Volume II of the Wheel of Time

998 NE

A meeting of Darkfriends is held near Shayol Ghul. Ishamael, appearing wounded and continuing to call himself Ba'alzamon, reveals that the Dragon is alive in the world. Jaichim Carridin, a Questioner in the Children of the Light going by the name Bors, is told to return to Tarabon and to keep a watch for three young men. Also attending the meeting is Liandrin, a member of the Black Ajah. [TGH-TP-xiii/TSR-H-435]

Rand trains with Lan in Fal Dara. Lan reveals to Rand that his heron-marked sword was created with the use of the One Power during the Age of Legends. [TGH-TP-3]

The Amyrlin Seat arrives in Fal Dara. Rand attempts to leave the keep unnoticed, but finds that orders have been given that prevent anyone from leaving the keep. [TGH-TP-15]

Lord Agelmar gives the Horn of Valere to the Amyrlin. [TGH-TP-55]

Rand and Egwene briefly visit Padan Fain in the dungeon of Fal Dara. [TGH-TP-35]

Moiraine learns of three more False Dragons in Murandy, Saldea and Tear. Only one is known to have the ability to channel, and the one from Murandy has already been captured. She is also told that the Sea Folk talk of the coming of the Coramoor, and of rumors of fighting in Almoth Plain and Toman Head. [TGH-TP-41]

Moiraine meets with the Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche, and tells her of Egwene and Nynaeve's potential. She explains her new plans for Rand, Mat and Perrin, who are to take the Horn of Valere to Illian. [TGH-TP-46]

Night: A legion commanded by Lord Captain Geofram Bornhald meets with a group of Children—members of the Hand of the Light—near the village of Alcruna in Tarabon. Bornhald is told he has been brought to fight a strange force that has landed on Toman Head. [TGH-TP-62]

Evening: Aes Sedai Liandrin confronts Lady Amalisa, threatening to name her a Darkfriend and compelling her to order a search of the keep for Rand, Mat and Perrin. [TGH-TP-66]

Night: Fal Dara is attacked by Trollocs. Rand goes to the dungeons to check on Egwene and finds the guards slain and Fain gone. Egwene and Mat are discovered alive near Fain's cell. Mat's dagger from Shadar Logoth is found to be missing. [TGH-TP-75]

NOTE: In a 2004 interview with Wotmania, Jordan confirms that Ingtar was the one who released Fain from the dungeons.

Night: Ingtar reveals that the Horn of Valere has been stolen from the keep's strongroom, and that the Trollocs were aided from help from within the keep. In spite of new orders that no one is to enter or leave the keep, Lan tells Rand that he is the sole exception and can leave at any time. [TGH-TP-82]

Mat is partially healed by Moiraine and other Aes Sedai, but is given only months to live because of the mysterious bond with the missing Shadar Logoth dagger. [TGH-TP-86]

Verin Mathwin reveals to Moiraine and the Amyrlin her belief that either Rand, Mat or Perrin is capable of channeling the One Power. Verin also references the Amyrlin's knowledge of Moiraine's activities regarding the three young men, and her assumption that one of them is the true Dragon Reborn. [TGH-TP-92]

Rand is brought before the Amyrlin Seat. He is told of a mission to recover the Horn of Valere and Mat's dagger, and agrees to join in the search. The Amyrlin reveals her knowledge that Rand can channel, and Moiraine tells him of the circumstances of his birth on the slopes of Dragonmount. Rand is told that he is to be set free so that he can fulfill the Prophecies of the Dragon. [TGH-TP-105]

Lan gives Nynaeve the ring of Malkieri kings. [TGH-TP-115]

Noon: An attempt is made on Rand's life as he prepares to leave Fal Dara. [TGH-TP-127]

Noon: Rand leaves Fal Dara in the company of Lord Ingtar, who is leading the search for the Horn of Valere. Also in the party are Mat, Perrin, Loial, Masema, Uno, Ragan, and Hurin, a man capable of smelling violence. Hurin leads the party to the south. [TGH-TP-128]

