire. [ACOS-H-26]

Taisham 11th: High Lord Darlin Sisnera and a force of Tairens arrives by ship in Cairhien. They quickly join the forces being assembled by Caraline Damodred and Toram Riatin. [ACOS-H-99]

Taisham 11th: Galina's Aes Sedai, escorted by Gawyn and his Younglings, pass by Dumai's Wells. One of Gawyn's scouts reports the presence of thousands of Aiel in the area. Galina describes these forces as a Shaido escort promised by Sevanna. [LOC-H-681]

Taisham 11th: Claiming that Desaine was killed by Aes Sedai, and using that deception as a rallying point, Sevanna orders the Shaido to attack the Aes Sedai. Sevanna's true purpose is to capture Rand and force him to marry her. [ACOS-H-30]

Taisham 11th: Midday: Perrin observes forty-thousand Shaido, including Power-wielding Wise Ones, attacking the Aes Sedai caravan, whose wagons have taken up a defensive position near Dumai's Wells. Setting his forces in motion, Perrin calls for additional help from the hundreds of wolves who have come to free Shadowkiller. [LOC-H-684 / ACOS-H-34]

Taisham 11th: Groups of Asha'man appear in the midst of the battle via gateways. [LOC-H-686 / ACOS-H-35]

Taisham 11th: Sensing that four of the Aes Sedai holding his shield have tied off their flows, Rand uses knowledge acquired by the voice of Lews Therin to break through the knots and reach the Source. Escaping from the chest, Rand immediately goes to the aid of Min, and then proceeds to shield and knock unconscious as many Aes Sedai as he can locate. [LOC-H-688]

Taisham 11th: Min refuses an offer of escape from Gawyn, who then leads his Younglings out through the chaotic fighting. Mazrim Taim appears before Rand, and the assembled Asha'man weave a shield around Rand to keep the majority of the Shaido at bay. [LOC-H-691 / ACOS-H-36]

Taisham 11th: On Rand's orders the shield is lowered and the Asha'man proceed to ruthlessly destroy the remaining Shaido forces. Seeing the gruesome devastation wrought by the Power-wielding Asha'man, the surviving Shaido, including their leader Sevanna, flee from the battle. With the Shaido broken and twenty-three of Elaida's Aes Sedai captured, the battle at Dumai's Wells ends. [LOC-H-694 / ACOS-H-38]

Taisham 11th: Underneath the Banner of the Light—the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai—the nine Salidar Aes Sedai are forced to swear fealty to Rand. [LOC-H-695]

Taisham 11th: Galina Casban is captured by Shaido Aiel. [ACOS-H-626]

Taisham 11th • Early Afternoon: Alviarin, a member of the Black Ajah, is visited by the Forsaken Mesaana. She is told to follow only Mesaana's orders, and not those of the other Forsaken, and is also given instruction in advanced uses of the One Power. [ACOS-H-40]

Taisham 11th: Lord Captain Commander Pedron Niall receives an important message from Faisar, and agent in Tarabon. Niall is then murdered by Lord Captain Abdel Omerna, who in turn is killed by Lord Captain Eamon Valda. Faisar's message, concerning the Seanchan threat, is inadvertently destroyed. [ACOS-H-47]

Taisham 11th • Afternoon: Gawyn and the few hundred of his surviving Younglings are attacked by Shaido Aiel. [ACOS-H-52]

Taisham 12th • High Chasaline (The Day of Reflection): Asha'man keep watch over captive Aes Sedai and Warders following the aftermath of Dumai's Wells. Only the Salidar Aes Sedai, sworn to Rand, are allowed their freedom. [ACOS-H-56]

Taisham 12th: Rand orders the Wise Ones to take over the task of guarding the Aes Sedai, as well as overseeing the Salidar Aes Sedai. the Salidar Aes Sedai are later made to apprentice themselves to the Wise Ones. [ACOS-H-78-340]