The Amyrlin Seat and her entourage, accompanied by Nynaeve and Egwene, leave Fal Dara for Tar Valon. Aes Sedai begin giving Egwene more lessons to guide her use of the Power. Nynaeve also participates in the lessons. Moiraine, followed later by Liandrin and Verin, leave the party sometime after it leaves Fal Dara. [TGH-TP-171]

Moiraine and Lan travel to the village of Tifan's Well in Arafel so that Moiraine can consult the materials compiled by Adeleas and Vandene, two elderly Aes Sedai long-forgotten by most of their sisters. [TGH-TP-269]

Twilight: Ingtar's party stops for the night to make camp. [TGH-TP-142]

Night: Illian celebrates the Feast of Teven. Captain Bayle Domon meets with three Cairhien men. He agrees to provide transport for an unidentified passenger from Mayene to Illian. He orders his crew to prepare Spray to leave port as soon as possible. [TGH-TP-131]

Night: Domon finds that a parchment given to him by the Cairhien men is a document, signed by King Galldrian of Cairhien, declaring him a Darkfriend criminal. Among Domon's possessions is one of the seven seals, an object purchased by him in Maradon. Believing that Darkfriends are pursuing him in order to obtain the disc, and that they are attempting to get him to sail to the east, Domon orders Spray to sail west toward the Aryth Ocean. [TGH-TP-136]

Early Morning: Ingtar resumes the hunt for the horn. Later in the morning, after investigating the remains of a Darkfriend camp, Hurin leads the party to the northeast. An hour later the trail again leads to the south. [TGH-TP-145]

Over the next few days Hurin tracks the Darkfriend party, which continually changes its direction. [TGH-TP-146]

Circa: The Amyrlin's party arrives in the village of Medo near the River Mora. Two ships, including the Amyrlin's vessel River Queen, prepare for the journey to Tar Valon. [TGH-TP-178]

Morning: Ingtar's party arrives at a small seemingly abandoned village near the River Erinin. They cross the river and find the bodies of two Shieneran Darkfriends, former guards at Fal Dara, who had been skinned alive by Trollocs. The party moves south and continues its pursuit. [TGH-TP-147]

Padan Fain, angered at his party's Myrddraal demanding that they travel to Shayol Ghul, murders the Myrddraal and assumes full command of the Trollocs, remaining Darkfriends, and the captured villagers being used as a food source. [TGH-TP-167]

Ingtar's forces enter another abandoned village. In the town square they find a murdered Myrddraal. The party continues south and later makes camp. Rand is given a package by Ingtar from Moiraine, and told that he is second-in-command should Ingtar be killed. [TGH-TP-157]

Late Afternoon: Rand discovers that Moiraine's package contains the banner of the Dragon. Mat and Perrin find Rand with the banner. At Perrin's question Rand admits that he can channel, and of the Aes Sedai's intention to use him for their own goals. [TGH-TP-162]

Morning: Rand, Loial and Hurin awake to find themselves in a strange, yet similar, land. Loial theorizes that the crumbled stone they had slept near, now whole and intact, is a Portal Stone use by Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends. Rand decides to continue the pursuit of the Darkfriends. [TGH-TP-182]

Morning: In an effort to learn something of Rand's disappearance, Perrin contacts nearby wolves. The wolves are unable to tell him anything about Rand, but do provide him with the location of the Darkfriend party. Ingtar's sets out to the south in pursuit. [TGH-TP-192]

Verin joins Ingtar's party, telling him that she was sent by Moiraine to provide them with assistance. She requests all information relating to Rand's disappearance. [TGH-TP-195]

Twilight: Rand, Loial and Hurin, travelling through a faded and burnt land, make camp for the night. [TGH-TP-201]

Night: Rand encounters Ba'alzamon, who now refers to Rand as Lews Therin. He emerges from the encounter with the heron of his sword branded into the palm of his right hand. [TGH-TP-203]

Early Morning: Rand and the others break camp. [TGH-TP-207]

Afternoon: Rand's party arrives at a spire they mistake for the one built to honor Hawkwing's victory at Talidar. In this alternate world the spire celebrates a Trolloc victory. [TGH-TP-209]

Afternoon: Rand rescues a woman, Selene (the Forsaken known as Lanfear), from a creature identified as a grolm. Selene claims to be from Cairhien, and to have recently arrived in this world by accident. She claims that Rand is destined for greatness. [TGH-TP-212]

Rand's party rapidly approaches Kinslayer's Daggers, an indication that travel and distance in this world are not as they seem. [TGH-TP-217]

Loial learns from Selene that Aes Sedai had studied alternate worlds and applied that knowledge to the construction of the Ways. The alternate worlds, reflections of the real world, encompass every possible variation of the Pattern. Loial tells Rand that the world they are in seems faint and unreal because of the low probability that its history would have played itself out. [TGH-TP-217]

Rand kills five grolm which had begun to pursue the party. More appear soon afterwards, and Selene urges Rand to make his way to a nearby Portal Stone, the one through which she had entered this alternate world. [TGH-TP-222]

With guidance from Selene, who possesses some knowledge of the workings of the Portal Stones, Rand channels and somehow manages to use the Portal Stone to transport himself and the others back to their world. They arrive at the crumbled remains of a Portal Stone located in Kinslayer's Daggers. [TGH-TP-225]

Believing that they might be ahead of the Darkfriend party, and that Hurin had been following where the Darkfriends would be in the future, Rand orders Hurin to find a campsite from which they can watch the Darkfriend party's trail. [TGH-TP-227]

River Queen, aided by unnatural winds and rushing waters, speeds its way down the River Erinin towards Tar Valon. [TGH-TP-228]

The Amyrlin Seat provides the daily lesson for Egwene and a reluctant Nynaeve, who is still unable to channel without being angry. [TGH-TP-230]

River Queen arrives at Tar Valon. Egwene is to be one of only forty novices to be trained at the White Tower. [TGH-TP-235]

Night: After waiting in Kinslayer's Daggers for days for the approach of the Darkfriend party, Hurin spots a campfire. Selene convinces Rand to take Loial and attempt to recover the Horn of Valere from the Darkfriends. [TGH-TP-241]

Night: Rand and Loial are successful in entering the Darkfriend camp and taking the horn and the dagger. [TGH-TP-245]

Night: Rand breaks camp, and at Selene's suggestion, begins to lead the party towards Cairhien. [TGH-TP-250]

Early Twilight (2 days later): Rand's party leaves Kinslayer's Dagger. On the approach of a nearby village Rand investigates an excavation of a giant stone hand holding a crystal sphere. Rand recalls Captain Domon's mention of a similar statue on the island of Tremalking. Rand finds himself drawn to the sphere. [TGH-TP-253]

Twilight: Rand and the others stop for the night in the village of Tremonsien in an inn named The Nine Rings. They meet Captain Aldrin Caldevwin, an officer in charge of the excavation of the statue. [TGH-TP-256]

Morning: Rand receives a note from Selene, who has already left the inn, and is told that she will wait for him in Cairhien. [TGH-TP-266]

Morning: Rand, Hurin and Loial accept an escort of fifty Cairhien soldiers led by Elricain Tavolin. [TGH-TP-267]

Night: Moiraine, conducting research in Tafin's Well, tells Lan that his bond will pass to Myrelle should she die. An angered Lan is told that he will be compelled to follow the passing of his bond, something not done in 400 years, and that Myrelle will only hold the bond temporarily. [TGH-TP-271]

Night: Vandene Sedai tells Moiraine her opinion of the Prophecies of the Dragon, specifically that the Dragon will proclaim himself in the skies above Toman Head. Moiraine also asks about Lanfear, one of the Forsaken, and is told that she and Lews Therin were connected in some fashion. [TGH-TP-275]

Night: Moiraine is attacked by a Draghkar near Vandene and Adeleas' house, but is quickly rescued by Lan and Jaem. It is discovered that the Draghkar had been warded, presumably by a member of the Black Ajah. Moiraine and Lan prepare to leave immediately. [TGH-TP-278]