Taisham 12th: At Taim's insistence, Rand chooses an Asha'man, Corlan Dashiva, as his personal bodyguard. Unknown to Rand, Dashiva is actually Osan'gar, the reincarnated soul of the Forsaken Aginor. [ACOS-H-84 / WH-H-645]

Taisham 12th: Taim and most of the Asha'man leave Dumai's Wells and return to the Black Tower. [ACOS-H-85]

Taisham 12th: Traveling through a Gateway, Rand and the survivors of Dumai's Wells arrive on a hill outside of the city of Cairhien. Rand learns of dissension and the return of the Bleakness among the Aiel, of Colavaere's crowning as Queen of Cairhien, and of the presence of ten Aes Sedai in the city. [ACOS-H-90]

Taisham 12th • Late Afternoon: Rand's forces arrive at Cairhien. A small party led by Rand enters the city, which is open to all for the duration of Colavaere's Coronation Festival. [ACOS-H-110]

Taisham 12th: Entering the Grand Hall of the Sun, Rand confronts Colavaere and removes her crown using the Power. Perrin accuses Colavaere of assassinating High Lords Maringil and Meilin. Faile steps forward to make further accusations against Colavaere, including treason and murder. Annoura, Aes Sedai advisor to Berelain, confirms these accusations. Rand strips Colavaere of her titles and rights, and exiles her to a small farm along the Dragonwall. [ACOS-H-119]

Taisham 12th: Perrin sends orders to have his forces move into Cairhien. [ACOS-H-131]

Taisham 12th • Night: Accompanied by Asha'man and Maidens of the Spear, Rand travels to Caemlyn via a Gateway. Rand meets briefly with Bashere and Bael, and announces his intention to move his forces against Sammael in Illian. [ACOS-H-142]

Taisham 12th • Night: Rand visits Rhuidean and retrieves two ter'angreal, statues of a man and a woman, each holding a crystal globe, and hides them in his bedchamber in Cairhien. [ACOS-H-518]

Taisham 13th: Acting on previous orders from Moghedien, Falion Bhoda continues a fruitless search for a cache of ter'angreal in Ebou Dar. Aware of the presence of Elayne and Nynaeve in the city, Falion makes plans to capture them. [LOC-H-696]

Taisham 13th: Herid Fel is murdered by a Gholam in his study in Cairhien. His dismembered body is found by Idrien. [LOC-H-697 / ACOS-H-333]

Taisham 13th: Asunawa and Valda begin torturing Morgase. [ACOS-H-421]

Taisham 13th • Night: Egwene learns of the ten Aes Sedai sent to the White Tower to spread news of the Red Ajah's involvement with Logain. Suddenly she is shocked to feel the presence of a male channeler near Moghedien, and of the loss of the link with the Forsaken, and later finds that Moghedien has escaped. [ACOS-H-164]

Taisham 13th • Night: Moghedien is visited by Aran'gar, who has been maintaining her guise as Halima. Aran'gar removes Moghedien's a'dam and tells her that she must leave the camp immediately and respond to a summons to Shayol Ghul. [LOC-H-697 / ACOS-H-164]

Taisham 13th • Night: Skimming to Shayol Ghul, Moghedien is taken to speak with the Dark One by Shaidar Haran. Given another chance to serve the Great Lord, Moghedien is mindtrapped in a cour'souvra. She is placed within a vacuole and made to learn obedience to Shaidar Haran. [ACOS-H-415]

Taisham 13th • Night: Areina Nermasiv and Novice Nicola Treehill attempt to blackmail Egwene with knowledge that Elayne and Nynaeve had posed as Aes Sedai before being raised to the shawl. [ACOS-H-181]

Taisham 13th • Night: Egwene enters the region between reality and Tel'aran'rhiod. Finding Nynaeve and Elayne's dreams, she warns them about Nicola and Areina, and also tells them not to return until the bowl ter'angreal is found. She contacts Amys by this method and arranges to talk with her. [ACOS-H-188]