After a few days in Tar Valon, Nynaeve is taken to a chamber underneath the White Tower for her test to become one of the Accepted. She is to enter a large ter'angreal three times and each time face her greatest fears. [TGH-TP-281]

Nynaeve successfully completes the test to become Accepted. [TGH-TP-297]

Late Morning (1 day later): Egwene starts her first full day as a Novice. She meets Elayne, the Daughter-Heir of Andor, and briefly sees Logain, now gentled and unable to channel. Elayne introduces Egwene to Min. Min, having been summoned by Moiraine, is in the Tower so that her ability to see auras and images around people can be studied by the Aes Sedai. Egwene also meets Galad and Gawyn, Elayne's brothers. [TGH-TP-298]

Noon: Rand's party, escorted by Tavolin and his men, arrives in the city of Cairhien. Rand, Loial and Hurin take rooms at The Defender of the Dragonwall. [TGH-TP-309]

Rand discovers Thom Merrilin performing in Foregate. He learns that the Myrddraal at Whitebridge had only injured Thom, intent as it was on pursuing Rand and Mat. [TGH-TP-317]

Rand brings Loial to The Bunch of Grapes in Foregate in order to meet Thom. They also meet Dena, Thom's apprentice and romantic companion. Rand tells Thom that he is in possession of the Horn of Valere. Rand asks Thom to accompany him in returning the Horn to Shienar, but Thom refuses. [TGH-TP-320]

Twilight: Rand and Loial are attacked in Foregate by Darkfriends and Trollocs. Loial kills for the first time in his life. Selene appears suddenly, and with more Trollocs and Darkfriends herding them away from the city, Rand, Loial and Selene leave Foregate and make their way to the chapter house of the Illuminators. [TGH-TP-332]

Early Evening: Rand, Loial and Selene enter the Illuminators complex. Loial accidentally sets off a firework, and soon afterwards Trollocs enter the complex. Rand uses one of the fireworks to kill a group of Trollocs, and the resulting blast sets fire to the complex. Selene disappears, and Rand and Loial escape the complex and return to Cairhien. [TGH-TP-335]

Ingtar's party, continuing its pursuit of Fain's Darkfriends through Kinslayer's Daggers, encounters an Aiel named Urien. Verin questions Urien about the Aiel city of Rhuidean. Urien tells Verin that he searches for He Who Comes with the Dawn, a man who will conquer the world. [TGH-TP-342]

Circa: The Children of the Light capture remnants of forces from Tarabon that had been fighting the Seanchan, an invading force believed by many to have come from across the Aryth Ocean. [TGH-TP-350]

Lord Captain Geofram Bornhald arrives in a village in Almoth Plain to find that thirty villagers have been hung. Evidence suggests that the act was committed by Questioners. [TGH-TP-349]

Bornhald receives orders to take his forces to the center of Almoth Plain. He makes preparations to ignore these orders and assemble as many Children as he can to lead a force to Toman Head to meet the Seanchan invaders. [TGH-TP-351]

Pursued by a Seanchan ship west of Toman's Head, Captain Domon allows Spray to be boarded. Domon is confronted by Captain Egeanin, who orders Domon to sail to Falme where he is to swear oaths to the Seanchan. [TGH-TP-353]

Spray arrives at Falme. Domon witnesses more than a hundred Seanchan ships anchored off of Falme's harbor. He is taken before High Lord Turak, who is given a cuendillar seal by Egeanin that had been taken from Spray. Turak adds it to his collection, which already contains another cuendillar seal. [TGH-TP-358]

(Days after the fire): Rand, believed by most to be an outlander lord, receives invitations from King Galldrian and Lord Barthanes, rivals from House Riatin and House Damodred. [TGH-TP-366]

Returning to the inn, Rand and Loial find the Defender of the Dragonwall on fire. They rescue Hurin, but find that the Horn of Valere has been stolen again. Ingtar's party arrives at the burning inn soon afterwards. [TGH-TP-372]

Rand, Ingtar and the others proceed to The Great Tree, an inn favored by Verin. Rand explains how Loial, Hurin and himself had traveled to an alternate world, and of their recovery of the Horn from Fain. Perrin realizes that Rand is Shadowkiller, a man known to the wolves as one who can channel. [TGH-TP-379]

Late Evening: Hurin returns and reveals that he has tracked the scent of those who had stolen the Horn of Valere to the manor of Lord Barthanes. Verin opens Rand's invitation from Barthanes, and notes that one of the dates Rand has been asked to attend is to be held the next evening. [TGH-TP-382]

Verin reveals that the statue being unearthed outside of Cairhien is a sa'angreal that can only be used by a male channeler, and that the one buried on Tremalking can only be used by a woman. She suggests that the two statues used together could be a powerful weapon. [TGH-TP-385]

(1 day later) Evening: Rand, Mat, Ingtar, Verin, Loial and Hurin arrive at Barthanes' manor. Rand sees Thom among the entertainers, and tells him of Barthanes and the theft of the Horn. [TGH-TP-387]

Evening: Hurin leads Rand, Mat and Loial to Barthanes' garden, where Loial finds a Waygate that Fain and his Trollocs are assumed to have used. Rand opens the Waygate, but finds Machin Shin waiting. He uses the One Power to force Machin Shin back into the Ways. [TGH-TP-398]

Evening: As Rand and the others leave Barthanes' manor, Barthanes delivers a message to Rand from Fain. Rand is told that Fain will wait for him on Toman Head. [TGH-TP-404]

Evening: Verin tells Rand that the Healing done to Mat has not worked as well as thought, and that he only has a few weeks to live. [TGH-TP-409]

Early Morning: Lord Barthanes' servants discover the remains of his mutilated corpse in his bedchamber. [TGH-TP-412]

Morning: Rand and the others leave Cairhien for Stedding Tsofu, the location of the nearest Waygate. [TGH-TP-422]

Morning: Thom returns to The Bunch of Grapes and finds Dena murdered in her bed. He is attacked by two men, killing one immediately and questioning the other before his death. The second man claims he was hired by Barthanes to find information about Rand. Zera tells Thom of Barthanes' murder, and that the men he has killed were known to work for King Galldrian. [TGH-TP-410]

Morning: The Cairhien granaries are set on fire. [TGH-TP-413]

Having emerged from a Waygate near an abandoned stedding on Toman Head a day and a half ago, Padan Fain and his Trollocs move to a position near Falme. [TGH-TP-414]

Fain takes the Horn of Valere, protected in a chest he cannot open, to High Lord Turak in Falme. Turak opens the chest easily, and tells Fain that he will present the horn to the Seanchan Empress. [TGH-TP-416]

Rand's party arrives in Stedding Tsofu on their second day from Cairhien. They encounter three Aiel within the stedding, and are later brought before the stedding's elders, who agree to allow them access to the Waygate. [TGH-TP-423]

Verin opens the Waygate, but is forced to close it because of the presence of Machin Shin. Hurin suggests the use of a Portal Stone, and Elder Alar leads the party to a nearby Stone. [TGH-TP-438]

Afternoon: Rand uses the Portal Stone and transports his party to Toman Head. [TGH-TP-449]

King Galldrian Riatin of Cairhien is assassinated. A war of succession begins among rival houses vying for the Cairhien throne. [TGH-TP-454 / TDR-H-582]

Early Autumn: Thirteen weeks into their time at Tar Valon, Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne continue their studies with the Aes Sedai. Min senses that the three will soon be in some form of danger. [TGH-TP-452]

Liandrin asks Nynaeve and Egwene to travel to Toman Head to help Rand, Mat and Perrin. Making reference to the Black Ajah, Liandrin tells them that they are not to tell anyone of their journey. Elayne and Min, having overheard the conversation, announce their intent to accompany Nynaeve and Egwene. [TGH-TP-459]

(One hour before sunset): Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne and Min meet Liandrin in Tar Valon's Ogier grove. They enter a Waygate and begin their journey to Toman Head. [TGH-TP-467]

Liandrin and the others exit the Ways on their second day of travel. They emerge to find a group of Seanchan that includes the High Lady Suroth. Egwene is collared and made damane to Renna. Min is injured, but Nynaeve and Elayne escape. Liandrin tells Suroth that Nynaeve and Egwene must be taken across the Aryth Ocean to Seanchan. [TGH-TP-475]