Taisham 13th • Night: Egwene meets with Amys, Bair and Melaine in Tel'aran'rhiod and reveals to them in confidence that she is the Amyrlin Seat of the rebel Aes Sedai. [ACOS-H-193]

Taisham 13th • Night: Demandred visits the Pit of Doom at Shayol Ghul. [LOC-H-697]

(End of Lord of Chaos / Continuation of A Crown of Swords)

Taisham 14th • Morning: Theodrin and Faolain pledge oaths of loyalty to Egwene. [ACOS-H-209]

Taisham 14th • Morning (Twenty days since Lan found Myrelle): Egwene learns of Myrelle's bond with Lan. Myrelle tells Egwene that she intends to pass the bond to Nynaeve as per Moiraine's request. Egwene tasks Lan with seeing to Nynaeve's safety in Ebou Dar. [ACOS-H-233]

Taisham 14th • Morning: Egwene uses Skimming to transport Lan to hills five to six days to the north of Ebou Dar. [ACOS-H-240]

Taisham 14th • Morning: Egwene forces Myrelle and Nisao to swear oaths of fealty to her in order to avoid punishment for withholding information regarding Lan's bond. Both are told not to reveal Siuan's connections with Egwene, and to follow Siuan's orders. [ACOS-H-245]

Taisham 14th • Morning: Nynaeve, Elayne, Aviendha and Birgitte board a Sea Folk vessel, Windrunner, anchored in Ebou Dar's harbor. They speak with Nesta din Reas Two Moons, Mistress of the Ships, and seek aid in recovering the ter'angreal they search for, known to the Sea Folk as The Bowl of the Winds. [ACOS-H-258]

Taisham 14th • Morning: Rand sends a letter to Berelain informing her that she is to return to Mayene. This action is part of a ploy intended to convince Rand's enemies that Berelain and her forces are leaving the Cairhien. [ACOS-H-325]

Taisham 14th: Following a Darkfriend he and Rand had encountered earlier in their travels, Mat pursues the woman to the Chelsaine Palace, current residence of Inquisitor Jaichim Carridin. [ACOS-H-282]

Taisham 14th: Mili Skane, posing as the Lady Shiaine Avarhin, meets with Carridin to tell him of her ongoing search for objects relating to the One Power. Her report is interrupted by the arrival of Sammael, who orders Carridin to intensify his search. Carridin himself orders Shiaine to search for Mat Cauthon. [ACOS-H-282]

Taisham 14th: Responding to a summons, Mat meets with Queen Tylin in the Tarasin Palace. After writing a letter warning Nynaeve and Elayne of Carridin's visitor, Mat also informs Tylin that Carridin is harboring Darkfriends. Mat meets Beslan, Quintara's son. [ACOS-H-298]

Taisham 14th: Mat is attacked by two men in The Wandering Woman. [ACOS-H-308]

Taisham 14th: Meeting with Aiel clan chiefs in the Sun Palace, Rand learns that the Wise Ones, acting against long-established tradition, have agreed to combat Shaido Wise Ones when and if necessary. [ACOS-H-323]

Taisham 14th: A conversation between Rand and Berelain is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Cadsuane Melaidhrin, a legendary Aes Sedai believed by many to be long dead. Unimpressed with Rand or his Asha'man guards, Cadsuane asks Rand if he has begun to hear voices in his head. [ACOS-H-327]

Taisham 14th: Idrien Tarsin informs Rand of the murder of Herid Fel. Angered by the news, Rand destroys an anteroom. [ACOS-H-333]

Taisham 14th: Rand learns of the suicide of Colavaere from Min, who had found the dead noble in her apartments. Distressed by the two deaths, Min seeks romantic comfort from Rand. [ACOS-H-345]

Taisham 14th (two full days since Dumai's Wells): Sevanna and her Wise One companions use a callbox to summon Sammael, known to the Shaido women as Caddar. Accompanying him is Graendal, using the assumed name Maisia. [ACOS-H-350]