Nynaeve finds Elayne, and the two decide to journey to Falme in order to attempt to rescue Egwene and Min. [TGH-TP-486]

Late Autumn: Rand's party arrives on Toman Head after traveling via Portal Stone. Because of a surge of the One Power, everyone experiences a multitude of alternate lives during the journey. Verin reveals that four months have passed since Rand activated the Portal Stone at Stedding Tsofu. [TGH-TP-449]

Afternoon: Three days after arriving on Toman Head, Rand's party continues its efforts to find some trace of Fain's whereabouts. They stop for the evening in an abandoned village. [TGH-TP-490]

Night: Rand encounters Ba'alzamon in his room. Ba'alzamon again gives Rand a choice, either eternal life in service to the Dark One, or a final death following the destruction of the Wheel of Time. [TGH-TP-496]

Nynaeve and Elayne, in Falme for weeks, continue to search for Min and Egwene. [TGH-TP-498]

Circa (one month after Elayne leaves the White Tower): Queen Morgase visits Tar Valon and learns of the unexplained disappearance of Elayne. Gawayn and Galad convince Morgase to allow them to continue training with the Warders. Morgase begins her journey back to Caemlyn without Elaida. This marks the first time in Andoran history that its Queen is without an Aes Sedai advisor. [TDR-H-130-462]

Egwene, being held in Falme, tells Min that a ship on which she is to be aboard is being dispatched to Seanchan in a few days. [TGH-TP-504]

Nynaeve and Elayne find Min leaving the damane quarters. Min tells them about Captain Domon's reluctant offer to help her escape Falme. [TGH-TP-508]

Min takes Nynaeve and Elayne to The Three Plum Blossoms to meet with Domon. Nynaeve pretends to be Aes Sedai, and Domon agrees to prepare Spray to leave Falme. [TGH-TP-512]

Hurin discovers Fain's trail in a small village near Falme. Rand, Mat, Perrin and Hurin are forced to flee the village when a force of the Children of the Light arrives. [TGH-TP-516]

A legion of the Children of the Light under the command of Lord Captain Bornhald arrive in a village. He orders Byer to witness the upcoming battle with the Seanchan and report its results, as well as the information learned about the Seanchan, to Lord Captain Commander Pedron Niall. [TGH-TP-518]

Mat, Perrin and Hurin follow Fain's trail, which leads to Falme, and then return to the others to report their finding. Rand, Mat, Perrin, Ingtar and Hurin are chosen to enter Falme and retrieve the Horn and the dagger. [TGH-TP-522]

Morning: Nynaeve succeeds in opening the collar of a damane being led through Falme by her sul'dam, Seta. Nynaeve dons the bracelet herself, and unexpectedly discovers that the a'dam works on Seta. [TGH-TP-525]

Morning: Rand and the others enter Falme separately to avoid attention. Hurin leads them to High Lord Turak's residence, and Mat confirms that the dagger is inside. [TGH-TP-531]

Ingtar leads the small party into Turak's residence through the rear, and they quickly and easily find the Horn and the dagger. Rand spots the leashed Egwene across the street, after which the party is discovered by Turak. [TGH-TP-536]

A fight erupts, and as Ingtar and the others fight Seanchan guards, Rand finds himself in a battle with Turak, a blademaster. Rand succeeds in defeating Turak, and he and the others escape with the dagger and the Horn of Valere. [TGH-TP-539]

Pretending to be a sul'dam, with Seta as her damane, Nynaeve enters the damane quarters along with Min and Elayne. They find Egwene and remove her a'dam. [TGH-TP-544]

Egwene attacks two groups of Seanchan soldiers moving towards Turak's residence. Damane respond and Egwene and Min are separated from Nynaeve and Elayne. [TGH-TP-549]

Bornhald's forces advance on Falme, which is now wracked by lightning and explosions. [TGH-TP-551]