Taisham 14th: Moridin, a user of the True Power, briefly follows Sammael and Graendal after their meeting with the Aiel. [ACOS-H-356]

Taisham 14th: Valda, Asunawa and thousands of the Children of the Light ride north from Amador to face the Prophet and his followers. [ACOS-H-421]

Taisham 14th • Three-Quarter Moon • Swovan Night: Mat avoids a kidnapping attempt as Ebou Dar celebrates Swovan Night. Recalling his sounding of the Horn of Valere, Mat recognizes Birgitte as the legendary archer Birgitte Silverbow. [ACOS-H-359]

Taisham 15th • Morning: Elayne and Nynaeve apologize to Mat for their treatment of him since their rescue by him in the Stone of Tear. The two make a variety of reluctant promises to Mat, and tell him of their search for the Bowl of the Winds. Mat agrees to help find the ter'angreal, and proceeds to move his belongings into the Tarasin Palace. [ACOS-H-376]

Taisham 15th • Morning: Elayne and Nynaeve learn of a group of women in Ebou Dar, known as the Circle, who take in runaways from the White Tower, as well as those put out for their inability to learn to channel properly. [ACOS-H-384]

Taisham 15th • Morning: Having moved into the Tarasin Palace, Mat finds himself the object of Queen Tylin's unwanted affections. [ACOS-H-451]

Taisham 15th • Morning: Elayne and Nynaeve meet with Reanne Corly and other members of the Circle, and ask for assistance in finding the bowl. The Circle, believing the two to be runaways from the White Tower, refuse to help them. [ACOS-H-394]

Taisham 15th • Morning: The Kinswomen of the Circle learn of the death of Callie, killed earlier by a wielder of the One Power. [ACOS-H-405]

Taisham 15th: Moghedien is released from her vacuole and meets Moridin, holder of her mindtrap and her new master, for the first time. She notices that Moridin is a frequent user of the True Power. [ACOS-H-417]

Taisham 15th • Afternoon: Mat, Thom, Juilin and Nalesean begin a watch over the Kinswomen's residence. [ACOS-H-455]

Taisham 15th • Night: Still a prisoner of the Whitecloaks, Morgase witnesses an attack on the Fortress of Light by Seanchan forces. Among those fighting for the Seanchan are soldiers from Tarabon. [ACOS-H-423]

Taisham 16th • Morning: Taken before High Lady Suroth, Morgase is told of the Seanchan intent to retake the former lands of Hawkwing's empire. Morgase is shown Thera, the former Panarch Amathera of Tarabon, who is now a servant of Suroth's. [ACOS-H-431]

Taisham 16th • Morning: Unwilling to swear an oath to serve the Seanchan, Morgase privately abdicates the Lion Throne of Andor to Elayne, who is now High Seat of House Trakand. Morgase becomes only the third queen of Andor to relinquish her claim to the throne. Soon afterwards, she accepts an offer of escape from Sebban Balwer. [ACOS-H-435]

Taisham 16th: Following a staged argument with Rand, Perrin abruptly leaves Cairhien. He is accompanied by Faile, Aram, Gaul, Bain, Chiad, Sulin, a group of Maidens, six Wise Ones, a society of fighters lead by Selande, two Asha'man (Jur Grady and Fager Neald), two Aes Sedai (Seonid Traighan and Masuri Sokawa), and his forces from the Two Rivers. Travelling via a Gateway, and joined by Berelain and more than nine-hundred of the Mayener Winged Guards, Perrin and his forces arrive in Ghealdan on a mission to contact Queen Alliandre and confront the Prophet. [ACOS-H-442 / TPOD-H-159]

Taisham 16th • Night: Katerine Alruddin, one of the captured Aes Sedai held by the Aiel, escapes, killing four Aiel in the process. [TPOD-H-32]

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