Ingtar, a Darkfriend, reveals to Rand that he was the one who had allowed an assassin to enter Fal Dara, and that assassin, possibly a Gray Man, was the one who had attempted to kill Rand in Fal Dara. Ingtar stays behind to cover the retreat of the others. [TGH-TP-552]

Rand's party finds itself caught between a Seanchan force coming from Falme and Bornhald's advancing legion of Whitecloaks. Mat sounds the Horn of Valere. A fog begins to obscure the land, and the Heroes of the Horn, led by Artur Hawkwing himself, emerge. Numbering under one-hundred, the heroes also include Rogosh Eagle-eye, Gaidal Cain and Birgitte. Hawkwing tells Rand that he and the heroes must follow the banner of the Dragon, which is prepared for display. [TGH-TP-557]

As the Heroes of the Horn begin to battle the Seanchan, who have already fought the Children of the Light, Rand finds himself confronted by Ba'alzamon. As he battles the Forsaken he realizes that his fight with Ba'alzamon is linked to the Heroes efforts to defeat the Seanchan in Falme. As Ba'alzamon strikes at Rand's left side, Rand responds with a blow to Ba'alzamon's heart. [TGH-TP-560]

At the same moment as Rand's battle with Ba'alzamon, battles rage between the forces of two False Dragons and those that oppose them. Mazrim Taim is captured in Saldea, and an unidentified man is captured in Haddon Mirk. Both False Dragons were knocked unconscious after visions of Rand's battle with Ba'alzamon briefly appeared above their battlefields. Among the Aes Sedai who capture Taim is Cadsuane Melaidhrin. [TDR-H-117 / ACOS-H-338]

Min discovers an injured Rand in Falme. She removes his melted sword from his hand and finds a heron burnt into the skin of his palm. Rand is later healed by Nynaeve, and then Verin, but the wound on his left side does not heal properly. [TGH-TP-566]

Byer, having seen Lord Captain Bornhald's legion defeated, and a strange battle in the sky, rides to Tar Valon to tell Dain Bornhald of the fate of his father. [TGH-TP-569]

Mat, Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne and Verin leave Falme for Tar Valon. [TGH-TP-570]

(Five days after the battle in Falme): Rand awakes to find himself traveling in the company of Min, Moiraine, Lan, Loial, Perrin and the remaining Shienaran forces. Moiraine reveals her belief that Fain had encountered Mordeth during his time in Shadar Logoth, and that the two combined to form a new evil. Rand is surprised to learn that his battle with Ba'alzamon was visible in the skies above Falme and Toman Head, and that word of the battle was spreading as fast as possible. Moiraine shows Rand two cuendillar seals, now broken, that she had found in High Lord Turak's residence. With the banner of the Dragon flying openly, the Shienaran soldiers pledge themselves to Rand. [TGH-TP-570]

Fall: Moiraine leads the party into the Mountains of the Mist, where they establish a camp and remain there the entire winter as war envelops Almoth Plain, Tarabon and Arad Doman. Those who follow Rand, the Dragonsworn, are attacked by forces from Tarabon and Arad Doman. [TDR-H-4-19]

Early Winter: Abell Cauthon and Tam al'Thor travel to Tar Valon to learn of the whereabouts of their sons. They speak with Leane Sedai, the Keeper of the Chronicles, but learn nothing and are forced to return to Emond's Field. [TDR-H-181]

999 NE

Winter: Lord Gaebril, the Forsaken Rahvin in disguise, arrives in Caemlyn while Morgase is at Tar Valon. Gaebril helps to quell riots and leads a faction in support of the absent Morgase, who finds Caemlyn pacified upon her return. Gaebril is allowed to fill the vacant position of Morgase's advisor. [TDR-H-462]

Winter: Padan Fain, using the name Ordeith, arrives in the Fortress of Light. With his knowledge of events on Toman Head he gains the confidence of Lord Captain Commander Pedron Niall. [TDR-H-xxiv]

Winter: Lord Brend arrives in Illian and is raised to the Council of Nine within a week. Unknown to the people of Illian, Brend is the Forsaken Sammael, who quickly assumes control of the city. [TDR-H-414]

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